Grandmother Rhymes


We have provided very easy and meaningful rhymes on the grandmother for the nursery class kids. All the grandmother rhymes are written using very simple and easy rhyming words by keeping in mind the kids capacity of learning. Kids may recite the grandmother rhymes on any family occasion, in their school, or birthday of grandmother.

Tips for Moms:

Grandmother rhymes can be made more interesting by using grandmother costume, eye glass, appropriate facial expressions and body movements according to the rhyme lyrics so that your kids may easily learn rhymes.

Select any one rhyme on grandmother given below according to your kids interest.

My grandmother wears saree

My grandmother wears saree white,

She wants to keep very quiet,

She eats food very slight,

And go to sleep early in the night.


My grandmother goes outside

My grandmother goes outside,

Holding a stick to get support,

We always take care of her rapport.


My grandmother loves me a lot

My grandmother loves me a lot,

She always takes care of the fish pot,

She sleeps every night on the cot,

And she drinks morning tea very hot.


My grandmother sleeps early in night

My grandmother sleeps early in night,

Her daily schedule is very tight,

She always prevents me from the fight,

And tells me that fight is never right.


My grandmother goes to market

My grandmother goes to market,

She keeps money in a very big pocket,

Once she saw a big rocket,

And thought that it make a big sky socket.


My grandmother likes rain

My grandmother likes rain,

But she has always body pain,

She tells me that no pain no gain,

And she always counts her big chain.


My grandmother takes early morning bath

My grandmother takes early morning bath,

She always follow right path,

She sings songs and does worship,

She likes very much trip through ship.


My grandmother eats healthy food

My grandmother eats healthy food,

She wants to make us very good,

She tells us fairy tales,

And stories of big whales.


My grandmother calls me little Rony

My grandmother calls me little Rony,

She makes a nice hair pony,

She is really very funny,

And always covers his head with chunny.


My grandmother likes jeera water

My grandmother likes jeera water,

In the very hot and sunny summer,

She gets very eager,

And always cheer good runner.


My grandmother is very right

My grandmother is very right,

She timely gets her every diet,

She never misses her any flight,

And always switch off scary light.


My grandmother becomes very cheerful

My grandmother becomes very cheerful,

She made my father extremely successful,

She likes to make old things really useful,

And always wish to be grateful.


My grandmother always wises

My grandmother always wises good for us,

She really likes to travel in the bus,

She never likes so much rush,

And monthly change cooler khus.


My grandmother does not miss worship

My grandmother does not miss worship anyday,

She never likes our holiday,

She only likes to see TV full day,

And eat healthy fruit every day.


My grandmother likes butterfly

My grandmother likes butterfly,

But she always hates house fly,

She likes to eat tomatoes,

But always kills mosquitoes.


Grandmother calls me little piku

Grandmother calls me little piku,

She likes to eat healthy chikoo,

But she dislikes my little puppy miku

And calls her dirty chhinku, chhinku.


My grandmother goes to morning walk

My grandmother goes to morning walk,

She hardly likes anyone to talk,

She always tells to follow right stalk,

And brings for us lots of chalk.


My grandmother loves nature

My grandmother loves nature very much,

But she hates dirty creature too much,

She loves to read good literature,

And she wishes for our good future.


My grandmother likes natural greenery

My grandmother likes natural greenery,

She is very fond of nice scenery,

But she never likes electric machinery,

And always praises good dictionary.


My grandmother loves my father

My grandmother loves my father,

She becomes very happy in nice weather,

She likes very much spring season,

But she hates sunny summer season.


My grandmother likes yellow flowers

My grandmother likes yellow flowers,

She wants to bath in slow shower,

She is still very powerful,

And really grandmothers are very useful.


Hairs of my grandmother are very shiny

Hairs of my grandmother are very shiny,

But they are really very tiny,

She loves her hair very much,

But she never let us her hair touch.


My grandmother is very smarty

My grandmother is very smarty,

And she never likes dirty,

She always goes to the party,

But she never likes to be flirty.


My grandmother has shiny hair

My grandmother has shiny hair,

I like her swinging chair,

She wears a nice saree,

And looks like an Indian Nari.


My grandmother eats healthy apples

My grandmother eats healthy apples,

Her both cheeks have nice dimples,

She never likes any pimple,

But always likes rabbit nibbles.

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