My Pet Dog Essay for Class 3

Dogs are the most useful animal to mankind. They are the only ones you love boundlessly. Pets always offer us everything they can without asking for anything in return. The main objective of any pet’s life is to make their owners happy. People treat them known as humans and also celebrate their birthdays and even get matching outfits.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 3 on the topic “My Pet Dog” for reference.

Short Essay On My Pet Dog Of 100 Words

My mother adopted my pet dog for me when he was a baby. She got it from her friend, whose pet dog had given birth to puppies. I convince my mother to get one for us. Considering they knew our family properly, they agreed at once.

I had no idea that our lives would change forever after his arrival. He came into my life like a blessing. He is a Labrador and is black in colour. He came in as a tiny puppy with his cute little eyes and paws. We love his silly nature, and now I cannot imagine our lives without him.

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Long Essay On My Pet Dog Of 150 Words

My pet dog is a Pomeranian puppy. He is very adorable and likes to keep everyone’s attention attracted to him. His very walk across the room fills my heart with joy. He sometimes licks my feet and wags his tail for me. I always take him out with me as he loves taking walks on the road.

My sister and I took on the duty of keeping our pet dog clean. Every week, we took turns to wash him and brush him nicely. My sister got a bow for him using her very own pocket money. He indeed loved it and even wiggled his tail for us. His very presence at home adds bliss to the surrounding.

My dog is always in a playful mood. He is tiny in size yet very energetic. Not only my parents but even our neighbours adore him. He has been with us through thick and thin, and we will forever be indebted to him for his loyalty.

10 Lines On My Pet Dog In English

  1. My pet is a Labrador breed and is two years old.
  2. I love to bathe my dog, especially in the summers, to overcome the strong heat waves.
  3. Labradors are very intelligent and smart and hence are used in various security agencies.
  4. Dogs never forget people and that is the reason why my pet dog recognizes people he once met very quickly.
  5. Pet dogs are good companions and help in reducing our stress.
  6. My best friend owns a pug as they are a prevalent breed of dogs as pets.
  7. My pet dog is very well behaved, but like every other pet, it is mischievous at times.
  8. The golden-white colour and strong built makes my pet dog look unique and different among other dogs in our locality.
  9. My pet dog barks very loudly, which scares most of our visitors and relatives.
  10. Everyone in my family and neighbourhood is very fond of my pet dog.

Frequently Asked Questions on My PET Dog Essay

Questions: Why should one own a pet dog?

Answer: We can learn a lot of new things from our pet dogs. They are known as a man’s best friend and as the most faithful animals. They teach us loyalty, compassion, courage, and obedience. They remain alert always and provide us with security.

Question: Why a dog is the best pet?

Answer: Dogs have been with human beings since ancient times. They are knowledgeable and responsible pets that can protect us from dangers. A dog is devoted to its owner, and nothing can induce them to leave their master. Dogs often show affection by licking or wagging their tails.

Question: Why are dogs loyal to human beings?

Answer: A dog is a frank and loyal pet animal. They have been living with humankind for many years and also perform duties for us. They are trainable and can be used for security purposes. Dogs are, therefore, loyal and beautiful pets.

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