My Neighbour Essay for Class 3

A neighbour is a person who lives next to or near our house. Neighbours are the first few set of people apart from our families with who we meet almost regularly. These are the people with whom we can share our laughter and sorrows. When in need, neighbours are the first people we contact.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 3 on the topic ‘My Neighbour’ for reference.

Short Essay on My Neighbour of 100 Words

My neighbour’s name is Mr.Amit Sharma, and he lives right next to my house with his wife and children. He is a doctor by profession, and he is a lovely person. Mr. Sharma’s daughter, Rita, is my age and is a good friend of mine. He also has a son Rahul, who is younger than me.

He is very polite and welcoming and offers me chocolates whenever I visit his house. His wife is a professor and is a friend of my mother. We, as a family, often spend time together, and we all enjoy ourselves. They all are very helpful and generous people.

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Long Essay on My Neighbour of 150 Words

Mr. Sharma is a great doctor, and he is well-known in the neighbourhood. We often consult him during any emergencies. They also have a pet dog, and I often play with the dog. Our families help each other during times of need.

All of us have been to many places together. One time we had also gone for a vacation and spent some quality time over there. All of us took many pictures and made some fantastic memories. Mrs. Sharma is a splendid cook, and whenever she makes anything unique, she always sends us some of it.

Last year my father visited Europe and bought gifts for not only us but also the Sharma’s. We invite each other to birthday parties. Coincidentally, Rita and I share the same birthdate, and many times we have celebrated it together. Sharma’s have now become an essential part of our lives. They have become family to us.

10 Lines on My Neighbour in English

  1. Neighbours have always become a crucial part of our lives.
  2. Our neighbours are very friendly and genuine people.
  3. It is a blessing to have neighbours with who you can bond and have trust.
  4. We are always there for each other in times of need.
  5. Our neighbours are like our extended family.
  6. Not a day goes by when I don’t visit my neighbours, and they are always very welcoming.
  7. Neighbours are the ones who are there for each other during the good and the bad times.
  8. Neighbours are the first people we contact when there is an emergency.
  9. We are blessed to have such neighbours whom we can call family.
  10. Our neighbours are incredibly polite people who are always there for us, and we do the same for them.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Neighbour

Question: How to be a good neighbour?

Answer: Being warm and friendly will help in building a trusting and respectful relationship with the neighbours. One should always be there for their neighbours in happy times and in tough times.

Question: Our neighbour disputes common? 

Answer: Yes, neighbour disputes are prevalent. Sometimes people can be very mean and complain about the small things which end up in disputes among the neighbours.

Question: Who is a neighbour? 

Answer: Neighbours are the people who live either near to next to our house. If you have good neighbours, it is a blessing for you, but it can be a curse if you have a lousy neighbour.

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