My Garden Essay for Class 1

The garden is a very beautiful part of every house. Gardens can help maintain greenery in the environment. Having a garden in one’s house is not simply a decoration. They keep supplying a fresh flow of air. Other than flowers, many other products can be grown in one’s garden, like vegetables and fruits.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 1 on the topic ‘My Garden’ for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay on My Garden Of 100 Words 

My family had a small plot outside our house. My mother and I have used that plot to make a garden. My garden is very colourful. I have set it up with the help of my family.

I water the plants every day. My father taught me how to water the plants properly. We have many colourful flowers here. I love the smell of the flowers.

I have planted sunflowers, which are my favourite. Some days my friends come to play with me in my garden. My garden adds beauty to my house. I love taking care of my garden.

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Essay 2: Long Essay on My Garden Of 150 Words

Every morning I begin my day by visiting my garden. My garden has lots of pretty flowers. Tulips, roses, and sunflowers are my favourite. I have many varieties of roses in my garden. They are my favourite.

We have a small bench at the side. My grandfather sits there and guides me to water the plants. We also have fruit trees in my garden. There is a big mango tree in the centre of my garden.

My brother loves mangoes. So my father planted the mango tree. Every summer, this tree gives us sweet mangoes. I have a dog named Tommy, who lives in a pet house in the garden.

My father also grows vegetables and herbs here. He has planted mint and aloe vera. He wants to plant lemongrass too. When we go on any vacation, my father collects saplings for my garden. I feel refreshed in my garden. It is a very important part of my life.

10 Lines On My Garden In English

  1. The ideal part of my house is my garden.
  2. I will not get bored even if I spend hours in my lovely garden.
  3. My beautiful garden is full of bright and colorful flowers.
  4. I take care of my garden and water the plants regularly.
  5. My mother has helped me in decorating the garden.
  6. My garden has my favorite flowers like roses, sunflowers, and dahlias.
  7. Many times we grow vegetables and fruits in our garden.
  8. I play with my elder brother in my garden every evening.
  9. My brother helps me in mowing the garden.
  10. In my garden, I can often see beautiful birds chirping.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Garden

Question: Is gardening a good habit?

Answer: Yes, gardening is a very good habit. It is practiced all over the world. Gardening makes nature green. A garden makes our home beautiful. It is also a method of exercise that keeps us healthy.

Question: How can I take care of the plants in my garden?

Answer: You can properly take care of the garden by watering the plants. Take your parents’ help to give manure to the plants. Make sure that the plants requiring sunlight are facing the sun. If you can see insects on the leaves, ask your parents to help you remove the pests.

Question: What can I grow in my garden?

Answer: You can grow all sorts of flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs in your beautiful garden. Strawberries, potatoes, salad leaves are easy to grow. You can grow herbs like mint or curry leaves. Among flowers, you can grow primrose, daisies, or lilacs.

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