Teddy Bear Rhymes


Colorful teddy bears are really very entertaining toys for the kids from childhood. We have provided here variety of easy and meaningful teddy bear rhymes for the nursery class kids. All the rhymes on teddy bear are very interesting and entertaining; written by the professional writer using very simple and easy rhyming words according to the kids capacity to learn. Kids may recite teddy bear rhymes on any occasion like family function, in their school, or birthday party.

Tips for Moms:

Teddy bear rhymes can be made more interesting and entertaining for the kids by the use of teddy bear costume, colorful teddy bear toys, smile, appropriate facial expressions and body movements according to the rhyme lyrics.

Use of actions and objects while reciting rhymes makes learning easy.

So, lets start by selecting any one rhyme given below accordingly.

I have many teddy

I have many teddy,

They are always ready,

To play with me,

And stay with me.


Teddy bear, teddy bear

Teddy bear, teddy bear,

Why you stay at home,

Come on accompany me,

And come to school.


Teddy bear make a turn around

Teddy bear, teddy bear,

Make a turn around,

And look at me,

Touch the ground,

And listen to me.


Teddy bear you look so bright

Teddy bear, teddy bear,

You look so bright,

Switch off the light,

And say good night.


Teddy bear you look so lovely and soft

Teddy bear, teddy bear,

You look so lovely and soft,

Do you like to sit in the aircraft,

Do you know that you are handicraft.


Teddy bear you are my dear

Teddy bear, teddy bear

You are my dear,

And make me always cheer,

But never let me fear.

Teddy bear I’m with you always here

Teddy bear, teddy bear,

I’m with you always here,

Never make a cry,

And keep yourself dry.


Teddy bear make a clap

Teddy bear, teddy bear,

Your little hands,

Make clap, clap, clap,

Your little legs,

Goes tap, tap, tap,

But your little heart make nice beat.


Teddy bear come on to dance

Teddy bear, teddy bear,

You get a nice chance,

Now come on, it’s time to dance,

Come to the stage and make a glance.


Teddy bear you are my dear

Teddy bear, teddy bear,

Really you are my dear,

Jump up high,

And make a sigh,

Come on stage and shake your hips,

I am ready to give you tips.


Teddy bear come very near

Teddy bear, teddy bear,

Come to me, come very near,

And give me a nice hug,

But make sure not like a bug.

My little teddy bear

My little teddy bear,

Make a jump so high,

To touch the sky,

And again come down,

To touch the ground.


My little teddy bear,

Bend your legs,

And hold your toes,

Then get straight,

And do counting by eight.


My little teddy bear you have smiling heart

My little teddy bear,

You have smiling heart,

And sit in the nice cart,

Why you always welcome,

But never says buy.


My little teddy bear you are dear

My little teddy bear,

You are so lovely and dear,

I say you get down very low,

But get up again very slow.


My little teddy bear touch your feet

My little teddy bear,

Touch your feet,

With little hands,

Do warm welcome,

With a pair of hands,

But make a smile with nice face.


My little teddy bear you are so nice

My little teddy bear,

You are so nice,

And like to play dice,

But never like mice.


My little teddy bear take a turn

My little teddy bear,

Take a turn and bend on your knees,

Take a brush and shine your shoes,

And make your this activity a big news.


My little teddy bear I would like to play

My little teddy bear,

I would like to play,

With you full day,

By keeping problems at bay,

As I have a happy holiday.


My dear teddy bear

My dear teddy bear,

Come to me I have lots of love,

Touch my skin I have taken bath with dove,

It is very soft just like your fur.

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