My School Essay For Class 3

School is our second home. It is not just a building of stones and bricks but a holy shrine of worship. School is the very place where our personality is developed and polished. Strict self-discipline is imbibed in us. We are prepared for the upcoming life.

We are providing two essays samples for class 3 on the topic “My School” for reference.

Short Essay on My School of 100 Words

I am an obedient student of Modern High School, Ballygunge, Calcutta. It is one of the well-acclaimed schools of Calcutta. It was established on 3rd January 1952 to encourage education among girls primarily.

It is a CISCE council aided school. I am currently reading in class 3. The main motto of my school is the implementation of strict discipline, along with well-structured education. My school encourages us in many extracurricular activities like debate, extempore, baking, gardening and mainly sports.

My school has four different houses depicting four colors of major significance like Gulmohar( Orange), Hibiscus( Red), Jasmine(White), Lotus(Blue), Magnolia(Green), Orchid( Violet), Rose(Pink).

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Long Essay on My School of 150 Words

My school, Modern High School, is situated in Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Ballygunge, Kolkata. It is a private-aided institution. It has nearly 3500 students currently studying in it. Modern High School was established in 1952 by Rukmani Devi Birla.

It is an all-girls institution committed to the development of strong, independent, and self-opinionated women. My school is free of any bias and embraces all students on equal terms irrespective of socio-economic background, religion, or community. It believes in offering a liberal education to motivate students to discover and construct their strengths and contribute to society in turn.

The medium of instruction is in English. My school motivates us in extracurricular activities and encourages us to take part in many inter school as well as regional competitions. My school has introduced an astonishing number of outstanding alumnae who have made their alma mater proud. They continue to do so in different areas of the globe. I hope I will be one of them shortly.

10 Lines on My School in English

  1. My school’s name is Modern High School, and it is situated in Ballygunge, Kolkata
  2. It is acclaimed by the CISCE Board of Education, New Delhi.
  3. The medium of instruction is English.
  4. It is an all-girls institution.
  5. It believes in providing liberal education to all.
  6. It was established in the year 1952 by Rukmini Devi Birla.
  7. My school encourages us to co-curricular activities, mainly sports.
  8. My school ensures strict discipline among its students
  9. My school has produced an astonishing number of alumnae who made their alma mater proud.
  10. It is a well-acclaimed institution in India.

Frequently Asked Questions on My School

Question: What is the importance of school?

Answer: School helps in the personality development of a student. It imparts education along with strict discipline. School is the very right place where a person grows, life, and learn. It is the second home to every student.

Question: How does proper education help a student?

Answer: Proper education is necessary for the development of the personality of students. It prepares a student for his/her upcoming life. Education makes a student unbiased and enables to take a wise decision without any influence. It makes a student self-dependent and strongly opinionated.

Question:  Why should a child go to school?

Answer: A child should go to school to ensure proper education and discipline. Education is necessary for liberation and independence. The school helps in personality development and ensures strict discipline. It prepares the student for his/her upcoming life. It also ensures punctuality and obedience.

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