My Parents Essay for Class 1

Parents can be tuned as one of the greatest gifts for anyone. No one can imagine life without parents. Even that is in my case, as my parents are very loving and caring towards me. My father is an engineer by profession and works for the Indian Government, and my mother is a housewife.

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Essay 1: Short Essay on ‘my parents’ of 100 words

The meaning of parents can be described as the second form of God who lives us, give us care, and provide us with whatever we need.

My parents love me very much and always give me what I want. They never think of anything else when I demand anything. They take very good care of me when I am ill.

My mother makes very good food for me, and my father takes every care of me and fulfills every demand I need.

My parents teach me valuable life lessons that can help me in the future. I love my parents a lot, and I wish I can make them proud with my deeds.

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Essay 2: Long Essay on ‘my parents’ of 150 words

My Father goes to the office every day and works very hard to earn money that will give me a good life, and my mother works all day at home so that I can rest peacefully at homeware clean clothes, and eat good food every day.

My parents are very good and always celebrate my birthday in a very big manner they invite my friends for my birthday and give everyone gifts and a very good party every year.

They bring my favorite cake every year for my birthday. My parents take me to amusement parks and my other favorite places every weekend.

My parents are Godlike figures for me. I look up to them whenever I feel sad or am in trouble. They protect me from all evil and fulfill my demands. They never make me sad and always laugh when they see me laughing. My parents are the best, and I love them.

10 lines on ‘my parents ‘in English

  1. My parents are the best parents in the world.
  2. My parents play a vital role in my life.
  3. They protect me from every odd of my life.
  4. My parents feel comfortable at home.
  5. My parents encourage me you do every type of activity.
  6. My parents prepare delicious food items for me whenever and whatever I demand.
  7. My parents buy very beautiful gifts for me on my birthdays.
  8. Every little demand and desire I have is fulfilled by my parents without a second taught.
  9. My parents always encourage me to participate in every physical activity.
  10. My parents love me a lot, and I also love my parents a lot.

Frequently asked questions on My Parents

Question 1: why do you love your parents?

Answer: My parents are very lovable people, and they love me a lot. I love my parents because they take care of me and support me in my good deeds. They also teach me how to live as a good person in the future.

Question 2: What values have your parents taught you?

Answer:   My parents have always been very supportive of me. But they also teach me many things to live a better life. They taught me that living a good and happy life doesn’t require a lot of money. They also taught me that we should respect elders and care for our young ones.

Question 3: What roles did your parents play in your life?

Answer:    My parents are like my supporting pillars. They are equal to God for me. They provide everything that I need in my life. They also love me and care for me a lot. They give me advice and shape my future so that I could be a good person in life.

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