My School Essay For Class 2

A school is a place where people go to learn about different topics. People learn how to read, write and count numbers. Children go to school for a certain number of years. There is the teacher that teaches the children about numbers, alphabet, and then about different subjects of the world.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 2 in English on the topic “My School” for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay on My School Of 100 Words

The name of my school is (name of school). It has a huge garden with many flowers of different colours. My school has two big buildings. One building is in front of the garden and the second building is near the main gate.

My school also has a playground with two swings and a slide. I spend time on the playground every day during recess. My school has wide and airy classrooms.

The teachers at my school are very caring and affectionate. They treat us like their own children. All my classmates are very helpful. The watchman is a very jolly person. My school is one of the most precious gifts that I have received.

Essay 2: Long Essay on My School Of 150 Words

I study in (name of school). My school has two sections that are divided into two buildings. One is for the junior section, and one is for the senior section. My school celebrates all national events with great enthusiasm.

Every year my school hosts an annual program in which all students perform in front of their parents. My school is a convent school. Every morning we have to attend the assembly. We are all divided into different houses. The names of the houses are red, green, blue and yellow.

My school organizes, debates, quizzes and even extempore speech competitions. Our teachers are very loving. They not only teach us with books but they also use other interesting objects to make us learn.

The watchman at the gate greets us every morning as well as bids us goodbye every time school gets over. I love my school, and I love to go to school every day to learn about the new things that our teachers have to teach us.

10 Lines On My School In English

  1. A school is a place that provides education to children.
  2. My school teaches us to be disciplined and punctual.
  3. My school has a huge campus with a very green environment.
  4. My school has three ponds near the garden.
  5. Singing, dancing and art classes are conducted in my school.
  6. Some teachers are strict in my school.
  7. My school uniform is a white dress with a blue tie.
  8. Apart from English, two other languages are taught in my school.
  9. My school conducts an annual picnic in December.
  10. My school has a clean and positive atmosphere that inspires us to study and be present in school every day.

Frequently Asked Questions on My School

Question: When does the school year start?

Answer: Each school has a different session from which they tend to begin. It is best to visit the website of the respective school in which you are planning to admit your child. All information is available on the website.

Question: Is the pool car a safe option?

Answer: If the school authorizes the pool car, then it is a safe option. Pool cars make travelling easy as well, but you need to find out its authority or certification from the respective school.

Question: How many students do each class consists?

Answer: In the junior sections, the number of students is usually large. The teachers have assistants to take care of the entire class. As the grade increases, the number of students also reduces, and they do not have one particular teacher. Different teachers on different subjects teach them.

My School Bag Essay for Class 2

School bags are very important to all students. They carry their books, tiffin and other necessary items to schools and colleges in the school bag every day. My school bag was a gift to me by my mother on my birthday. I use it every day, and I am very thankful for it.

We are providing two essay samples for class 2 on the topic ‘My School Bag’ for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay on My School Bag Of 100 Words

My schoolbag is a very important part of my life. My bag was gifted to me by my mother on my 6th birthday. It is a big red bag with four chambers and two small pockets.

I bring my bag to school every day.

I carry my books, tiffin and pencil case in it. My schoolbag is like a friend to me. It is always by my side throughout the day. I take care of my school bag. I do not let it get dirty or torn. I am thankful to my mother for buying this bag for me.

Essay 2: Long Essay on My School Bag Of 150 Words

My father bought my school bag. I am happy to take it to school every day. It is waterproof and easy to carry on my back. My friends also like my school bag. My schoolbag is red. It is big and has a lot of space inside it. It has two chambers.

There is a picture of Mickey Mouse on it. I carry my books on it every day. I also carry my tiffin and water bottle in it. It keeps my books safe all the time. I like to pack my school bag every night.

I try not to get it very dirty at school. My mother washes it to keep it clean. I am lucky to have a school bag. I take care of it. I want to use this bag for a long time. It is an important item that everyone needs when they go to school.

10 Lines On My School Bag In English

  1. School bags are an important item for students.
  2. We carry our books, tiffin and a water bottle in our school bag.
  3. School bags protect our books and other items.
  4. I like the colour and size of my bag, and I also like to pack my school bag by myself.
  5. My parents had bought the school bag for me and I am thankful for it.
  6. We should take care of our school bag, and we should try to keep it clean and safe.
  7. We should organize our school bags properly.
  8. My school bag always accompanies me to school as sometimes it is heavy and difficult to carry.
  9. My mother helps me carry my school bag when it is heavy.
  10. I carry my bag most of the times, and I hang it on my shoulders to carry it around.

Frequently Asked Questions on My School Bag

Question: Why is school bag essential?

Answer: School bags help us carry our books, tiffin and water bottle to school. It also protects the items inside and keeps them safe. It is easy to carry on the shoulder. School bags are necessary for all students. It is our companion throughout school life.

Question: How to take care of school bags?

Answer: We should keep our bags clean. We should organize and pack our school bags ourselves. We have to handle our school bags with care. As our school bags help us, we should also look after it properly. Our school bags are special to us.

Question: What should ‘My School Bag’ Essay consist?

Answer: ‘My School Bag’ essay should have the importance of our school bag. We should write what we like about our school bag and how it helps us. We can also include how we take care of our school bags.

My Neighbour Essay for Class 2

Neighbours are the people who live next to your house. It is a group of people. These people live in a small community. Some people make neighbours their friends. Neighbours help each other by sharing things. Neighbours form the first point of connection. We can share our secrets, happiness and sorrows with our neighbours.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 2 in English on the topic “My Neighbour” for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay On My Neighbour Of 100 Words

The name of my neighbour is (name of the neighbour). He lives with his family. He has two daughters. The elder daughter is in the seventh grade. The younger daughter is in the fourth grade. My neighbours are very helpful.

They always invite us for dinners. We go on family trips with our neighbours. My neighbour’s wife is a homemaker. My neighbour lives in the house opposite to us. My mother and my neighbour’s wife are good friends.

They go for grocery shopping on Sundays. I play with their daughters in our garden. We play, hide and seek. My neighbours are very generous and caring.We care for our neighbours. They are a part of our family.

Essay 2: Long Essay On My Neighbour Of 150 Words

My neighbour (name of neighbour) is a very kind and generous lady. She lives with her husband and her son. Her husband was in the army. Her son stays in America. They often come to our house to spend time with us.

We often invite each other for dinners. They have always been beside us. We celebrate different festivals together. My neighbours have become a part of our family. Last year we went to Nainital with them. We had a great time together. They told me stories about army life. My neighbour cooks delicious meals.

They live in a huge bungalow. The bungalow is present behind our apartment. It has a huge garden with two swings. I often go and play with my friends in their garden. My neighbours like to help others. They are involved in social work. I am fortunate enough to get them as my neighbours. They are ever ready to help us in every way.

10 Lines On My Neighbour In English

  1. Neighbours form an important part of society.
  2. My neighbour is very responsible and sincere.
  3. All respect my neighbour.
  4. You can share all your sorrows and happiness with your neighbour.
  5. My family is friends with our neighbour for 25 years.
  6. They have been a part of every family gathering.
  7. My neighbours give us a sense of security.
  8. We have never been in a fight with our neighbours.
  9. We should always love our neighbours.
  10. We cannot imagine a happy life without the presence of our neighbours.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Neighbour

Question: Can I attach plant pots on my neighbour’s fence?

Answer: Attaching anything to your neighbour’s fence or wall requires permission. It is always the best option to let the neighbours know if you are planning to attach something on their fence. Otherwise, you can fall in trouble for causing damage.

Question: How can you deal with unreasonable neighbours?

Answer: It is always the best option to sort out every issue by talking things out with your neighbour. You try calmly solving the issue. If that does not work, you can involve other people in the neighbourhood to solve the problem.

Question: Is it a good option to go on trips with neighbours?

Answer: It is always an excellent option to make new friends and enjoy places with them. If you are perfect friends with your neighbours, then going on trips is one of the best options to know each other better and care for each other more.

My Mother Essay for Class 2

Every family has a support system. My mother is the support system of our family. A mother is irreplaceable in anyone’s life. A mother makes many sacrifices for her family. She is also the backbone of every child. Every child loves their mother. A mother’s love is very comforting for her child.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 2 on the topic ‘My Mother’ for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay On My Mother Of 100 Words

My mother’s name is Rita. The meaning of this name is pearl. I love my mother very much. She takes excellent care of everyone in my house. She does all the household works.

She prepares food for everyone. Sometimes, she plays with my brother and me. In her free time, she watches the TV. She also reads the newspaper every morning. My mother is a teacher in a local school.

She teaches history in school. I went to my mother’s school once. It was a big school. Sometimes my mother helps me with my classwork also. She is very supportive of me.

Essay 2: Long Essay On My Mother Of 150 Words

A mother is one who takes care of the family. My mother also helps our family very much. She prepares breakfast for everyone in the morning. She helps my father prepare for his job. She makes delicious tiffins for my brother and me.

She is also my best friend and guides me everywhere. She cooks delicious snacks in the evening. I enjoy her cooking very much. She worries if anyone in my family falls ill. She prays for the good health of everyone in my family.

She teaches history in a school near our house. She is a great teacher. Everybody respects her in her school. She is not a strict teacher in the classroom. She always smiles. She also makes us laugh by telling jokes. I share all my secrets with my mother.

She tells fantastic stories at bedtime. She often corrects my mistakes. Sometimes, I take a history lesson from her. She teaches me very well.

10 Lines On My Mother In English

  1. My mother compliments me when I achieve something.
  2. My mother is my favourite motivator.
  3. My mother is very hardworking as she keeps the house very clean.
  4. Her love for our family inspires me to be like her in the future.
  5. My mother is the best in the world.
  6. When I was little, my mother took great care of me.
  7. My mother wakes up before everyone in the house.
  8. My mother is very polite towards others.
  9. My mother is very kind and honest.
  10. My mother never loses courage and patience over small matters.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Mother

Question: Why is a mother special to her child?

Answer: A mother is very special to her child. For a new-born child, his mother takes good care of him. She makes sure that her child does not get sick. A mother always protects and loves her child unconditionally.

When a baby grows up, her mother still helps him to succeed in life. That is why a mother is special to her child.

Question: What is the importance of “Mothers-Day”?

Answer: In India, mothers-day is celebrated on the 9th of May. This day is celebrated to honor our mothers. Our mothers work hard for us. They sacrifice many things to provide us with a better future. They keep our family united and takes good care of its members.

On this day, we make our mothers feel special. We do their work and let them have a good rest.  We let them know how much we all love them.

My Favourite Subject Maths Essay for Class 2

Maths is a very interesting subject, and numerical problems help to sharpen young minds. These develop our reasoning and thinking capabilities and are often used in our everyday lives. Mathematics makes us smart and opens up young minds for broader thinking methods and approaches while solving numerical sums.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 2 on the topic ‘My Favourite Subject Maths’ for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay on My Favourite Subject Maths Of 100 Words

Maths is my favourite subject because I find numbers very interesting and I like to solve numerical sums. I like number games, and I go to abacus class to solve sums faster. My teacher has taught me various tricks to solve problem sums faster. I have taken part in the Maths Olympiad and had fun there.

The best thing about maths is that I do not have to remember anything, and I like to solve problems, in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Maths is easier than other subjects but needs a lot of practice. Practice helps to solve sums faster.

Essay 2: Long Essay on My Favourite Subject Maths Of 150 Words

There are a lot of fun things about maths, and I love this subject. The different tricks to calculate sums make this subject more interesting. I like to solve problem sums as these have a lot of steps to get the final answer.

I have a mental maths class in school where we cannot do any rough work and solve small math problems mentally. These calculations help to solve sums faster and help us in everyday life. Mental maths is easy to solve and improves my sense of numbers.

I practice maths every day, and my mother asks me to solve various problem sums and mental maths from different books daily. I get to solve different types of sums of the same chapter, which improves my calculations. In school, our maths teacher makes us play different number games. These group activities and fun games help us to calculate sums faster.

10 Lines on My Favourite Subject Maths in English

  1. Maths is a very interesting subject and can be used in daily life.
  2. Maths is my favourite subject because I love to solve problem sums.
  3. I find problems in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division very easy.
  4. I love to solve mental maths faster in my class.
  5. I go to abacus class to learn more about calculations and mental maths.
  6. I take part in Maths Olympiad, and it is a fun experience every time.
  7. My mother makes me practice sums from different books.
  8. In school, we play many fun number games and take part in competitions.
  9. I find maths easier than any other subject because I don’t have to memorize anything.
  10. Practicing maths every day helps to solve maths faster.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Favorite Subject Maths

Question: Why do people find maths interesting?

Answer: People who find maths interesting are fond of numbers and find calculations easier than remembering information and details as seen in other subjects. These calculations do not take much time and can be solved within minutes.

Question: Why do some people face difficulty in maths?

Answer: Often, people face difficulty in maths because they might not know about numbers and calculations in detail or are not taught about these properly. People also face problems in understanding basic mathematical problems due to difficult language.

Question: How to improve calculations in maths?

Answer: Maths is all about practice. Practicing sums daily, along with mental maths, will help to improve calculations.

Essay on My Favourite Season Spring For Class 2

There are six seasons in India that are summer, monsoon, autumn, pre-winter, winter, and Spring. Spring is the season between winter and summer when the temperature becomes mild, not o hot or cold. The weather becomes very pleasant and comfortable. We know that summer is coming with the advent of Spring.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 2 on the topic ‘My Favourite Season Spring’ for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay on My Favourite Season Spring Of 100 Words

Among the many seasons, my favourite season is Spring. March, April, and May are considered spring months. Spring is a season between the offset of winter and the onset of summer. Spring is a colourful and comforting season and is called the queen of all seasons.

The trees get new leaves, and beautiful colourful flowers are seen. During this time, nature becomes colourful and bright. Butterflies and birds are seen flying. Cuckoo sings everywhere. The sky becomes cloudless and clear, and the moonlight in the night looks very pleasant. There is an aroma in the nature of fresh flowers, new leaves, and grass as a pleasant wind blow.

Essay 2: Long Essay on My Favourite Season Spring Of 150 Words

Spring is a colourful season and is my personal favourite. Spring brings us new rays of hope and life after the continuous gloomy winter months. The weather becomes mild and pleasant with more hours of daylight and clear, cloudless skies at night. A refreshing, gentle breeze blows in the evening and night, giving the news of the advent of summer.

During springtime, Mother Nature starts to bloom yet again. New leaves and branches grow, and lush green fields are seen. Colourful flowers bloom. Cuckoo, the harbinger of Spring, sings from trees, and many birds and butterflies fly. Spring is very important for the farmers as they cut their ripened crops from the fields.

Spring is a season of various festivals. Eighteen festivals take place in India, among which Holi is the most important. It is a festival of colours and is the celebration of the season. There are other kite-flying festivals also. The colours, the joy, new hopes, and the blooming nature make Spring my favourite season.

10 Lines on My Favourite Season Spring in English

  1. In India, Spring starts from the end of February and lasts till April.
  2. The weather becomes pleasant, with a moderate and comforting temperature.
  3. The season creates happiness and brings in new hopes and positivity.
  4. It is a season of colours while mother nature starts blooming.
  5. New leaves, branches, flowers, fruits, and lush green fields are seen everywhere.
  6. It is a season of festivals, and people take part in various activities.
  7. During Spring, we notice various activities of birds, small animals, and colourful butterflies.
  8. It is the season of rebirth, rejuvenation, and new beginnings.
  9. The warm, beautiful sunlight during Spring is pleasurable.
  10. Spring is called the queen of all seasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When does Spring occur in the northern hemisphere?

Answer: Spring generally starts in the months of mid-February and March and continues till April.

Question: When does Spring start in the southern hemisphere?

Answer: In the southern hemisphere, Spring starts in September.

Question: What are the spring festivals in India?

Answer: In Spring, various festivals are celebrated in India. Rongali Bihu in Assam, Rath Yatra in Puri, Sarhul in Jharkhand, Baisakhi in Punjab, Thrissur Pooram in Kerala are noteworthy. However, Holi is the most famous festival and is celebrated nationwide.

My Family Essay for Class 2

A Family is a crucial part of everyone’s life. Families can be a joint family or a nuclear family. They provide you with shelter and food that helps you grow and develop. Before School, your family teaches you various new things. Therefore you can say you are a reflection of your family.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 2 on the topic “My Family” for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay On My Family Of 100 Words

I live in a joint family that consists of seven members. I am obliged that I can live with my grandparents and spend time with them. Both my parents are doctors by profession. They are both very hardworking, and I aspire to be like them one day.

In my family, everyone cares for one another. We celebrate birthdays and festivals together and even go on long vacations. I love both my sisters. They encourage me and help me out whenever I need them. I have a wonderful and supportive family, and I pray that they stay protected from every evil around them.

Essay 2: Short Essay on My Family Of 150 Words

Families are like a blessing, and not everyone is fortunate enough to have one. My family has always been beside me through ups and downs. They trained me to be a better individual. I live in a nuclear family which includes my parents, my bother and my pet dog.

My family is my strength as I can count on them in times of need. My mother is the backbone of the family. She takes care of my father, my brother, and me without any complaint. My father works hard for the family and provides us with a comfortable life. He is a role model for me.

My family creates a safe environment for me at home. I can share everything with my family, and they never judge me. They give us everything we require but not everything we ask for. My family helps me become a better person every day.

10 Lines On My Family In English

  1. All my family members love and value each other.
  2. Family members are your first teachers and your first friends.
  3. My family helps me grow as a person with individual identity.
  4. My family likes to organize picnics and spend time with other relatives.
  5. We learn to socialize with others through our families.
  6. It is said that people who live with their families are happier than people who live alone.
  7. My family loves to spend time with each other after dinner every night.
  8. Families are the ones who believe in you when everybody else doubts you.
  9. I live in a joint family consisting of my grandparents, parents, uncle, aunt, and cousin.
  10. I pray that my family is able to overcome every hardship they face.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Family

Question: Why are families your most prominent supporters?

Answer: Families are your supporters because they give us the courage to face the world. They are always are there when we need them. Even in the loneliest times, our family makes us feel better.

Question: What is a family all about?

Answer: Families are a group of related or unrelated people who generally live together. They deeply care for each other. They build up our foundation and educate us about the good and the bad things in life.

Question: Why are families important?

Answer: Families are important because they nurture and flourish us. They make us happy and give us a chance to become better human beings. They provide love, support, and values to each of its members.

My Birthday Party Essay for Class 2 Kids

We celebrate our birthday every year on the day we were born. My birthday is a very special day for my family and me. Every year on my birthday we have a party at our house. We call our friends and relatives and enjoy the day together. I love this day.

We are providing two essay samples for class 2 on the topic ‘My Birthday Party’ for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay on My Birthday Party of 100 Words

My birthday is celebrated on 14th May every year. I wait for this day eagerly. I turned seven years old this year. We called my friends and relatives to our house for the party. My parents and my brother decorated the house with balloons.

I was happy when my friends arrived and wished me on my birthday. My relatives brought gifts. I cut a big chocolate cake with my family while everyone sang the birthday song for me. I played with my friends for some time, and then all of us had our food together. It was a lovely day.

Essay 2: Long Essay on My Birthday Party of 150 Words

This year on 14th May, I turned seven years old. My family had arranged a birthday party at our house. My friends and relatives had come. A new member had joined our family that day, which is my cat, Mimi. I was happy to hold her in my arms.

I cut the birthday cake with my parents. Everyone had wished me for my birthday and handed me lots of gifts. My father clicked pictures while I played around with my friends. My mother had made a delicious meal for all. I had my food with everyone.

I was a little sad when others left the party. But I was happy to spend the day with everyone and had lots of fun. I thanked my parents for the party. With beautiful memories, I drifted off to sleep while playing with Mimi. It was a great day, and I will always remember it.

10 Lines on My Birthday Party in English

  1. Every year, I celebrate my birthday on 14th May.
  2. My family arranges for a birthday party on this day to make me feel special and loved.
  3. We invite my friends and our relatives to the party.
  4. My father and brother decorate the house with balloons and confetti.
  5. We order a big and beautiful birthday cake from the cake shop.
  6. My mother cooks a delicious meal for everyone on this day. I love the food she makes for us.
  7. Everyone wishes me on my birthday and brings gifts for me at the party.
  8. When I cut the cake, everyone sings the birthday song for me.
  9. I like to spend time with everyone at my birthday party. It makes me very happy.
  10. I am thankful to my parents for arranging birthday parties for me every year. It is always an amazing day.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Birthday Party

Question: Why do people have birthday parties?

Answer: People have birthday parties to celebrate the day they were born. It makes one feel special. On birthdays we like to spend time with everyone close to our heart and share happiness. A birthday party makes our birthday unique and enjoyable.

Question: What happens at a birthday party?

Answer: At a birthday party, we call our close people to our house and spend time with them. We cut a birthday cake while the birthday song is sung. We have food and do lots of other activities. We receive gifts and a lot of love from our family and friends on this day.

Question: What can be done to make a birthday party special?

Answer: Sharing food and some clothes with less privileged people or adopting animals are acts of kindness. By helping others, we can share love and happiness on our birthday.

My Best Friend Essay for Class 2

In our lifetime, we play and interact with a lot of people, but only a few become our true friends. Everyone has a friend who they can rely on, someone who shares their joys and sorrows. In this selfish world, a best friend is a gift from God. If you have one, you are the luckiest.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 2 on the topic “My Best Friend” for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay on My Best Friend Of 100 Words

My friendship with my best friend began when we were quite young. She lives next door. Her father and my father are also close friends, so our friendship is an inherited one. We have been friends ever since we started playing in the streets. We even quarrelled multiple times, but that in no way lessened our friendship.

My best friend and I both go to the same school, so we meet each other very often. She loves reading books, and sometimes she reads them out to me. I listen carefully. I am very thankful that I have such a supportive best friend like her in my life. She is like a family to me.

Essay 2: Long Essay on My Best Friend Of 150 Words

I first met my best friend on the first day of my Kindergarten. I noticed her because she is the tallest girl in the entire class. Our friendship began after we were paired together in a game, and ever since then, we were inseparable.

Going to school has become easier and more exciting because of my best friend. She is very good at drawing and also gifted me a framed painting that she drew for me on my birthday. We play badminton every day together in our school’s playground even though she is not very good at it.

My best friend means a lot to me. We share our happiness, secrets, and even sadness with each other. Whenever I face difficulties, she tries her best to solve them. I consider myself very lucky that I have a best friend like her. She is a great source of strength and inspiration to me.

10 Lines on My Best Friend In English

  1. A best friend fills your life with joy and supports you through difficult and tough times.
  2. We should cherish this friendship because not everyone is fortunate enough to form a bond as strong as that of best friends.
  3. My best friend inspires me to be kind, forgiving, and gentle towards one and all.
  4. If you have a best friend, you are the luckiest.
  5. I respect my best friend a lot because she treats everyone equally.
  6. My best friend and I live in the same locality and spend hours playing hide and seek.
  7. Small differences among best friends never weaken the bond.
  8. My best friend’s parents treat me like their own child.
  9. I sincerely pray to God that my best friend stays by my side forever.
  10. A best friend is one who accepts you without any judgment and always encourages you.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Best Friend

Question: Why is it important to have a best friend? 

Answer: Everyone needs to have a best friend as they are our well-wishers with whom we can share everything. In other words, it can get tough to share things with our parents or siblings, but with a best friend, we will never hesitate. Moreover, they always support us and boost our confidence.

Question: What are the qualities of a best friend? 

Answer: Best friend should be understanding. One must be able to share anything with them without the fear of being judged. They should be supportive and encouraging of one another.

Question: Who can we call our best friend? 

Answer: A best friend is one who supports you in every step of the way. They fill our lives with joy and eventually become an important part of our lives. Therefore, anyone with whom you can share your deepest secrets is your best friend.

Essay on Myself for Class 2

The essay about “Myself” is drafted in an elementary and writing language for understanding an individual and memorise it for a longer time. It is always clear to express others as we tend to notice them more we observe ourselves.

We are providing two essay samples for Class 1 on the topic “Myself” for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay on Myself Of 100 Words

My name is Ruhi Roy. I am eight years old from Kolkata. I love my name as it means “soul”. My grandfathers gave this name to me. I live with my parents in Kolkata. It is a beautiful place with a lot of historical importance and monuments. Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal.

My father owns a business while my mother is in service. I have an elder sister, and we all stay together in our little home. We both learn baking and gardening from my grandmother as she admires nature and love to create. My sister and I are best friends. We often play chess together.

Essay 2: Long Essay on Myself Of 150 Words

I study in La Martiniere For Girls, Kolkata. I am currently looking in class 2. My sister and I both are in the same school and go to school together in the same school bus. My school has a vast campus with a large sports ground. I have many friends at school. We all play and learn together. We love to share our tiffin during recess time.

I am very active in sports and performing arts. I like playing basketball, and I take regular classes from the sports academy to learn basketball. My favourite subjects are in Literature and Science. I love to recite poems. I love to read a lot of storybooks like Panchatantra, Arabian Nights and fairytales.

I love to eat junk foods like French fries and burgers, though I know it is not at all suitable for my health. My mother always makes me healthy food. She often bakes me chocolate cakes which I love to eat. I am still punctual and regular at my school. I love painting and origami. I usually go to temple visits with my grandfather. I always respect my elders and teachers and try to abide by their instructions.

10 Lines On The Essay on Myself In English

  1. My name is Ruhi Roy.
  2. I am eight years old.
  3. I am in Class 2 A.
  4. I live along with my parents and my sister.
  5. I have an elder sister. She is adorable.
  6. I enjoy painting and reading storybooks.
  7. My father owns a business while my mother is in service.
  8. I am very obedient and sincere.
  9. I am always punctual to my school.
  10. I love watching cartoons and playing computer games.

Frequently Asked Questions on Myself

Question: What can we write in an essay about “Myself?”

Answer: In an essay about “Myself,” you can write about your hobbies, talent, education, and dream career. There can be many other things that we can write in the essay.

Question: Who can you write about in an essay about “Myself?”

Answer: In an essay about “Myself,” you can write about your family as the family makes you the person you are. You can also write about your passions and talents. You can express yourself in many ways and showcase your uniqueness.

Question: How can you express yourself better in an essay about yourself?

Answer: The best way to express yourself in an essay is to share the experiences uniquely. To give an unbiased opinion about oneself and be true to oneself.