Understanding Psychological Insecurities

Understanding Psychological Insecurities

We humans, lace our existence with various individual and environmental influences. Some of these influencing factors are intentional, while many may be present in our social surrounding by default.

An individual’s capacity to think and to think beyond, is what leads himiher towards survival and the reinforcement of such thought processes, either makes life easier or difficult, depending on what kind of cognitive cue an individual is perceiving and interpreting, based on his/her understanding.

An individuals’ interaction with the environment is presented with several challenges on a regular basis and survival is reinforced by meeting up to these challenges. Also, people go through several physical and psychological struggles to identify and move ahead with their behavioural orientations.

Insecurities in an individual are a product of anticipation and conclusions within one’s mind, along with the collaboration of society, family and other environmental factors. And it’s amazing to know that psychological insecurities can emerge in any form and in any situation.

What Insecure People Experience

Psychological insecurities as presented below are very commonly seen in all people around us.

  • Restricted or closed mindedness
  • Pretending to know all and trying to find solutions
  • Faking thoughts, emotions, and interactions
  • Being judgmental
  • Negative conversations and communication
  • Nil growth mindset
  • Poor decision making skills
  • Avoidant behaviour
  • Not moving out of the comfort zone
  • Felling guilty, stupid and bad for almost everything

Downside Of Psychological Insecurities

  • Psychological insecurities not only results in lowered confidence levels but also gives rise to anxieties of various kinds and interaction at the societal level becomes meaningless.
  • Extreme levels of perfectionism can also lead to confusion and dissatisfaction, as most of the time living up to one’s own expectations is dependent on the bar raised by the individuals themselves.
  • Self-esteem either very low or high also gives rise to unrealistic goals and demands. Both men and women go through self-doubt in areas of sexuality, body image, age, career. relationship, creative versus intellectual life, etc.

Causes Of Insecurities

The reasons for psychological insecurities as discussed earlier, can be several, but it’s been observed that maladaptive parenting procedures give rise to dysfunctional interactions in adult life. Some individuals also have personality types more prone to struggles.

The Way Out

Reaching out with proper strategies such as timely engagement of the individual through therapeutic intervention and reinforcing feedback mechanism is a must, to tackle such issues. Proper goals and devoting time to oneself to recuperate and heal also leads to the better functioning of an individual.

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