My Mother Essay for Class 2

Every family has a support system. My mother is the support system of our family. A mother is irreplaceable in anyone’s life. A mother makes many sacrifices for her family. She is also the backbone of every child. Every child loves their mother. A mother’s love is very comforting for her child.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 2 on the topic ‘My Mother’ for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay On My Mother Of 100 Words

My mother’s name is Rita. The meaning of this name is pearl. I love my mother very much. She takes excellent care of everyone in my house. She does all the household works.

She prepares food for everyone. Sometimes, she plays with my brother and me. In her free time, she watches the TV. She also reads the newspaper every morning. My mother is a teacher in a local school.

She teaches history in school. I went to my mother’s school once. It was a big school. Sometimes my mother helps me with my classwork also. She is very supportive of me.

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Essay 2: Long Essay On My Mother Of 150 Words

A mother is one who takes care of the family. My mother also helps our family very much. She prepares breakfast for everyone in the morning. She helps my father prepare for his job. She makes delicious tiffins for my brother and me.

She is also my best friend and guides me everywhere. She cooks delicious snacks in the evening. I enjoy her cooking very much. She worries if anyone in my family falls ill. She prays for the good health of everyone in my family.

She teaches history in a school near our house. She is a great teacher. Everybody respects her in her school. She is not a strict teacher in the classroom. She always smiles. She also makes us laugh by telling jokes. I share all my secrets with my mother.

She tells fantastic stories at bedtime. She often corrects my mistakes. Sometimes, I take a history lesson from her. She teaches me very well.

10 Lines On My Mother In English

  1. My mother compliments me when I achieve something.
  2. My mother is my favourite motivator.
  3. My mother is very hardworking as she keeps the house very clean.
  4. Her love for our family inspires me to be like her in the future.
  5. My mother is the best in the world.
  6. When I was little, my mother took great care of me.
  7. My mother wakes up before everyone in the house.
  8. My mother is very polite towards others.
  9. My mother is very kind and honest.
  10. My mother never loses courage and patience over small matters.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Mother

Question: Why is a mother special to her child?

Answer: A mother is very special to her child. For a new-born child, his mother takes good care of him. She makes sure that her child does not get sick. A mother always protects and loves her child unconditionally.

When a baby grows up, her mother still helps him to succeed in life. That is why a mother is special to her child.

Question: What is the importance of “Mothers-Day”?

Answer: In India, mothers-day is celebrated on the 9th of May. This day is celebrated to honor our mothers. Our mothers work hard for us. They sacrifice many things to provide us with a better future. They keep our family united and takes good care of its members.

On this day, we make our mothers feel special. We do their work and let them have a good rest.  We let them know how much we all love them.

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