My Favourite Subject Maths Essay for Class 2

Maths is a very interesting subject, and numerical problems help to sharpen young minds. These develop our reasoning and thinking capabilities and are often used in our everyday lives. Mathematics makes us smart and opens up young minds for broader thinking methods and approaches while solving numerical sums.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 2 on the topic ‘My Favourite Subject Maths’ for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay on My Favourite Subject Maths Of 100 Words

Maths is my favourite subject because I find numbers very interesting and I like to solve numerical sums. I like number games, and I go to abacus class to solve sums faster. My teacher has taught me various tricks to solve problem sums faster. I have taken part in the Maths Olympiad and had fun there.

The best thing about maths is that I do not have to remember anything, and I like to solve problems, in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Maths is easier than other subjects but needs a lot of practice. Practice helps to solve sums faster.

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Essay 2: Long Essay on My Favourite Subject Maths Of 150 Words

There are a lot of fun things about maths, and I love this subject. The different tricks to calculate sums make this subject more interesting. I like to solve problem sums as these have a lot of steps to get the final answer.

I have a mental maths class in school where we cannot do any rough work and solve small math problems mentally. These calculations help to solve sums faster and help us in everyday life. Mental maths is easy to solve and improves my sense of numbers.

I practice maths every day, and my mother asks me to solve various problem sums and mental maths from different books daily. I get to solve different types of sums of the same chapter, which improves my calculations. In school, our maths teacher makes us play different number games. These group activities and fun games help us to calculate sums faster.

10 Lines on My Favourite Subject Maths in English

  1. Maths is a very interesting subject and can be used in daily life.
  2. Maths is my favourite subject because I love to solve problem sums.
  3. I find problems in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division very easy.
  4. I love to solve mental maths faster in my class.
  5. I go to abacus class to learn more about calculations and mental maths.
  6. I take part in Maths Olympiad, and it is a fun experience every time.
  7. My mother makes me practice sums from different books.
  8. In school, we play many fun number games and take part in competitions.
  9. I find maths easier than any other subject because I don’t have to memorize anything.
  10. Practicing maths every day helps to solve maths faster.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Favorite Subject Maths

Question: Why do people find maths interesting?

Answer: People who find maths interesting are fond of numbers and find calculations easier than remembering information and details as seen in other subjects. These calculations do not take much time and can be solved within minutes.

Question: Why do some people face difficulty in maths?

Answer: Often, people face difficulty in maths because they might not know about numbers and calculations in detail or are not taught about these properly. People also face problems in understanding basic mathematical problems due to difficult language.

Question: How to improve calculations in maths?

Answer: Maths is all about practice. Practicing sums daily, along with mental maths, will help to improve calculations.

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