Pollution Essay for Class 3

Pollution is the fouling of the natural environment that exists around us and puts our lives in danger. All types of pollution in our natural surroundings and ecosystem causes health disasters and discomfort. It disorganizes the biological system and disturbs nature’s balance. Soil pollution, air pollution, water pollution, and noise pollution are the main types of pollution.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 3 on the topic “Pollution” for reference.

Short Essay on Pollution of 100 Words

Pollution is a condition of our environment that may have harmful effects on plants, animals, and human beings. The environment around us is a combination of land, water, air which is essential to sustain life on earth. In the past, our environment was clean. Now, because of man’s own greed, our environment has been polluted.

Human beings want rapid success. They set up industries and cut down forests for their benefit. This disturbed the ecological balance, which led to pollution. Pollution is a global problem. If we don’t protect our planet now, we will undoubtedly face issues in the future.

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Long Essay on Pollution of 150 Words

The addition of harmful substances into nature is all pollution. We human beings are satisfying our own needs by harming wildlife. Pollutants from factories, laboratories, hospitals, and vehicles are destroying the plant kingdom. Carbon dioxide in the air is the reason behind global warming. Acid rain is also a result of pollution.

Pollution has become a widespread yet severe issue today. It is everyone’s responsibility to take steps towards prevention. We should be alert and help reduce every kind of pollution. We should avoid loudspeakers and bursting crackers during festivals that cause noise pollution. Making use of public transport can help reduce air pollution.

Thousands of people are affected by diseases caused by pollution. We should learn to reuse, reduce, and recycle to control pollution. Planting more trees and reducing the use of plastic are ways in which we can reduce environmental pollution. Taking small steps like these will ensure a better future.

10 Lines on Pollution in English

  1. Pollution is a dangerous threat to the whole world that arose because of human activities.
  2. Harmful gases and chemicals from chimneys of factories pollute the air.
  3. The heavy sound from machines and transportation systems cause noise pollution that can cause irritation.
  4. Environmental pollution can cause serious health problems like allergy, infection, and even heart attack.
  5. We are rapidly losing freshwater and other valuable resources, including aquatic life due to plastic and other water pollutants.
  6. Environmental pollution has more severe consequences like global warming and acid rain that affects both the plant and animal kingdom.
  7. Pollution causes severe diseases like cancer, skin disease, and chest pain that can lead to death.
  8. Planting trees, conserving forests, and not using plastic are effective ways to reduce pollution.
  9. The most dangerous of all, radioactive pollution is caused by wastes from nuclear power plants.
  10. We can fight environmental pollution by using solar panels and wind energy.

Frequently Asked Questions on Pollution Essay

Question: What are some of the human causes of pollution?

Answer: Human activities are a major cause of air pollution. Humans pollute the air by building factories, power plants, cars, aeroplanes, chemicals, and by burning fossil fuel. The smog released from here causes severe and harmful diseases. Burning down forests increases the carbon dioxide levels in the air, leading to unbalance and global warming.

Question: What can we do to reduce pollution?

Answer: Using less energy like electricity can help reduce air pollution. We can help by turning off lights and fans when leaving our room and not leaving the television or computer switched on unnecessarily. Driving less or carpooling with friends instead saves money and gas.

Question: What are some effects on health because of pollution?

Answer: Air pollution can make people sick. It becomes difficult to breathe and causes disease such as lung cancer, lung infection and heart disease. Noise pollution can cause irritation that can lead to partial or complete deafness.

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