Summer Vacation Essay for Class 3

The holidays of the summer season given by schools to the students because of the considerable temperature rise is called the summer break. All the studies and educational activities in the school are stopped. The students become happy when the summer vacation starts because they rest and relax and visit places with their families and friends.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 3 on the topic ‘Summer Vacation’ for reference.

Short Essay on Summer Vacation of 100 Words

The holiday period during the summer season is known as a summer vacation. During this period, all schools and colleges close mainly due to high environmental temperatures in the summer months, especially from mid-May to full June.

Throughout the holiday period, the children feel very relaxed and happy. Many students visit the hill station, their family villages, or other cold places and enjoy with their family members, village friends, or cousins.

Swimming classes or dance lessons are taken up by students so that they can enjoy the holidays. Students receive many projects and holiday homework during the summer holidays, which they need to submit upon the opening of their schools.

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Long Essay on Summer Vacation of 150 Words

Summer vacation becomes summer fun for students, which begins with the last bell ringing at school. Summer holidays become the most enjoyable moment for children, with a long vacation from the daily hard life of schoolwork and school.

Students get lots of homework and projects to complete from home and submit to school after opening. But summer vacation is also a time to get away from daily schoolwork and travel to their hometown, hill stations, or places with cold weather to enjoy the summer season very happily.

Even though they get lots of tasks to do at home, they feel entertained and relaxed as they can leave school due to the humid heat. Summertime is thought to be a special time for children. The vacation is simply a time for excitement and joy for children. They can participate in anything they are interested in. They can spend time with their parents and friends during the holidays.

10 Lines on Summer Vacation in English

  1. In a student’s life, summer vacation is one of the happiest periods.
  2. The students finally get to rest a little from their daily school works.
  3. Usually, it starts from the third week of May and lasts till the last day of June.
  4. After final exams, students get to relax from studies and also get a time out during the sticky-hot weather.
  5. As many students cannot focus on tasks after the final exams, summer break allows them to rest.
  6. Students can regain their health and relax so that they are prepared for further studies.
  7. The powerful heat of the summer season is one of the main reasons for the summer vacation.
  8. Due to the boiling summer heat, many students might fall sick, so summer break is necessary for humid places.
  9. Students get a chance to complete their school project works, increase their general knowledge, and visit new places during summer break.
  10. Students can study the subjects they are weak in during summer vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions on Summer Vacation Essay

Question: Why is summer vacation important in a student’s life?

Answer: Summer break bring opportunities to learn new skills, educational and social experiences, and relaxation from the daily lives of students, due to which it is vital.

Question: What are the disadvantages of summer break?

Answer: Having lots of free time may lead to boredom. Especially for students, long summer breaks lead to lack of anticipation because they always crave excitement.

Question: For how long does a summer break usually last?

Answer: Generally, summer vacation lasts up to 45 days for each summer season.

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