Heavy And Light Worksheets For Kindergarten With Pictures

Heavy And Light Worksheets For Kindergarten With Pictures: To Teach your Children about the heavy and light concept for Kindergarten kids these Heavy and Light Worksheet PDFs will work best for you.

If you see the below worksheets in this article, they typically feature images that vary in weight. At starting, this concept might be difficult for your kids as choosing heavy and light objects also depends on size and mass.

If you are a parent or teacher, you can take the objects shown in images or similar to them, and you can give them to your child to know the heavy and light objects.

Heavy And Light Worksheets For Preschool

Worksheets for Heavy and light are always fun and creative sessions for kids. Through these activities, it helps your child to build the ability to use their mind. Download the heavy and light Worksheets for Kindergarten PDF below for your kids to grasp the concept easily.

It not only helps to build their ability, but it also increases your child, vocabulary, fine motor skills, and comparison between two objects and others.

printable heavy and light worksheet

Kindergarten Math Printable Worksheets (Heavy and Light)

Have your Kids never lift a heavy toy truck and swiftly thrown a ball across the room? Understanding the difference between heavy and light objects is important for preschoolers. We have created a beautiful worksheet to teach the concept of “heavy” and “light for your kids.

With this worksheet particularly you can teach which is heavy and light easily.

heavy and light worksheet pdf (1) heavy and light objects worksheet

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Free Preschool Heavy or Light Worksheet Activity For Kids

In the below worksheet, Children need to tick the lighter object.  Activities like this will help children learn and also these will be fun to work with. These Worksheets are used for Kindergarteners or Preschoolers, Homeschooling kids, and Grade 1 and Grade 2 kids.

These Worksheets can be used at home or schools. With these worksheets, children will get confidence in their ability to compare other objects.

Heavy & Light Worksheets Heavy & Light Worksheets For Kindergarten Heavy & Light Worksheets For Kindergarten With Pictures


Hope that the information we have shared on the Heavy and Light Worksheets pdf is beneficial for your child’s development and skills. If you love these worksheets just leave us a comment in the comment section.

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