Shapes Rhymes


Kids like different shapes very much, they want to play with shapes like circle, square, triangle, star, diamond, rectangle, etc at home or in the school. So they get more interest in learning different shapes rhymes. All the shapes rhymes are written using very simple, easy and meaningful words especially for nursery class kids.

Tips for Moms:

Dear moms, you can make shapes rhyme recitation more interesting by using different shapes objects, shapes toys, etc with the proper action like facial expressions and body movements according to the rhyme lyrics. So, enjoy the following shapes rhymes with your sweet kids.

Square shape is my name

Square shape is my name,

I get all around fame,

I have four sides,

All are equal,

I have four corners,

All have same angle.


My lunch box is square shape

My lunch box is square shape,

It has two floors,

One for bread, one for vegetable,

Which I eat on the dining table.


I am square

I am square, I am square,

Do you know how much I dare,

My color is very fair,

And I never get scare.


I am a square, I am a square,

I have four sides and four corners,

People give too much honors,

And use me for many reasons.


Do you know what shape I have

Do you know what shape I have?

I think I am a square,

You all are well aware,

As I am not very rare.


I am a square shape

I am a square shape,

What a lovely is my name,

My all corners are very same,

Don’t surprise for my fame.


I am a healthy egg

I am a healthy egg,

I get out of the hen,

I am not very circle,

I am half yellow and half white.


I am a football

I am a football,

I have circle shape,

I am round all around,

No one can make me bound.


I am circle shaped like ball

I am circle shaped like ball,

I look same all around,

My start and end point are same,

That’s why I get very fame.


I am almost circle shape

I am almost circle shape,

I am called as potato,

I keep people very healthy,

One who eats me can be wealthy.


I am almost circle

I am almost circle,

I have color purple,

You can call me brinjal,

But I am single.


I have circle shape

I have circle shape,

Red or purple is my drape,

I have pungent taste,

But I am really best.


I am very circle shape

I am very circle shape,

I have really sweet taste,

And my color is dark brown,

How you can be well known,

As I am chikoo fruit.


You can call me circle

I am red red apple,

You can call me circle,

I can keep you way from doctor,

If you will be a good adopter.


I am star shaped

I am star shaped,

I am called as star fish,

Small fishes are my dish,

Living in water is my wish,

God gave me lots of bliss.


I am Mr. rectangle

I am Mr. rectangle,

I have four equal angles,

I do not get disturb on mangle,

I have not hand to wear bangle.


I am not star shape

People call me star,

Even I am not star shape,

I make in the sky a nice drape,

People can reach me after big jape,

As I live so far in the sky,

Kids become happy and say me bye.


I am a beautiful triangle

I am a beautiful triangle,

I’m so called having 3 angles,

And surrounded by 3 sides,

Any side of me can easily subside.


I am nice kidney shape

I am full of healthy protein,

Come in the category of bean,

And called as Rajama,

I am nice kidney shape,

Kids eat me making clap.


I am circle

I am circle, I am circle,

Kids color me with purple,

Keep me on the ground,

I can make round and round,

But no end can be found.


I am circle, I am circle,

People call me as miracle,

People tell me very durable,

As, I can make round and round,

Anywhere on the ground.


Sweet little heart is my name

Sweet little heart is my name,

All around world is my fame,

I am main organ of the men,

And live in the deep den.


I am bloody red heart

I am bloody red heart,

I am really enough smart,

I supply blood all through body,

And almost same in every body.


I am dazzling diamond

I am dazzling diamond,

I am famous for my shape,

People like me so much,

And really want to touch.

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