My Mother Essay for Class 1

Mothers are idols for their children. They give birth to a child and help them grow up into good human beings. I want to be a person like my mother when I grow up. My mother is the most beautiful person I have seen. I want to keep holding her hands forever.

We are providing two essay samples for class 1 on the topic ‘My Mother’ for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay on My Mother Of 100 Words

My mother is the person I love the most in this World. I cannot think of spending a day without her. My mother is my idol. She is very beautiful and kind.

She helps me throughout the day. From waking me up in the morning to reading bedtime stories for me, she does it all. I am very thankful to have her in my life.

She scolds me sometimes but later lets me cry in her arms. She has always guided me like my guardian angel. I do not feel scared of anything when I have her by my side.

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Essay 2: Long Essay on My Mother Of 150 Words

My mother is a perfect human in my eyes. My mother is a homemaker. She looks after my father, brother, and me. Without her, none of us would be complete. She holds our family together.

I want to be like my mother when I grow up. I want to be kind, helpful, and beautiful like her. She helps me with all my work throughout the day. She wakes me up in the morning, makes delicious meals and tiffin for me. She takes me to school, helps me complete my homework, buys clothes, toys, and books for me. She narrates me stories at night, and I hold her hand before falling asleep.

My mother is my support system. I share my happiness and sadness with her. When I am wrong, she always corrects me. She wants me to be creative and strong. She is my greatest strength, and I love her.

10 Lines on My Mother In English

  1. Mothers are the most precious person in our lives.
  2. Mothers give birth to us and nurture us to become good human beings.
  3. We always turn to our mothers when we are hurt or sad, but their love makes us feel better.
  4. They teach us about what is right and wrong to do.
  5. My mother helps me in every way possible and never refuses a request. They do everything to make us happy.
  6. Mothers cook us healthy food because they want us to grow strong.
  7. Mothers understand us the most and are our support systems for the longest time.
  8. We should look after our mothers and protect them like they protect us.
  9. Mothers are our first best friend. We can share all secrets with them.
  10. My mother wants me to be strong, creative, and healthy. I will always take care of her.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Mother

Question: Why are mothers so important to us?

Answer: Mothers give birth to children and look after them. They help us grow into good human beings. They help us and show us the right ways in life. They support us emotionally and bring a lot of happiness to us. We are lucky to have mothers in our life.

Question: How can we make our mothers happy?

Answer: We should always look after our mother and take care of them. Sometimes we can make simple food for them or show our love by making a card for them. We should be a good person to make our mothers happy.

Question: What should ‘My Mother’ essay consist?

Answer: ‘My Mother’ essay should consist of our mothers’ qualities. It should also consist, how our mothers are special to us and how we feel about them. Our mothers are the most important person in our life.

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