My School Essay for Class 1

School is a temple where education is worshiped. It is a very important part of a student’s life. They learn many things at school for the future and make new friends stay that them forever. They also have teachers who are like their second parents and take care of them.

We are providing top essay samples for students of class 1 on the topic ‘my school’ for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay on ‘my school’ of 100 words

My school is my favorite place. I have many friends in my school who always help me.

My teachers are very friendly and take care of my parents. Our school is very beautiful. It has many classrooms, a playground, a garden, and canteen. Our school is very big and famous. People living in our city send their children to study here. Our school also provides free education to poor children.

Every student studying here is supports and plays with us. Our seniors are very friendly as well. Our school also does social services like planting trees every month. I am proud of my school, and love it very much.

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Essay 2: Long Essay on ‘my school’ of 150 words

My school is my pride. We have very good teachers and students in our school. Our playground is very big, and we play many games, like football, cricket, and kabaddi.

My school is like my second home. I, my friends, and my teachers are my families. It is my first learning place, where I am taught to be a good human. We study many subjects like maths, science, English, and environmental studies here.

I go to my school every day and learn new things. My teachers are very helpful in teaching us. Our classroom is very big. It has a blackboard, table chair for the teacher and bench with desks for us.

We have a computer lab and a library as well. Our computer lab has many computers. Our library is an ocean of books, and all kinds of books can be found here. School is the place where I stay for more than half of the day, and I like staying here like a family with my friends.

10 lines on ‘my school’ in English

  1. My school is very peaceful and big.
  2. Our school garden is my favorite place to sit as there are many flowers and plants to see.
  3. The school library has more than 1000 books of different types.
  4. There is a big playground along with a separate basketball court in my school.
  5. My school has many classrooms with blackboards, where students study.
  6. The school I study is well-known around our country because of the good students who participate in many competitions.
  7. Our school teachers are experts in what they teach and support us like parents.
  8. My parents also love my school a lot as they come here to interact with our teachers.
  9. Our school canteen makes very delicious food which we eat happily.
  10. I like staying in my school as it feels like home.

Frequently asked questions on My School

Question 1: What is a school?

Answer: A school is a place where we go to study and play. We get knowledge and friends at school.

Question 2: Who comes to school?

Answer: We students come to school to study and learn new things. Our teachers come to teach us the subjects they know about. There are many other people who come to our school regularly, like bus drivers, sweepers, and cooks. Sometimes parents of new students also come for admission.

Question 3: What do I like about my school?

Answer: My school is very beautiful, and I like everything about my school. But my favorite place which I like the most at my school is my classroom as I study here with my friends.

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