PAPA Rhymes


We have provided various easy and meaningful rhymes on the father for the nursery class kids. All the rhymes on father are very interesting and meaning; written using very simple and easy rhyming words by keeping in mind the kids capacity to learn. Kids may recite father rhymes on any family occasion, in their school, or birthday of father.

Tips for Moms:

Father rhymes learning can be more interesting by using father costume, appropriate facial expressions and body movements according to the rhyme lyrics.

Reciting rhymes with action helps your kids to easily learn rhymes.

Now you can start by selecting any one rhyme on father given below accordingly.

Sweet papa

Papa papa, sweet papa,

You care me so much,

You bring me chocolates,

You buy my favourite toys,

And I love you so much.


Oh papa

Papa papa, oh papa,

I have a hug for you,

I have a play for you,

Come and play with me,

And make me so happy.


My dear papa

Oh papa, my dear papa,

Wakes up and give me accompany,

In making this puzzle game,

And make me play in right way.


Papa papa

Papa papa I have seen a crow,

Flying very fast in the sky,

He was making a sound very bad,

I never like his sound oh my dad.


My papa is very kind

My papa is very kind,

He cares everyone in the family,

He helps me in school home works,

And he makes me laugh very much.


My papa makes me sleep

My papa makes me sleep,

With nice songs and stories,

He tells me fairy tales,

And calls me ‘my princes’.

My papa is head of family

My papa is head of family,

He understands everybody,

And gives us full security.


My father loves me a lot

My father loves me a lot,

One day he gave me a pot,

And told me to keep at cot,

To make it really a good shot.


My papa takes me up every morning

My papa takes me up every morning,

He takes me to bus stand daily,

He accompany me in evening daily,

And makes me laugh very easily.


I wish my papa

I wish my papa,

Good morning every day,

I wish my papa,

Good night every night,

He smiles and hugs me tight.


My papa takes me out at picnic

Needle of clocks goes tick tick,

My papa takes me out at picnic,

He tells me oh chick chick,

When I shouts too loud.


My papa bought me a nice car

My papa bought me a nice car,

I play daily with my guitar,

He tells me oh my star,

Come to see a moon’s scar.


Papa papa oh papa

Papa papa oh papa,

See there is a moon rise,

In the blue sky with stars,

But I think it is so far.


Dear papa

Papa papa dear papa,

Wake up and help to bath,

Papa papa dear papa,

Get fresh up,

And accompany breakfast.


O papa

Papa papa O, papa

You are my favourite star,

I like you so much,

Because you buy my favourite guitar.


My papa goes to office

My papa goes to office,

Daily at right time,

He never becomes a while late,

And make me learn too,

To never get late to school.


My papa is very punctual

My papa is very punctual,

He tells me always that,

Never cheat your time,

Otherwise he will cheat you,

And ruin your life.


My papa brings me ice-cream

My papa brings me ice-cream,

At every week end,

He tells me that,

Do not eat it daily,

Otherwise it keeps your teeth at end.


My dad stays with me

My dad stays with me,

At every week end,

He likes to play indoor games

And gives us Cadbury gems.


My papa is my real hero

My papa is my real hero,

He never misses my PTM,

He never gives up,

And try to solve every problem.

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