My Neighbour Essay for Class 2

Neighbours are the people who live next to your house. It is a group of people. These people live in a small community. Some people make neighbours their friends. Neighbours help each other by sharing things. Neighbours form the first point of connection. We can share our secrets, happiness and sorrows with our neighbours.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 2 in English on the topic “My Neighbour” for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay On My Neighbour Of 100 Words

The name of my neighbour is (name of the neighbour). He lives with his family. He has two daughters. The elder daughter is in the seventh grade. The younger daughter is in the fourth grade. My neighbours are very helpful.

They always invite us for dinners. We go on family trips with our neighbours. My neighbour’s wife is a homemaker. My neighbour lives in the house opposite to us. My mother and my neighbour’s wife are good friends.

They go for grocery shopping on Sundays. I play with their daughters in our garden. We play, hide and seek. My neighbours are very generous and caring.We care for our neighbours. They are a part of our family.

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Essay 2: Long Essay On My Neighbour Of 150 Words

My neighbour (name of neighbour) is a very kind and generous lady. She lives with her husband and her son. Her husband was in the army. Her son stays in America. They often come to our house to spend time with us.

We often invite each other for dinners. They have always been beside us. We celebrate different festivals together. My neighbours have become a part of our family. Last year we went to Nainital with them. We had a great time together. They told me stories about army life. My neighbour cooks delicious meals.

They live in a huge bungalow. The bungalow is present behind our apartment. It has a huge garden with two swings. I often go and play with my friends in their garden. My neighbours like to help others. They are involved in social work. I am fortunate enough to get them as my neighbours. They are ever ready to help us in every way.

10 Lines On My Neighbour In English

  1. Neighbours form an important part of society.
  2. My neighbour is very responsible and sincere.
  3. All respect my neighbour.
  4. You can share all your sorrows and happiness with your neighbour.
  5. My family is friends with our neighbour for 25 years.
  6. They have been a part of every family gathering.
  7. My neighbours give us a sense of security.
  8. We have never been in a fight with our neighbours.
  9. We should always love our neighbours.
  10. We cannot imagine a happy life without the presence of our neighbours.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Neighbour

Question: Can I attach plant pots on my neighbour’s fence?

Answer: Attaching anything to your neighbour’s fence or wall requires permission. It is always the best option to let the neighbours know if you are planning to attach something on their fence. Otherwise, you can fall in trouble for causing damage.

Question: How can you deal with unreasonable neighbours?

Answer: It is always the best option to sort out every issue by talking things out with your neighbour. You try calmly solving the issue. If that does not work, you can involve other people in the neighbourhood to solve the problem.

Question: Is it a good option to go on trips with neighbours?

Answer: It is always an excellent option to make new friends and enjoy places with them. If you are perfect friends with your neighbours, then going on trips is one of the best options to know each other better and care for each other more.

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