My School Garden Essay for Class 3

Nature never disappoints to amaze us with its beauty. From vibrant flowers and plants to cheerful birds and butterflies – we can see them all in gardens. The School Garden is one of the most favourite places of students in the school. Kids can do many activities there, for example, planting a tree in their school gardens, playing, etc. In this essay, I will be describing my school garden in detail.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 3 on the topic ‘My School Garden’ for reference.

Short Essay on My School Garden of 100 Words

I study at Delhi Public School. My school garden is filled with some very pretty and colourful flowers and plants. Sometimes butterflies come to our garden too.

Our garden is huge. My school garden is not only big but also very pleasant.

It is located in front of the main building at my school. It has a dedicated gardener, Ramu kaka, who regularly water the plants.

Our garden has flowers like marigold and roses; and trees like the peepal and neem tree. After having my lunch, I love spending my time in the school garden admiring its beauty. I love my school garden.

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Long Essay on My School Garden of 150 Words

I study at Delhi Public School. My school has a very big garden. It’s not just a big garden, but it’s also one of the most pretty gardens I have ever seen. My school garden is located just in front of that main primary school building.

I have seen many workers and gardeners work on maintaining the garden during the time we have classes. They plant a variety of plants and trees. They water them and take care of the flowers.

The garden has a large variety of plants and flowers. Thick thorny shrubs border the garden. My school garden has flowers such as sunflowers, tulips, marigolds, daisies, roses, jasmine, etc. It also has huge trees such as neem, litchi, and a mango tree.

We are only allowed to visit the garden during our recess, and once our environmental science teacher took us there to identify various plants. The garden not only makes our school beautiful but also adds some much-needed greenery. I love spending time in my school garden.

10 Lines on My School Garden In English

  1. We have a beautiful garden in our school.
  2. It’s huge and is filled with greenery.
  3. Our school’s gardener, Ramu kaka, takes care of it
  4. We also plant a tree sapling in our school garden every year on World Forest Day.
  5. We also water the plants sometimes.
  6. We grow different types of flower and fruit plants in our garden.
  7. Our school campus is always refreshed and scented with the fragrance of jasmine and tulips grown in our garden.
  8. There are many trees like peepal, mango, and lichi there too.
  9. Many children go to the garden to play during break time.
  10. We are proud of our garden.

Frequently Asked Questions on My School Garden

Question: What to plant in a school garden?

Answer – Many plants can be grown in a school garden. Some of the plants that are commonly seen in gardens are hibiscus, roses, and tulips.

Question: How can the students help to maintain the school garden?

Answer – Students can help by not plucking the beautiful flowers and leaves and not littering the garden space. They can also water the plant once in a while with the teacher’s permission.

Question: Why is it important to have a clean school garden?

Answer – As humans, we all need plants for oxygen and a balanced environment. So having a clean garden in school will not only keep us healthy, but it’s also beneficial to our environment.

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