Causes of Excessive Sleeping

Causes of Excessive Sleeping

Sleeping in, after a long day at work or even the weekends may seem like a natural, gratifying thing to do, but sleeping in on all the days can be really stressful, tiring and the result of an undeilying problem. Not to burst your bubble, sleeping for a long time can make you feel better, but il you’re doing it all the time, it can do quite the opposite.

A goodnight’s sleep of seven-nine hours is normal and necessary for the mind and body to heal itself. However, it you’re waking up exhausted and just want to go back to bed for no apparent reason, it’s time to figure out why.

Why We Sleep Excessively

Excessive sleeping can be caused by a depression episode where getting out of bed seems like the cruellest thing you can do to yourself. The world appears too big to take on and yet It’s all In your head. But remember, just because it is in your head, doesn’t mean it can be ignored. Head to your therapist and get yourself looked at, or take it out on a pen and paper, which is a proven method to feel a lot better.

Your afternoon naps are a tempting luxury which needs to be kept in check, If you want to go to bed early. Sleeping late at night can threaten your morning routine because of incomplete sleep cycles. You could wake up in between a sleep cycle and wander the entire day looking to complete it.

Sleep Apnea
It’s a common cause of agitated snoring and one of the main causes of waking up tired, no matter how long you sleep. The reason being that you constantly wake up over the course of the night but since it is for a short span, you barely remember it. This results in less oxygen in your body, making you feel like you haven’t slept at all!

Unable to sleep until much later in the night or sometimes not getting any sleep at all are indications that you suffer from insomnia. Insomnia is a result of other mental problems like anxiety and or depression. These can be treated by counselling and therapy and must be done sooner than later.

Sleeping late at night can threaten your morning routine because of incomplete sleep cycles

Health Tip

A healthy lifestyle is always outlined by discipline. Listening to your alarm’s wake-up calls is one way to beat this. The primary action would, of course, be getting yourself checked by a doctor for the disorders. It is important for you to get the sleep you deserve and enjoy the benefits of a good night’s sleep.

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