My Grandparents Essay For Class 3

Grandparents are a blessing to us. Everyone has a unique affection towards their grandparents. Grandparents guide our growth and help us build good morals. They are often the greatest source of our happiness. My grandparents are like the sun and the moon for me. They are the brightest source of light and joy in my life.

We are providing two essay samples for class 3 on the topic ‘My Grandparents’ for reference.

Short Essay on My Grandparents of 100 Words

My grandparents are very precious to me. I have always shared my feeling with them. My grandparents live with me. We are a joint family.

My grandparents are like my best friend. They play with me, help me with my work, and also comfort me when I am sad. I love to do little craftworks with my grandmother. I love to hold my grandfather’s hand and go for evening walks.

My grandparents make all my days happier. My grandfather wakes me up every morning, and my grandmother puts me to sleep. My whole day revolves around my grandparents. I love them very much.

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Long Essay on My Grandparents of 150 Words

My grandparents are my greatest treasure. They help me solve all my problems. They always take care of me. They pray for my happiness and well-being.

Whenever I am sad, my grandmother is the person I go to. She gives me a warm hug which makes me feel better. She tells me bedtime stories while gently stroking my hair. My grandmother bakes delicious cakes, and her cakes are my favourite food.

My grandfather helps me with my homework. He takes me to the park every weekend. I love watching him feed the street cats and dogs. They are my grandfather’s best friend. My grandfather also teaches me to play chess every evening.

I love to spend time with my grandparents. I love making little gifts for them on their birthdays and on the new year. Both of them are very kind and beautiful. I want to be with my grandparents forever.

10 Lines on My Grandparents in English

  1. Grandparents are like our best friends and are always there for us when we need them.
  2. My grandparents play with me and also help me with my studies.
  3. Grandparents buy us gifts, cook delicious food for us, and take us out for trips too.
  4. My grandparents tell me bedtime stories, and that is my favourite part of the day.
  5. Grandparents teach us new and creative things to do, which excites me very much.
  6. My grandparents always praise my drawings and hand works, which makes me very happy.
  7. Grandparents get worried when we are sick, and they always pray for our happiness.
  8. My grandparents are the kindest people I know, and I always want to see them smile.
  9. I want to become like my grandparents when I grow up.
  10. My grandparents inspire me to become a good human being and spread happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Grandparents Essay

Question: How can we make our grandparents happy?

Answer: Grandparents are always happy to be around us. We can gift them handmade cards, help them cook, make sure they take their medicines daily and do other little things by ourselves every day to make them happy.

Question: Why are grandparents so important to us?

Answer: Grandparents teach us many life lessons. They help us grow into good human beings. They are experienced people, and they can lead us in the right direction. They support our dreams and love us more than anyone else.

Question: What should ‘My Grandparents’ essay consist?

Answer: ‘My Grandparents’ essay should consist of how our grandparents are special to us—their qualities that inspire us and why we love them. Every grandchild finds their grandparents unique and beautiful in their own way. Everyone has their feelings to express when it comes to writing about their grandparents.

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