Myself Essay For Class 3

Every individual is different. So am I. I am one of a kind. There are millions of people on the planet, and each person has another purpose. Under any circumstances, I strive hard to be myself, be passionate about my hobbies and dreams, live legitimately, and work hard to attain all that I want to make.

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Short Essay on Myself of 100 Words

Every individual around us has different things to tell about us, but we are the only one who knows ourselves better. I live in a joint family with a total of 12 members in the family. I love to read storybooks.

I am currently studying in class 3 in Modern High School, Kolkata. I am nine years old. Baking and gardening are something that gives me pleasure. I love listening to stories and Panchatantra tales from my grandpa. I want to become a teacher like my father. I love to be with energetic and enthusiastic people. I have a lot of friends at school.

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Long Essay on Myself of 150 Words

I am a very obedient student and try to complete all my daily chores on time without delay. I love to go to school every day. I love spending time with my grandparents. I often go to the park with my grandpa and love to listen to him sing. He also tells me about India’s ancient history and struggles for independence. In my leisure time, I would often watch classical dramas.

My hobby is singing and collect old currency. I often stick them in a diary. I also love playing basketball and badminton with my cousins. My favourite subject is Science though I have an evident inclination towards Literature. Sometimes, after completing my homework, I help my mother with her household chores. I love to create; thus, I am also interested in origami and spray painting.

I love listening to recitation, like Chitrangada. I also take active participation in extracurricular activities. I devote time to take care of stray dogs and cats near my house. I always try to abide by my elder’s instructions.

10 Lines on Myself In English

  1. I am a very obedient student and try to abide by instructions.
  2. I am currently reading in class 3, in Modern High School.
  3. I am very dear to everyone in my family.
  4. I love baking and gardening in my leisure time.
  5. I often listen to my grandpa singing and reciting for me.
  6. I read a lot of books, especially Panchatantra tales.
  7. My hobby is singing and collect old currency.
  8. I am very punctual and regular at my school.
  9. I love playing basketball with my cousins.
  10. I want to become a teacher like my father.

Frequently Asked Questions on Myself

Question: What can we write in an essay about “myself?”

Answer: In an essay about “myself,” you can write about your hobbies, talent, education, and dream career. There can be many other things that we can write in the essay.

Question: Who can you write about in an essay about “myself?”

Answer: In an essay about “myself,” you can write about your family as the family makes you the person you are. You can also write about your passions and talents. You can express yourself in many ways and showcase your uniqueness.

Question: How can you express yourself better in an essay about yourself?

Answer: The best way to express yourself in an essay is to share the experiences uniquely. To give an unbiased opinion about oneself and be true to oneself.

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