My School Bag Essay for Class 1

School bag is one of the most important items for a school kid. It is used for carrying different materials like exercise books, pencil box, tiffin box, water bottle to and from school. A school bag also helps keep all the things of a student safe from any damage from rain, dust, or the sun.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 1 on the topic ‘My School Bag’ for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay on My School Bag Of 100 Words

I have a blue coloured school bag. Blue is my favourite colour. I carry the bag to my school every day. I carry all my books, copies, pens, pencils, my lunchbox, and my water bottle. My bag has a side pocket for the water bottle. My grandparents gifted me this school bag on my birthday.

I love my school bag. It is beautiful and has the drawing of a butterfly on it. In school, I keep my bag behind the chair to keep it safe. My school bag has many small chains where I carry many things. I like my bag a lot because it is cute and easy to carry.

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Essay 2: Long Essay on My School Bag Of 150 Words

My school bag is small and easy to carry. I can fit all my books and copies in the bag. I also carry my school bag to other places. Last month I carried my board games in the bag to my cousin’s house.

Before going to school, I pack my bag with all the books, copies, and stationaries that I need. My mother has taught me how to pack my school bag. Every day my mother packs my lunch and water bottle and puts it inside my bag.

My school bag is waterproof, and it helps in saving the bag from the rain. I take care of my school bag. I keep it very safe at my home and school. Whenever I come back home from school, I keep my school bag next to my study table so that it is easier to take out the books and copies when I am studying.

10 Lines on My School Bag In English

  1. My school bag is blue in colourful and has a beautiful design on it.
  2. School bags are important because they help carry books, copies, and other belongings to school.
  3. My school bag has many sections, and I keep different things in each section.
  4. My school bag has a side pocket for carrying the water bottle.
  5. I pack my school bag every night before I go to sleep so that I am not in a hurry in the morning.
  6. My school bag is easy to carry.
  7. My school bag has small wheels, and I can drag it when the bag is heavy.
  8. I take care of my school bag and keep it clean.
  9. My school bag keeps my stuff safe from any damage from the rain, sun, or wind.
  10. My school bag is big, and a lot of things can be carried in it.

Frequently Asked Questions on My School Bag

Question: How to choose a school bag?

Answer: When you are choosing a school bag, make sure it is big enough to fit all your belongings and also stylish at the same time.

Question: Why is the school bag important?

Answer: School bags are essential as they help keep all the belongings safe so that no one loses their things. It also makes it easier to carry things for a student from home to school.

Question: What are the things that students carry in their school bag?

Answer: Students carry various things like books, a pencil box with all the stationaries, a lunch box, and a water bottle. Students also carry other things that they might need.

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