Merchant of Venice Act 2 Scene 4 Summary

Merchant of Venice Act 2 Scene 4 Summary

Merchant of Venice Act 2 Scene 4 Summary, Merchant of Venice Workbook Answers

Merchant of Venice Act 2 Scene 4 Summary

Setting : Venice
Characters : Lorenzo, Gratiano, Salarino, Salanio, Launcelot

The scene is set in Venice. We find Lorenzo, Gratiano, Salarino and Salanio discussing the proposal of a masque at night. Lorenzo says that they would slip away at supper-time, disguise themselves at his place and come back within an hour.

Gratiano informs that they have not made proper preparations for the masque. Salanio says that they should not go ahead without proper preparations. Lorenzo says that it is only four o’clock and they have two hours in which to arrange for the necessary equipment.

Launcelot comes with a letter for Lorenzo. Gratiano remarks that it must be a love letter. Lorenzo asks Launcelot to tell Jessica that he will positively meet her at the appointed time and place. Lorenzo asks his friends to meet at Gratiano’s house. He informs Gratiano that Jessica has planned to elope with him and that she will be carrying with her many gold coins and jewels.

Lorenzo remarks that if ever.Shylock happens to go to heaven it will be due to the virtues of his daughter, Jessica. At the same time he remarks that if ever Jessica suffers in her life, it will entirely be due to her devilish father.

Merchant of Venice Act 2 Scene 4 Critical Commentary

This scene is very significant because it tells us about the elopement of Jessica with Lorenzo.

The plan is that there will be a procession in which the revellers will wear masques and carry torches. They will be busy in merry-making in the procession. The procession will pass by Shylock’s house on its way to Bassanio’s house. Jessica will join the procession in boy’s clothing. In this way she will escape in disguise from her father’s house. Jessica’s elopement with Lorenzo will carry the story further.

Significance of the Scene

  1. It makes for further progress in the Lorenzo-Jessica elopement plan.
  2. The masque is designed to help Jessica come out of her father’s house.
  3. Jessica’s behaviour is going to sharpen Shylock’s hatred for all Christians.

Merchant of Venice Act 2 Scene 4 Glossary

Lines 1-20
slink : slip
quaintly : prettily
an : if
break : break the seal
signify : tell
hand : handwriting
bid : invite

Lines 21-40
hold : stop
provided of : provided with
hence : from now
directed : asked
issue : child
faithless : non-believer
peruse : read

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