Mummy Rhymes


We have provided various rhymes on the mother for the nursery class kids. All the rhymes are written using very simple and easy words especially for kids by keeping in mind their capacity of learning. Kids can recite mother rhymes on the occasions like mother’s day, mother’s birthday, in the school, family function, etc.

Tips for Moms:

Mother rhymes can be made more interesting by the moms through the use of proper actions like appropriate facial expressions and body movements according to the rhyme lyrics. Rhyme recitation with proper action enhances the kids learning. You can select any rhyme on mother given below according to you and your interest.

Oh my mamma

Oh my mamma,

Sweet mamma,

You are best mamma in the world,

I love you so much in the world.


My mamma, dear mamma

My mamma, dear mamma,

She wakes me up,

Daily in the morning,

She gets me ready,

Daily to the school.


My mamma, dear mamma,

You are cutest mamma of the world,

You make me learn good habits,

To make me a good human being.


My mamma, lovely mamma

My mamma, lovely mamma,

I like you so much,

And I love you so much,

Promise me, you never leave me.


My mamma loves me from heart

My mamma says,

I was so little,

When I took birth,

But Now I am big,

As my mamma loves me from heart.


Mamma Mamma

Mamma Mamma,

Give me some food,

I am so hungry,

That I cannot wait.


Mamma mamma,

Wait for a while,

I will show you,

A big surprise,

Just open your eyes,

I have a sweet hug for you.


Mamma mamma,

Sweet mamma,

I never see anyone,

Other than you,

Who cares me a lot,

And who loves me a lot.


Mamma mamma,

I have many questions to you,

Why mammas are so cute,

Why mammas are so careful,

Why mammas do everything for kids.


My mamma is sweet mamma

My mamma is sweet mamma,

She tells me a story,

When I sleep in night daily,

She gives me a nice kiss,

And then let me sweet sleep.


My mamma is very cute

My mamma is very cute,

She gives me a morning kiss,

And tells me a very good morning,

She takes me out at balcony,

And let me hear nice sound of birds.


My sweet mamma

It is my sweet mamma,

Who wakes me up,

Who makes me fresh,

Who gives me tasty breakfast,

And then takes me to school.


Oh my dear mamma

Oh my dear mamma,

It is you,

Who always be ready for me,

It is you,

Who stands for long at the bus stand,

And waits for me to take me home.


My mamma is very sweet

My mamma is very sweet,

She wears nice sarees,

She talks so sweetly,

She cares everyone,

And makes laugh very easily.


My mamma says

My mamma says,

That wealth is wealth,

But healthy foods,

Gives nice health.


My mamma says,

We must eat salads, fruits,

And healthy foods,

They keep us healthy, wealthy and wise.


Mamma says,

Drinking milk is good for health,

It makes our bones strong and tough,

But good habits are need for wealth,

It prevents us from being our future rough.


Mamma says,

Learn your lessons everyday,

And take rest only at holidays,

To make your future full of solid days.


My mamma tells me always,

Keep your tummy full,

To make diseases fool.

And keep them away.


My mamma keeps me away from strangers

Red red apples,

Keeps me away from doctors,

But my mamma,

Keeps me away from strangers.


I make round of my moma

Moon makes round of earth,

Earth makes round of sun,

And me makes round of my moma,

From morning to evening.


My mamma gives me healthy lunch

My mamma gives me healthy lunch,

To keep my body healthy,

But never gives a munch, crunch

To keep my teeth healthy.


Mamma keeps me happy

Yellow yellow banana,

Keeps me healthy,

But sweet sweet mamma,

Keeps me happy.


Mamma takes me to Doctor

Red red tomato,

Sweet sweet, sweet potato,

Gives us lots of energy,

But when I feel lethargy,

My mamma takes me to Dr. Bannergy.


My mamma

My mamma,

Gives me an apple,

Daily morning,

And tells me to eat,

Well by churning.


My mamma gives me salad

My mamma gives me salad,

Every day with every food,

And tells me that,

It keeps you soothe.


My mamma sleeps with me

My mamma sleeps with me every night,

And keeps my schedule very tight,

To make me a person truly right.

Myself Essay in English for Class 1 Students


Essay on Myself for Kids: Kids usually enjoy writing essays as it gives them creative freedom. Essay on Myself is a nice topic that allows young minds an opportunity to write about themselves and their hobbies and interests that reflect personal experience. Avail the free essay on the topic “Myself” for reference.

Myself Essay for Class 1 Kids

My name is Pavan Kalyan. My father gave me this name. I love my name as it means “Light”. I am 7 years old. I have an elder brother who is three years elder to me. His name is Rajesh Kumar.

My brother and I live in Hyderabad with our parents and grandparents. I study at Delhi public School. My brother also studies in the same school.

I am in Class 1 A. I celebrate my birthday on 12th April. My hobbies include painting and watching cartoons. I also love playing outdoor games with my brother and friends.

We have a pet dog at our house and we call him Tiger. He is a very friendly dog and I love playing with him. I love spending time with my grandparents. My grandfather and I take Tiger for an evening walk every day.

We have a small garden on the terrace and I help my grandmother in gardening. My grandmother also tells me bedtime stories which I really enjoy listening to. I also like to help my mother in the kitchen sometimes.

I love going to picnic spots and visiting temples. During the summer holidays, my father usually takes us for a vacation. I enjoy the holidays with my brother and pet.

My brother is good at playing cricket and he teaches me how to play cricket. Every evening at 4 ‘O’ Clock, we go to the park to play with our friends.

My brother and I also study together. My mother helps us in completing our homework every day after the playtime.

I like going to school every day and only miss school when I am not well. I am punctual to school and pay attention in the class. I am very friendly with my classmates.

My best friend is Sumeet. He is also in my class and we sit together in the class. Apart from studying, my parents also encourage me to take part in extracurricular activities and school events. I love to participate in painting competitions as I enjoy painting the most.

My school has a good learning environment for students and many opportunities for overall excellence. In fact, it is one of the most reputed schools in Delhi.

I love eating chocolates and sweets. My mother bakes cakes for us on special occasions which I love. But, she always insists on having healthy food.

My parents have taught me to respect elders and teachers and I always do the same. I love my family and always listen to my family members.

Engage your kid into diverse thoughts and motivate them to improve their English with our Essay for Class 1 and avail the Simple Essays suitable for them.

Essay on Myself for Class 1 Kids

  • My name is Anjali Sharma.
  • I am a 6-year-old girl and I stay in New Delhi.
  • I have two older brothers and I’m the youngest member of my family.
  • My father is a doctor and my mother is a school teacher. They love all of us dearly.
  • I study in Class 1 at St. Teresa Convent. I love going to school every day.
  • I respect all my teachers and I have many friends at school.
  • I love to play with dolls and toys with my friends.
  • I love eating chips and ice cream. My parents take us for a picnic once every month.
  • My hobbies are watching cartoons and listening to music once I return from school every day.
  • I enjoy watching the stars in the night sky and want to become an astronaut when I grow up.

Paragraph about Myself

Here’s a short paragraph about myself in English which kids can use as a reference while writing an essay of their own:

“My name is Peehu Roy. I’m an 8-year-old girl. I live in Bangalore with my parents, brother, and grandparents. I love my family very much. My birthday is on the 4th April. I study in Class 3 at St. Joseph’s Convent. I have an elder brother who is 5 years older than me. We study in the same school but in different classes. Every year I go for a vacation with my family during my winter holidays. My hobbies are reading storybooks, dancing, and cooking. I like to help my mother in the kitchen sometimes.

I love going to school every day and respect all my teachers. I’m always punctual to school and regular in my studies. I love to play with my friends during break time. My best friend’s name is Pooja and we play with dolls every day after school. I participate in all extracurricular activities and sports events in my school and try my best to do well. My school has a huge playground where I play several games with my friends. My school offers a healthy and peaceful environment for all its students.”

LKG Rhymes


Now-a-days, activities are given higher priority than the theoretical study in the schools especially for the small kids in order to give them proper space and opportunity to develop their mind. Theoretical study gives burden to the kids mind whereas various types of activities help in opening their mind as well as enhancing their skill level.

Rhymes recitation is one of the most common activities held in the schools to make kids actively involved in the study.

We have provided here variety of unique and simple rhymes for your LKG class kids. You can select any one rhyme given below according to your kids interest.

You can prepare your school going kids for the rhyme recitation programme in their school.

We have provided variety of rhymes over kid’s relationships (such as mother, father, grandparents, Nana, Nani, etc), birds, vehicles, animals, shapes, birthday, insects, festival, fruits, colors, toys, ice-cream, counting, alphabets, etc to help sweet kids and their dear moms.

Birthday Rhymes

You are my best friend,

I never become your fiend,

I know it’s your birthday today,

So I bought a gift yesterday.


You are so special every day,

How I can forget your birthday,

I really have a unique surprise,

Because I have a pleasant prize.


Mamma cleans home every day,

But she decorates it on my birthday,

Papa gives me teddy bear,

But mamma gives me love bear.


Dada, dadi, nana, nani,

Aunt, uncle, and my cousins,

Everyone come on my birthday,

And make it more special day.

Nana-Nani Rhymes

My nani lovely nani,

She wears saree of silk,

But never forget to take milk,

And never goes sick.


My nani came yesterday,

She goes to walk every day,

She knows I like toys,

But never knows I don’t like boys.


I like watermelon,

My nani likes muskmelon,

We both eat together,

In the nice weather.


My nani is very hot,

She likes clay pot,

She sleeps on the cot,

And try to be on the spot.

Butterfly Rhymes

Butterfly butterfly,

I love this colourful fly,

But I hate dirty housefly,


Butterfly butterfly,

I want to fly,

So high in the sky,

To get away from this sty.


Oh my little sweety,

Who named you butterfly,

How you can fly,

So high in the sky.

Christmas Rhymes

Santa Santa Oh Santa,

First you come to me,

I have big Christmas tree,

Do you agree to me.


Christmas falls on 25th of December,

But my birthday on 26th of December,

Santa gives me surprise,

But parents give me bumper prize.

Fruits Rhymes

Fruits are very nice,

They make us really wise,

We should eat fruit always,

And almost every day.


Fruits are really great,

When eaten fresh,

Do magic for health.


Blackberry, Blueberry,

But I like red cherry,

Kids need to carry,

In their lunch daily.

Colours Rhymes

Yellow day and black night,

Both look me very right,

In the hot sun light,

And cool moon light.


My shirt is red,

But my trouser is fed,

My face is pink,

And I like cold drink.


Pink color is very sweet,

My friends never cheat,

Junk food never eat,

But competitions always beat.

Teddy Bear Rhymes

Teddy bear, teddy bear,

Yellow, pink, red and blue,

You all have a nice heart,

But never want to play in dirt.


Teddy bear, teddy bear,

You are my lovely bear,

Everyone call you love bear,

Let me know do you hear.


Teddy bear, teddy bear,

Do you have a stop gear,

Let me know oh my dear,

I just want to hear.

Clap your Hands Rhymes

I have called you to sing a song,

Here you can get Chinese food pong,

Clap your hands and dance for long,

By singing a happy birthday song.

Jump up high and clap your hands,

Stamp your feet on the music of band,

Come on friends blow up balloons,

And make a dance on aflatoon.

Two little hands to clap, clap, clap

Two little feet to tap, tap, tap

One little mouth to drink, drink, drink

Healthy and sweet milk, milk, milk.

Ice Cream Rhymes

Come my teddy,

Come to me,

I have ice cream,

I know you never scream.


My dear little rabbit,

You look very white,

Come to me here right,

And have an ice cream bite.


Oh copy cat parrot,

Why you like carrot,

I like ice cream,

But why get scream.

Train Rhymes

Train is always there for us,

It is better than a bus,

It keeps us away from rush,

And never goes fuss.


Train runs day and night,

Without caring track light,

Sometimes it gets fight,

By the mistake very slight.


Train has a big body,

And it waits nobody,

However carry everybody,

But sometimes left somebody.

Bus Rhymes

I saw school bus,

In the very rush,

It was full of school kid,

But stand in the mid.


I daily go to school,

With the bus,

By having mood cool,

In the rush.

Number Rhymes

Start counting one, two,

Sky looks navy blue,

I get a nice clue,

Swallow food after well chew.


I count first, second, third,

Then mamma gives me curd,

I saw a little bird,

But she was very blurred.


One two three, four, five,

Let me again drive,

And go away from beehive,

I would try to strive.

Animal Rhymes

There are few birds on the tree,

Some are blue, some are black,

Some are white, some are grey,

I know they can fly far away.


There are some birds on the tree,

They are in number three,

They are making nice nest,

To live and take some rest.


Cow gives us milk

But silkworm gives us silk,

Milk makes us healthy,

But silk makes us wealthy.

Lion Rhymes

Lion runs very fast,

He is animal of high class,

He is very powerful cast,

And never make to anyone gas.


Lion runs all through the forest,

Without making a while rest,

He is really most powerful,

And keeps everyone very fearful.

Dog Rhymes

My dog is very funny,

He has no tummy,

He is my lovely buddy,

But do not eat honey.


My doggy has fluffy hair,

I give him a lot of care,

He sits on a small chair,

But on time show very dare.

Shapes Rhymes

I am bathing soap,

I have square shape,

People use me to clean body,

Kids read me in their study.


I am a square shape,

I look like lunch box,

I am used in many walks,

To make box or blocks.

Duck Rhymes

My dear mom I want duck,

As I like her so much,

I want to make her my pet,

Please don’t deny I’ll get upset.


My grandma is very old,

But she is really like gold,

She tells me stories of duck,

And makes me really feel good luck.

Mother Goose Rhymes

I like watermelon,

More than muskmelon,

It keeps me really cool,

And my heat beating tool.


I eat beans,

I wear jeans,

I play with keen,

And like to live like queen.


Elephant Rhymes

Elephant is very strong,

He can walk for long,

He lives in the forest,

Having her trunk tallest.


Elephants have big eyes,

They are animals of huge size,

They are also very wide,

And don’t need anyone’s guide.


ABCD Rhymes

A B C, A B C,

Come on look at me,

I have nice honey bee,

Do you all want to see,

Let me know when you agree.


A B C, A B C D,

Come on give me CD,

And all the DVD,

So that we can do some dance,

As we have nice chance.


Aeroplane Rhymes

A for air, A for aeroplane,

Aeroplane fly in the air,

A for aim, A for aeroplane,

Sitting in the aeroplane is my aim.


A for aeroplane, B for bird,

Both fly so high in the sky,

It seems both are nice guy,

But soon they go away from my eye.

Nursery Rhymes, Songs, Videos for Kids and Children

Nursery Rhymes

We have provided below some unique and simple rhymes for your nursery kids. You can select any of the rhymes given below according to your requirement. Using such easy rhymes you can make your kids active by helping them to participate in the rhymes recitation programme in their respective classes.

Now-a-days rhymes recitation is the most common activities held in the schools especially for the nursery and KG children to make them actively involved in the study as well as enhance their interest and skill in the study.

Rhymes (written over kid’s relationships such as mother, father, grandparents, Nana, Nani, etc) learning is the best way to attract kids towards study.

So, we have provided such types of rhymes written over relationship to help all the sweet kids and dear moms.


Nursery Rhymes LKG Rhymes | UKG Rhymes
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 Animal Rhymes  Birthday Rhymes
 Bus Rhymes  Butterfly Rhymes
 Christmas Rhymes  Clap your Hands Rhymes
 Colours Rhymes  Dog Rhymes
 Duck Rhymes  Elephant Rhymes
 Finger Rhymes  Fruits Rhymes
 Grandfather Rhymes  Grandmother Rhymes
 Grandparents Rhymes  Ice Cream Rhymes
 Lion Rhymes  Nana-Nani Rhymes
 Number Rhymes  Mother Goose Rhymes
 Mummy Rhymes  Papa Rhymes
 Shapes Rhymes  Teddy Bear Rhymes
 Train Rhymes

Nursery Rhymes Videos

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Finger Rhymes


We are generally used to of doing counting on our fingers which our kids like very much too. We have been practiced of counting on fingers from our childhood through our parents and really it has helped a lot to us in learning maths easy. We have provided various unique and interesting finger rhymes for the kids of class nursery. All the rhymes are written using very simple and easy rhyming words especially for the kids learning purpose.

Tips for Moms:

You can make finger rhymes more entertaining by using your fingers (decorate tip of fingers with face having eyes, nose and mouth), appropriate facial expressions, body movements, smile and fingers toys according to the rhyme lyrics which may attract your kids mood to get attention towards rhymes learning. Select any finger rhyme given below according to you and your kids interest.

I have ten fingers

I have ten fingers,

I can add on my fingers,

I can subtract on my fingers,

I can also multiply but let me how to do.


I have ten fingers in my hand

One, two, three, four, five,

Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,

I have ten fingers in my hand,

All are looking really grand,

Eight fingers and two toes in my feet,

Using which I can make a nice beat.


I have five fingers in my left hand

One two three four five,

I have five fingers in my left hand,

One two three four five,

I have five fingers in my right hand,

Using both hands I can clap clap clap,

One two three four five,

I have four fingers and one toe in my left foot,

One two three four five,

I have four fingers and one toe in my right foot,

Using both feet I can tap tap tap.


Eight little fingers and two toes

Ten fingers mix together,

Having two little fingers in the center,

And make my two little hands,

Eight little fingers and two toes,

Up and down everywhere goes,

And make my two little feet.


All are my favorite fingers

First little finger is called as thumb,

Second little finger is called as index,

Third little finger is called as middle,

Fourth little finger is called as ring,

And fifth little finger is called as little,

All are my favorite fingers,

And be with me as good friends lingers.


Start counting on your finger

Start counting on your finger,

And do not get a while anger,

Start from one and go up to ten,

If you miss, start counting again.


Start counting one by one

Start counting one by one,

On your index finger,

It will help you to solve,

All your maths question.

All the fingers in my hand,

Can do clap, clap, clap,

Without making any gap,

I can read all the map.


Five fingers make a fist

Five fingers make a fist,

When they get nice twist,

It gives power to my wrist,

And help me a lot to assist.


I make counting on my finger

I make counting on my finger,

And drink daily tea of ginger,

To get relief from cold longer,

But take medicine when get injure.

Duck Rhymes


We have provided variety of meaningful and interesting rhymes on duck for kids studying in the nursery class. Duck rhymes may help parents to motivate their small kids and attract their mind towards study. All the duck rhymes are written using very simple rhyming words to make them interesting for kids.

Tips for Moms:

You can use clapping, smile and toy ducks to attract your kids mind towards rhymes learning. Appropriate facial expression and body movements is also necessary according to the rhyme lyrics. You can select any duck rhyme given below according to your kids interest.

I saw a duck

I saw a duck early in the morning,

She was swimming in the pond,

And making sound quack, quack, quack,

She gets home with her mother in the evening.


Duck, duck

Duck, duck, duck,

I like so much,

She makes a nice buck,

Deep in the pond,

She looks very blonde,

I made with her a nice bond.


O little duck

Come to me o little duck,

I have orange you can suck,

I know you like swimming,

But sometimes you can enjoy nice skipping.


Oh little duck

Oh little duck, come here come to me,

Do you have sometime to enjoy under tree,

I have some nice books of story,

But I think you like poetry.


When I saw three little ducks

My grandpa goes to morning walk daily,

He takes me also to show me nice valley,

One day I get very happy when I saw three little ducks,

Swimming so nicely in the river near to the valley.


Three little toy ducks

It is my birthday today,

I get gifts from my friends,

But dad gives me my most favourite ones,

That is three little toy ducks.


I bought little ducks

One day I went to the market,

Mom had given me lots of target,

By loading money in the pocket,

But I bought little ducks sitting in the bucket.


My name is sweet little duck

My name is sweet little duck,

I like swimming very much,

I want to live in the water as such,

But I really get scared of people touch.


Mr. Duck is my name

Mr. Duck is my name,

Among kids I am very fame,

They want to play with me,

And give smile when see.


Mrs. Duck is my name

Mrs. Duck is my name,

I swim daily for big aim,

But people give me false blame,

However, little kids make me fame.


Little swimming ducks

Come little friends get together,

We can play in this nice weather,

And enjoy little swimming ducks,

By doing with them high bucks.


I play with my duck

I play with my duck,

I am a boy,

He is a toy,

But both get equal joy.


Duck may swim

Duck may swim in the water,

He may walk on the land,

Both look really grand,

But making them pet is banned.


I saw duck in the pair

I saw duck in the pair,

Swimming on the upper layer,

But can’t fly in the air,

However try without care.


I saw two ducks in the pond

I saw two ducks in the pond,

They have really nice bond,

When I smile they respond,

They are so tender and fond.


Mom tell me about duck

Mom tell me something about duck,

What they eat and where they live,

How they swim and how they talk,

And what is meaning of quack, quack, quack.

Colours Rhymes


Kids like colour very much, they want to play with colours and colour pictures using different colours at home and school. So they get more interest in learning colours rhymes. All the rhymes written are very simple, easy and meaningful especially for nursery kids.

Tips for Moms:

As kids like colours very much, you can make colour rhyme recitation more interesting by using different colours, colored toys, etc according to the rhyme lyrics. Use of proper facial expressions and body movements are also necessary to make rhymes really interesting and entertaining for the kids.

Red blue yellow green

Red blue yellow green,

Momma does home clean,

And gives me red beans,

I have always seen.


I like to see nature’s green

I like to see nature’s green,

And enjoy cool and black night,

But ever eat red red apples,

Instead of eating junk foods.


Brinjal is purple

Brinjal is purple,

I am supple,

My parents are couple,

But I am single.


Today’s sky is cadet grey

Today’s sky is cadet grey,

I make daily pray,

Teacher gives me clay,

And I like to play.


Beet color is dark reddish

Beet color is dark reddish,

It makes me very creative,

My mother is really effective,

But teachers are good detective.


Beet color is dark reddish,

I like to eat white radish,

But want to play with nice rabbit,

And feeding them is good habit.


Mice look dark brown

Mice are very nice,

They look dark brown,

I saw them in home town,

But they live in godown.


Sky color is dark blue

Sky color is dark blue,

It gives me nice clue,

Mamma says food to chew,

And never make due.


Red blue yellow flowers

Red blue yellow flowers,

I like cool showers,

I don’t like to go lower,

And want to lead upper.


Red rose pink lotus

Red red rose,

Blooms in nice pose,

Pink pink lotus,

Green green cactus,

All gives us nice lookup.


Yellow sun flowers

Yellow sun flowers,

Blooms in sun light,

Owl gets rise,

In the nice moon light.


I like red rose very much

I like red rose very much,

But want to leave them as such,

They get wrinkled on touch,

And get died on pluck.


Dark red rose make me happy

Dark red rose make me happy,

But on touch they get choppy,

Then I get very sad,

Who one touch very bad.


Red pink toys

Papa brings beautiful toys,

Some are red, some are pink,

I call my favourite guys,

To enjoy and get cold drink.


Colors are always ready to confess

Colors are always ready to confess,

Of being never careless,

They look always cheerful,

And express how get beautiful.


Colors spread happiness

Colors spread happiness,

In our lives of togetherness,

They teach us to cherish,

But without being selfish.


I like soft green grass

I like soft green grass,

But more than bright yellow brass,

I never like to miss my class,

And always finish milk of glass.


My lips are very pink

My lips are very pink,

And my eyes are reddish white,

My nails are also pink,

But my hairs are very kink.


I like spinach’s dark green

I like spinach’s dark green,

And reddish kidney shaped beans,

Both are my favourite,

I call my friends to celebrate.


Dark black stormy night

I never like stormy night,

As they look dark black,

I want to be always right,

By going on success track.


Yellow yellow dirty fellow

Yellow yellow dirty fellow,

You just look a while below,

I like jumping up and down,

But why you run all through town.


Small yellow insects

Small yellow insects,

Shining on the ground,

I always respect,

And like to make a round.


Water says I am colourless

Water says I am colourless,

Yellow says I have brightness,

Green says I indicate togetherness,

But I say why night has darkness.


White duck and black duck

White duck and black duck,

They make sound of quack, quack

Sometimes they make nice dip,

And then take mouthful sip.


I make new colors

I make new colors,

By mixing few colors,

But mamma makes mix juice,

After fruits and vegetables sluice.

Christmas Rhymes


We have provided fresh and unique Christmas rhymes for the kids studying in classes nursery, LKG or UKG. Using such rhymes on the Christmas festival you can make your kids ready for the Christmas celebration whether at home or school. Kids are very fond of the Christmas celebration as they get gifts from Santa in the night. All the christmas rhymes are unique and written using very simple words according to the kids capacity and interest of learning.

Tips for Moms:

You can make christmas rhymes more interesting and entertaining according to your kids interest. Teach your kids to learn christmas rhymes by using proper sound, smile, new dress, wearing Santa dress, christmas cap, body movement, action, facial expression, using christmas tree, christmas cards, christmas gifts, etc to draw attention of your kids.

Celebrate Christmas

We celebrate Christmas,

To remember Jesus Christ,

Everyone gets nice prize,

When we sleeps but santa arise.

We celebrate Christmas,

With lots of fun,

Everyone gets a gift,

That really gives our heart a lift.


Jesus Christ was born

Jesus Christ was born,

On the Christmas day,

He was the dear son,

Of the mother Mary.


Santa comes on Christmas

Santa comes on Christmas,

In the moon light,

To make us happy and delight,

He comes from a flight,

But never get late a slight.


Christmas is a big festival

Christmas is a big festival,

And make us very emotional,

We all kids really enjoy,

When Santa comes with toys.


Christmas brings lots of joy

Christmas brings lots of joy,

As it gives us many toys,

To all the girls and boys,

And we make many ploys.


Merry Christmas

Christmas Christmas merry Christmas

We say to all happy Christmas,

We decorate a Christmas tree,

By counting one two three.


We celebrate Christmas every year

We celebrate Christmas every year once,

With our family, near and dear ones,

We give presents to each other,

And go home to one another.


We celebrate Christmas wonderfully

We celebrate Christmas wonderfully,

With our friends, relatives and family,

Santa makes us very surprise,

By having lots of prize.


Christmas makes us cheerful

Christmas makes us cheerful,

And never makes kids fearful,

Everyone lit candles,

And enjoy in bundles.


Everyone lights the Christmas tree

Everyone lights the Christmas tree,

And celebrate with full of glee,

Santa shows us Christmas magic,

Without making children tragic.


Christmas tree looks sparkling bright

Christmas tree looks sparkling bright,

Filled with stars, balloons and lights,

It is a symbol of affection,

And sign of perfection.


We decorate Christmas tree

We decorate Christmas tree,

With lights, gifts, candles and bells,

Everyone looks nice and well,

And make a late night dwell.


We decorate Christmas tree,

With lots of shiny things,

To get Jesus Christ blessings,

And celebrate in full swing.


When Christmas arrives

When Christmas arrives,

We make us smile,

As it is a worthwhile,

And no one wants to get late a while.


Christmas is a holiday

Christmas is a holiday,

Which we enjoy full day,

By decorating X-mas tree,

We make late night rise,

When Santa arrive.


Christmas is a festival

Christmas is a festival we really adore,

And want to celebrate forevermore,

We become agree,

Whatever given by Christmas tree.


Christmas is a festival full of pleasure,

It really gives us lots of treasure,

Friends and family say us,

Merry Christmas.

Bus Rhymes


We have provided number of rhymes on bus for the kids of nursery, LKG and UKG. All the rhymes are written using very simple and meaningful words in order to expand their general knowledge. Here are bunch of bus rhymes for the kids to easily interact them towards study.

Tips for Moms:

You can make bus rhymes learning more interesting and easy for your kids by using nice facial expression, smile, action, body movement, and variety of bus toys. Choose any nice rhyme given below according to your need and decide the best way to your kids for easy learning.

Bus goes pom pom

Bus goes pom pom,

It makes noisy horn,

It passes through the lawn,

And makes round of town.


School bus

Mamma stays with me,

Until I get school bus,

I sit with my best friend,

And enjoy happy end.


Bus bus school bus,

Here and there goes around,

Wheel of bus make round and round,

By loading many pound.


I go to school by bus daily,

It passes through the deep valley,

Where I see nice hilly regions,

But soon it comes smooth land.


Buses go all around

Buses go all around,

And make round of town,

Sometimes open sometimes shut,

But always run on the ground.


Bus makes up and down

Bus goes very smooth,

When runs on even road,

It makes up and down,

When runs on uneven road.


Bus goes very smooth,

On the even land,

But it goes up and down,

On the very zigzag road.


All Size Buses

Buses may be small,

Buses may be long,

Buses may be narrow,

Buses may be broad,

But all have same features,

Like wheels and engines.


Long drive by bus

I like long drive by bus,

Me and my family enjoy tourist bus,

It stays in between at the stop,

Otherwise it goes nonstop.


We all like and love bus

Bus picks up my papa to his office,

But my mamma to the market,

And me to the school then everyone to home,

We all like and love using bus.


Bus is my favourite transport

Bus is my favourite transport,

It never require any passport,

We can go through it Agra red fort,

Where we enjoy taking nice snapshot.


Bus driver takes care of the handle

Bus driver takes care of the handle,

We friends only enjoy a lot in bundle,

Mamma takes care of her bangle,

But give us a lot to eat in ample.

Animal Rhymes


We have provided below some unique and meaningful animal rhymes for the nursery, LKG and UKG kids and children. Such interesting rhymes on the various animals will help all the moms, parents and teachers to make study easier for their children and students. Through the animals rhyme recitation, you can easily enhance your kids general knowledge about pet, domestic or forest animals.

Tips for Moms:

You can enhance your kids to learn animals rhymes by doing some activities, using toy animals, clapping, and other means according to the rhymes lyrics. First you select the appropriate rhyme according to your need, read the rhyme, understand the meaning and decide the best way to present that rhymes in front of your kids so that he/she can easily learn. Reciting rhymes with appropriate facial expressions is very necessary to show the theme of rhymes.


Animals can’t talk anything,

But they feel everything,

They are beautiful gift by nature,

Just like amazing creature.


Duck Rhyme

There are some ducks swimming in the water,

They are making sound of quack quack quack,

Some are white, some are black,

I think they will never get back.


Crocodile Rhyme

Crocodile, crocodile,

Grey and brown crocodile,

I have seen you a little while,

Are you a water domicile.


Dog Rhymes

Dear little Tommy,

Come to the mommy,

I have chocolates and sweet cookies,

Come to me come very soon,

I will show you nice moon.


Clever doggy is my name,

I play a nice game,

Live in the home as main,

Chasing everyone is my aim.


I am a clever and honest dog,

Some people call me dear bob,

Watching people is my job,

I become careful whole night,

To catch thieves and fight,

I do my job very right,

And make my boss really delight.


Bird Rhymes

I always keep water in the pot,

To help birds to tackle summer hot,

I also give them grains,

To keep away from pains.


My name is cuckoo bird,

I am blessed with sweet sound,

I never come to the ground,

But everyone try me to found.


Monkey Rhyme

A monkey is jumping on the tree,

He is teasing a crocodile in the water,

Soon monkey fell down in water,

And become food of crocodile.


Cow Rhyme

I am a white sweet cow,

I am ready to give milk now,

But first I need healthy food,

Did you hear oh my dude?


Horse Rhyme

I am a beautiful and nice horse,

I always run by huge force,

People use me to run in race course,

And make me their wealth source.


Buffalo Rhyme

I am a big and black buffalo,

I am used to of huge food swallow,

I am very useful to human,

And make them really he-man.


Goat Rhymes

I am a small and nice goat,

And never know to swim by boat,

People eat my milk and meat,

But I cannot bear heat.


I am a little sweet goat,

But do not wear rain coat,

People use me to drink milk,

By making lots of bilk.


Donkey Rhyme

Dear donkey is my name,

I also get very fame,

People use me to carry load,

I get tired by walking on road.


Bear Rhyme

I am called as fatty bear,

Sometimes as love bear,

I am everyone’s dear,

I am very different from deer,

I never get any fear,

I become always cheer,

I live in the forest,

And take night rest.


Deer Rhyme

I am called as lovely deer,

In small time I become everyone’s dear,

I have two horns and look very clear,

Kids become very cheer,

But a while they get fear.


Fish Rhyme

I am a beautiful Butterfly Fish,

Living in water is my wish,

Small insects are my dish,

I always look very bliss,

And make a slow swish,


Squirrel Rhyme

I am called as little squirrel,

I never make to anyone quarrel,

I enjoy crops and floral,

I get up early in the morning,

And run till the evening.


Camel Rhyme

I am long and tall camel,

People call me ship of desert,

I always feel very comfort,

As I am especially expert,

I carry heavy loads,

By eating lots of food.


Cat Rhyme

I am a myaun cat,

I am not very fat,

But like to wear hat,

I always sit on the mat,

And like to do chat chat.