Shapes Worksheets For Kindergarten With Pictures Free Printables – Geometry Shapes Worksheets PDF

Identifying Shapes Worksheets for Preschoolers: Enhance your preschool Child’s Maths curriculum and also boost your kid’s Shape recognition skills with our free downloadable & Printable Shape Worksheets.

Learning about shapes is a solid math foundation for students and in the future it will be easy for them to learn Geometry. If you check out our article, you can see a different type of shapes along with colors and names.

You can just download these Shapes Worksheets For Kindergarten PDF as these are free to use. And then take out the print and teach your children.

By making them learn all these things with exciting pictures, you can automatically reduce their screen time as they will not get bored of studying.

Shapes Worksheets For Kindergarten With Pictures – Free Shapes Worksheets PDF

Shapes will be a little confusing for your little ones when you start teaching them. It is very common to get confused with the names of the shapes. But there are many exciting ways to entice them.

If you see our free printable shapes worksheets, we have given many types of shapes with colors and names and also in the way of flashcards, things that are in the same shape, and many more.

Shapes Worksheets For Kindergarten With Pictures

Shapes Worksheets For Kindergarten

Shapes Worksheets

Download the below shapes worksheets pdf for free and cut each square so that they will look like flashcards just play flashcards with your kid by showing the shape, color, and name.

Even you can take the shapes that are in your home like a cap in a round shape, and show flashcards, just show that shape visually. So that they will remember them well.


If you check the below shapes, for every shape we have provided the things that are in the same shape. For example, if you see oval, watermelon, egg yolk, tag, and some of the things we have provided here that are oval.

By showing the shapes in smilies kids will love them and show interest in learning.

Shapes with pictures

Shapes cone list

Shapes list

Shapes images list

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Uses of Teaching Shapes To Your Kindergarten to First-Grade Kids

We are saying that learning shapes will help your child, throughout the article. But what are those uses, let us look below to know the uses of teaching shapes to your child.

  • Learning shapes will help your child, identify and organize visual information.
  • Even learning shapes will be useful in the future growth of their studies like in reading maths and science.
  • And knowing shapes that will help me learn geometry with great understanding.

All these uses are not just told by assuming, all these are told by a child development expert.

Now you may also have a question in mind, why use only your worksheets to learn? Because we have given a different type of ways to learn shapes by your Preschool, or first-grade child in a fun and exciting way.

And also these worksheets are very convenient for educators and families.

Final Words

Thinking that 2D shapes Worksheets for Kindergarten with Pictures are very helpful for your preschool and Kindergarten children. Exercising these shapes will help your child in shape recognition, fine motor skills, and also spatial awareness.

If you also feel the same, then Hurry! Download our sheets right away and don’t miss the lucky chance to teach your kid shapes without paying a cent.

More articles are waiting for you on our website. Welcome them all for your child to your download list.

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