The Importance of Gender Sensitization

The Importance of Gender Sensitization

A boy, specifically during his teenage years, may perceive an individual or the act of an individual, as an inspiration and implement it in his adulthood, which if negative (toxic mentality) is bound to hurt women and men, equally.

As a parent, are you aware of the prevalent patriarchy that exists in our society? Are you proud of your boy for being a boy or for being a good human being? Also, are you aware of how your son perceives society on the basis of gender and related issues? This is the first interpersonal skill that needs to be taught with affection to boys, to prevent the practice of gender bias when they become adults.

As stressed above, gender sensitization is a very crucial requisite for the normal development of an Individual, as without the ability to be sensitive to the needs of a particular gender, an individual may fail to develop a better understanding of the opposite gender and in some cases, even himself.

Instilling Gender Sensitization (10-16 Years)

Here are five steps that can be easily remembered as ‘S.N.E.H.A’ meaning affection, which will make boys realise the importance of being a good human first and to curtail thoughts of becoming a dominant male; respecting the presence of other individuals in the same way they would like to be respected in the future. Further, they might also share this tool one day as a parent In the future.

  1. ‘Sharpener’ Within Let them open up first. So be honest to the questions received. The child needs to sharpen his thought processes first and then his personality.
  2. ‘Notepad’ Of The Future Encourage your child to write down his experiences in a notepad. This is important, as some children may be unwilling to share their encounters orally.
  3. 3. ‘Eraser’ In The Mind Reward your child for breaking a myth regarding day-to-day events. In this way, you will erase the occurrence of further negativity.
  4. ‘hand kerchief’ For The Soul Any human being can cry, regardless of gender. This is an important prerequisite to be taught to boys, as some teenagers may face bullies any day. Stress on the fact that it is okay to show emotions.
  5. ‘Alarm Clock’ For The Body Self-discipline cannot be forced on children, but the importance of it can be shared. Thus, it is important to share gender-specific biological differences (example menstruation) so that they respect individuals, even on a biological level.

The change for betterment has to begin at home. Hence, we need to ensure that whatever is imparted to the younger generation, wilt ¡nstit ¡n them, the quality of fairness’ that can be passed on to the future generation.

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