Number Chart Worksheets For Kindergarten With Pictures – Free Number Chart Printable Sheets

Number Chart Worksheets For Kindergarten Pictures

Number Chart Worksheets For Kindergarten With Pictures: It is obvious that every parent and teacher knows, that math concepts in kindergarten are nothing but numbers. But not every child will be fond of Mathematics.

From small we can observe many students will hate maths. So, if you are a teacher or parent and you want your child to learn maths easily and interestingly. They just move ahead and look at our Number Chart Worksheets PDF for free of cost.

Our worksheets will give your children interest and also they learn easily in a fun way. As it is visually appealing for them these worksheets attract children’s attention very easily.

Number Chart Worksheets For Preschoolers & Kindergarteners – Kindergarten Counting Worksheets

The following worksheets that you can see below are provided for free of cost and by downloading them to your phone, computer, or laptop you can take the printouts and give them to your kids.

It also works as a fun activity for your kids and helps in reducing their screen time. And by these worksheets, kids can learn numbers in order. As we are coming up with summer holidays these worksheets are perfect activity for your kids.

Numbers fun list
Numbers 1 to 100
Numbers 11 to 20

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Number Chart
Number Chart Worksheets
Number Chart Worksheets For Kindergarten
Number Chart Worksheets For Kindergarten With Pictures

What is the Use of Using These Number Chart Worksheets For Kids?

Number charts play a very important role in every kindergarten and preschool child to recognize and count numbers. And also there are a lot of benefits that we can see by using number chart worksheets.

And some of the benefits of using Free Printable Number Chart Worksheets for Kids are given below. Just check them out and know why you need to download the above worksheets in case you have kindergarten students or kids.

Helps in Developing Mathematical Skills

As we all know numbers are the main basic thing that children need to learn while they are small as they need to get mathematical skills. Learning numbers will help them to do any type of math problem while they are growing up.

With this chart, they can easily learn numbers and develop their mathematical skill.

Recognize the Numbers

By using this number chart Worksheets for kids can help to recognize the numbers easily. As we are providing the numbers in various fun ways along with pictures they learn them with interest. So that they will remember well.

Promotes Engagement Among Children

If you are a teacher for Elementary students, including these worksheets in your math classses will give interest to your kids. They can concentrate on the class for a long time.

Develops Visualization Skills

This is one of the most important aspects that we can see in kids by showing these Number chart worksheets, as they see different types of colors that will also increase their visualization skills.

As they are also seeing visually they remember them for a long.

Final Outcomes

We hope you have already downloaded these Free Number Chart With Pictures printable PDF Worksheets. If you like these worksheets and looking for other worksheets too for improving your child’s pronunciation, vocabulary, reading skills, and others, just have a look at our website Worksheetsbuddy,com.

Book Report Worksheets For Kindergarten With Pictures – Free Book Reports

Book Report Worksheets For Kindergarten Pictures

Preschool Book Report Workbooks PDF Download: Book reports are the best sources when kids start reading books. They can note down important things they learned and remembered, and start thinking about how books made them feel.

Our Book Report Printable Sheets feature helpful questions and prompts to get kid thinking about what they read in a book and what it might actually mean. Using a book report template is an easy method for helping children think figuratively and symbolically about the material and enhance their reading comprehension.

Kindergarten Book Report Activity Sheets With Images

For beginners, printable Book Reports are flexible. They can be used when student reads a new book. These kindergarten Book Reports Templates are ready-made, so you can spend less time planning and more team on teaching or reading. All of our resources are made by teachers and designed to support you in your lessons.

Kids read a lot of books and end up using a lot of book reports. Download and print required number of Book Reports Worksheets for kindergarten students. Use our eco-friendly version so you can save time.

Book Report Worksheets For Kindergarten

Book Report Worksheets Book Reports

Book Report Form

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My Book Report

My Book Report card

My Book Report card worksheet

My Book Report card worksheet For kindergarten

What is a Book Report?

A book report is a way of noting down all the important elements of a book. It’s a helpful tool to provide children a set of prompts and questions to get them thinking about the story more deeply. There are a few ways to write a book report, but most of them include wuestions to think about the story, characters and how it made you feel.

The activities included on the book report are along the lines:

  • Title of Book
  • Author
  • Plot
  • Describe the setting of the book
  • Describe the main characters of the book
  • My Opinion of the book
  • Write a short summary of the book
  • Main conflict in the story
  • The solution to the conflict

Final Thought

Hoping that the data enclosed here about Book Report Worksheets are helpful for you. If you have any doubts, leave a comment below. Get in touch with our site to know more related posts.

Phonics Worksheets For Kindergarten With Pictures | Engaging Learning with Pictures Based Phonics Activity Sheets

Phonics Worksheets For Kindergarten Pictures

Phonics Worksheets Free PDF: Phonics is thought of as a crucial part of earlier schooling as it delivers the foundational skills for reading and language. In kindergarten, phonics worksheets act as a vital resource to train young learners in letter-sound connections.

These free printable phonics workbook activity sheets are usually created with fun visuals to make understanding more effective and enjoyable. The world of phonics worksheets for kindergarten offers a variety of options to captivate and familiarize young minds via the power of visuals.

Importance of Phonics Worksheets For Kindergarten With Pictures

Do you all know what is phonics? If not, look here. Phonics is an approach to teaching, reading, and writing by related sounds with letters and letter blends. Pre-Kg to first-class students who master phonics at a young age can benefit more in their higher grades.

To understand phonics and improve your kid’s literacy skills, connect with our Phonics worksheets and printables that are incorporated with pictures.

However, the pictures in phonics worksheets improve understanding, engaging kids with fun learning activities, and associating sounds with familiar objects shown in images allowing the relationship with letters and their related sounds.

Phonics sounds list with pictures Phonics sounds list Phonics sounds Phonics pictures Phonics list with pictures

Free Phonics Word Family Worksheets PDF Download

Phonics list Phonics Phonics Worksheets Phonics Worksheets For Kindergarten Phonics Worksheets For Kindergarten With Pictures

Phonics Worksheets with Pictures & List: Uses

  • Images let kids learn better with full-on engagement and interested in the material. Pictures also reinforce learning and help children remember phonetic concepts.
  • By combining auditory, visual, and kinesthetic elements in phonics worksheets, children learn using multiple senses which cater to different learning styles.
  • Photos also provide context for phonetic concepts, enabling students to understand the meaning and application of letters and sounds in real-world situations.
  • Phonics worksheets promote the development of literacy skills such as reading fluency, spelling proficiency, and vocabulary expansion.


Preschooling Phonics Worksheets with Pictures are helpful resources for kindergarten education, as they promote early literacy skills development in young minds. By blending visuals with phonetic exercises, these worksheets form a vibrant learning atmosphere that immerses students and revs their phonics mastery.

With the help of the above-structured kindergarten phonics worksheets pdf, kids can be empowered on their journey to evolving confident readers and writers. For more such language arts and kindergarten education tools, just visit our site

Shapes Worksheets For Kindergarten With Pictures Free Printables – Geometry Shapes Worksheets PDF

Shapes Worksheets For Kindergarten Pictures

Identifying Shapes Worksheets for Preschoolers: Enhance your preschool Child’s Maths curriculum and also boost your kid’s Shape recognition skills with our free downloadable & Printable Shape Worksheets.

Learning about shapes is a solid math foundation for students and in the future it will be easy for them to learn Geometry. If you check out our article, you can see a different type of shapes along with colors and names.

You can just download these Shapes Worksheets For Kindergarten PDF as these are free to use. And then take out the print and teach your children.

By making them learn all these things with exciting pictures, you can automatically reduce their screen time as they will not get bored of studying.

Shapes Worksheets For Kindergarten With Pictures – Free Shapes Worksheets PDF

Shapes will be a little confusing for your little ones when you start teaching them. It is very common to get confused with the names of the shapes. But there are many exciting ways to entice them.

If you see our free printable shapes worksheets, we have given many types of shapes with colors and names and also in the way of flashcards, things that are in the same shape, and many more.

Shapes Worksheets For Kindergarten With Pictures

Shapes Worksheets For Kindergarten

Shapes Worksheets

Download the below shapes worksheets pdf for free and cut each square so that they will look like flashcards just play flashcards with your kid by showing the shape, color, and name.

Even you can take the shapes that are in your home like a cap in a round shape, and show flashcards, just show that shape visually. So that they will remember them well.


If you check the below shapes, for every shape we have provided the things that are in the same shape. For example, if you see oval, watermelon, egg yolk, tag, and some of the things we have provided here that are oval.

By showing the shapes in smilies kids will love them and show interest in learning.

Shapes with pictures

Shapes cone list

Shapes list

Shapes images list

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Uses of Teaching Shapes To Your Kindergarten to First-Grade Kids

We are saying that learning shapes will help your child, throughout the article. But what are those uses, let us look below to know the uses of teaching shapes to your child.

  • Learning shapes will help your child, identify and organize visual information.
  • Even learning shapes will be useful in the future growth of their studies like in reading maths and science.
  • And knowing shapes that will help me learn geometry with great understanding.

All these uses are not just told by assuming, all these are told by a child development expert.

Now you may also have a question in mind, why use only your worksheets to learn? Because we have given a different type of ways to learn shapes by your Preschool, or first-grade child in a fun and exciting way.

And also these worksheets are very convenient for educators and families.

Final Words

Thinking that 2D shapes Worksheets for Kindergarten with Pictures are very helpful for your preschool and Kindergarten children. Exercising these shapes will help your child in shape recognition, fine motor skills, and also spatial awareness.

If you also feel the same, then Hurry! Download our sheets right away and don’t miss the lucky chance to teach your kid shapes without paying a cent.

More articles are waiting for you on our website. Welcome them all for your child to your download list.

CVC “U” Words Worksheets With Pictures For Kindergarten

CVC “U” Words Worksheets With Pictures For Kindergarten

CVC “U” Words with Pictures Printable Worksheets For Kids: Children, always love to do something interesting. Suppose your children are in the age of going to preschool, and they recently started to learn three letter words then these worksheets will help you a lot which are printable.

With the below CVC short “u” words, they can practice blending three-letter words. As these letters are given in colors and pictures, preschool and elementary students will love to read them and they can remember them easily as it is along with pictures.

Below are CVC u words with Pictures worksheets For free that you can easily download and these are super useful even for teachers, homeschoolers, and for parents.

CVC “U” Words Worksheets With Pictures For Kindergarten

As soon as your children know how to read letters, then immediately help them in reading CVC words. Mostly that will begin in Kindergarten to first grade.

By using the below Free Short U Worksheets for Kindergarten which can be downloaded easily, help children to learn consonant vowel consonant sounds, children will learn easily and with confidence.

cvc words with u

Even these below CVC short u words for kids help teachers to easily teach their kids by dictating these words. As these Worksheets are mentioned along with pictures, kids will remember them very easily.

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cvc words with u vowel

Use our Short U words Worksheets PDF for free for your children who are in the age of kindergarten to First grade. These worksheets are helpful for young students to increase their vocabulary and reading skills.

cvc u words with pictures

Uses of These CVC u Words with Pictures Worksheets PDF

These Free Printable Short u word Worksheets, help children engage in their study as they are printed with colorful letters and pictures. We will know some of the uses of these worksheets.

  • Using these pictures with vowel sounds helps your children increase their visual skills, phonic skills, and recognition skills.
  • It is not only helpful for kids, even teachers can use these pages, for dictating your kids.
  • It is also helpful for parents to engage your children in traveling.

Look into our article for more CVC words, that start with all vowel sounds. If you are interested checkout, CVC “A” Words With Pictures Worksheets For Kindergarten, CVC “I” Words With Pictures Worksheets For Kindergarten, and more.


Hope these CVC “U” Words With Pictures Worksheets For Kindergarten help engage your children and learn phonic skills, reading skills, and more. If you feel this page is helpful for your kids, you can stay in touch with

All these can be downloaded for free. Still, if you have any doubts you can comment to us below.

ET Word Family Worksheets For Kindergarten – Download ET Word Family List Printables

ET Word Family Worksheets For Kindergarten

ET Word Family Worksheets For Kindergarten: Would you like your Kindergarten kids to learn read, and write the words that end with the same sound? -et word family worksheets are a great way for children to practice and improve reading, vocabulary, and writing skills.

Word families are the perfect way to teach your child to read English words. Use this article, which has free printable et family worksheets to learn and review CVC words.

These worksheets can be used as homework or used in small groups, with the whole class, or in literacy centers.

ET Family Words With Pictures Worksheet For Kindergarten

Following are the ET Word Family Worksheets that end the word with the et sound. All these are 3 letter words that can be easily learned by children, even if your child feels difficulty in learning these, we have E word family worksheet with a short ‘e’ sound, first, make them learn that and then you can help them in learning’-et’ the sound.

Learning these word families in different alphabets helps build phonological awareness and also can be a lot of fun.

et family words with pictures

Whether you are a parent, teacher, or homeschooler – these ET Family Words Activity Sheets are a fabulous addition to your phonics curriculum or as extra practice for those who need some more reinforcement.

et family words worksheets

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et family words

Free Printable Word Family List PDF

ET word family includes words such as wet, pet, and vet. This -et family list is the perfect worksheet for a young learner. Using these worksheets helps them to better understand your kids how words are related and how to use them in sentences.

But don’t force your child to read more and more worksheets, just give them a sheet a day and give them time to learn those words.

et family words for kindergarten


This -et Word Family Worksheets with Pictures helps to learn the words that end with the sound of -et. Hope this worksheet has shed some light on you to teach your kindergarten kid about word families. As these are fun and interesting, take a printout and provide it to your kid as an activity.

Our Worksheets are free to use and user-friendly websites too. If you feel the same, give us feedback or suggestions whatever you like to give. Visit our website for more other word families.

N Word Family Worksheets For Kindergarten | Free Words Beginning With N Worksheet Printables

N Word Family Worksheets For Kindergarten

Free Kindergarten Letter N Word Family Worksheets & Printables: The letter N is a consonant that is generally associated with the sound ‘/n/’ in English language words like night, now, and net. Yet, note that the letter N can mute in specific examples.

Especially, when the letter N is observed by the letter ‘m,’ it is not enunciated, as is the case in words like hymn and column. It is urged that teachers begin introducing N words to kids once they have learned words having the letter m.

This sort of method will help learners in understanding the subtle nature of English pronunciation and develop a more sophisticated understanding of the language. Get into it more by reading the below modules & downloading them to practice.

N Family Words With Pictures Worksheet For Kindergarten

It’s been a great way to introduce basic words that begin with the letter N to kids, including 2-letter and 3-letter words. Mainly, these N-word family worksheets will make kids feel comfortable with the words starting with N just feeling overpowering.

Once they get engaged and confident with the basic words of N, you can slowly upgrade the level of difficulty in learning the words starting with N by using four-letter and five-letter N word worksheets. This technique will make it more easy for kids to learn and remember new vocabulary.

n family words with pictures

n family words worksheet

n family words for kindergarten

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Free Printable N Words For Kids | Words That Start With N

Parents who want to teach their kids about phonics and get hands-on with the N-word family practice should not miss the following Letter N worksheet activity.

The vision behind designing the N letter handbook printable is to foster kids to practice various new /n/ beginning sound words. Also, this N family words list workbook activity sheet asks children to match the object according to the word given in the list.

n family words list


Boosting kids to learn new words can significantly aid their language growth and vocabulary skills. Teaching words that contain the “N” sound, can help them identify and differentiate this sound from others. Hence, it’s important to furnish learners with plenty of opportunities to understand and practice new words, particularly those that contain the “N” sound.

Finally, make them get their hands on N Word Family Worksheets and start learning words that start with N. Also, bookmark our website for finding more free printable alphabet chart worksheets and Number chart worksheets for kindergarten and Preschool kids.

O Word Family Worksheets For Kindergarten | Short Vowel Sounds “O” Worksheets & Printables

O Word Family Worksheets For Kindergarten

Kindergarten O Word Family Worksheets & Free Printables are the best way to teach kids about the correct sounding and formation of the letter O, identifying the words with the O letter, understanding the colors from the objects, letter O tracing, how to write letter cases and many others.

So, we will be recommending everyone download these kindergarten and preschool letter O worksheets pdf and assist young learners in reading, writing, and spelling skills. Also, they can memorize the pictures for the particular words and learn O-letter phonics effectively.

O Family Words With Pictures Worksheet For Kindergarten | Short /o/ Word Family Workbook Activity Sheets PDF

For effective letter practice, we have dropped a set of 6-9 O Word Family Workbook Activities in PDF format. These curated O Letter Phonics Printable Worksheets are free to download and even allow you to take printouts for offline practice sessions.

It comes with new words that start with O Letter with pictures for easy and fun interaction with kids. It can easily attract the children’s focus and improve their vocabulary and language skills. Also, you can find the beginning, middle, and ending sounds words of the vowel letter O in the provided ‘Oo’ workbook printables.  

o family words with pictures

o family words worksheet

o family words for kindergarten

o word family worksheets pdf

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Words Start With O Word Families Worksheets PDF Download

Yet, looking for entertaining and hands-on practice resources that educate O letter phonics to PreKG kids. Here comes the best tool for what you desire ie., O word family worksheets & printables that work great with children’s learning. Hence, stop here and start using O words worksheet activities to engage kids.

o family words with pictures worksheet pdf download

o family words list

Conclusion on ‘Oo’ word family ideas

We hope the provided Short O Word Family Flip Books, First Sound O Letter Worksheets, and Beginning Letter O Word Family Worksheets with Pictures are the best resources to boost your kid’s knowledge of literacy. However, other such alphabet sounds worksheets can be available daily via our website

T Word Family Worksheets For Kindergarten – Words That Start With T For Preschoolers

T Word Family Worksheets For Kindergarten

T Word Family Worksheets For Kindergarten: Kindergarten is the first formal class in children’s lives when they are exposed to a structured educational environment.

So teachers and parents should help them in a great way of learning as they should not hate studying while they are kids. So these types of worksheets will help your kids learn easily and in a fun way.

In this article, we are providing you with Letter-word family worksheets for kindergarten & Preschoolers with colorful pictures, Download and teach them to your kids by showing these worksheet printouts.

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T Family Words With Pictures Worksheet For Kindergarten – Letter T Words For Kids

Looking for more CVC words on the letter T to teach your kindergarteners about words on t? Then our letter T phonics worksheet incorporates letter sounds on T for your kids.

By downloading these worksheets you can even take the printout of them. These worksheets are perfect for teaching your kids about Words on T.

t family words with pictures

t family words worksheet

What is the Word Family?

A Word Family is a set of words that sound in the same pattern & rhyme and that have the same starting.

These word family worksheets help to build fluency in English. And they are the first step for learning and reading vocabulary. Worksheets help children develop phonological awareness.

For example, as this worksheet is about T word family list, turtle, tiger, table, and telephone are all part of that family.

t family words for kindergarten

t word family worksheets pdf

Free Alphabet Spelling Letter t Worksheets For Kindergarteners

In the below worksheets are given the list of words that start with the letter ‘t’. As small children learn the words by observing parents or objects, so we have given words along with object images.

t word family worksheets free

t family words list

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t family words with pictures worksheet pdf download

Final Words

Hope that the information we have provided on T Word Family Worksheets For Kindergarten is useful for you. If you like the worksheets we are providing for your kindergarten student or child you can just comment to us. If you have any suggestions you can comment us below.

For more interesting articles, you can check out our website.

R Word Family Worksheets For Kindergarten – Beginning Blend WIth ‘r’ Worksheets

R Word Family Worksheets For Kindergarten

R-Word Family Worksheets For Kindergarten: Improve your Kindergarten or Preschool child’s reading, writing, spelling, and vocabulary skills on Letter R with our Letter R Phonics Printable Worksheets. 

Using Letter R Word Family Worksheets is a simple, easy, and fun way to reinforce your child to practice the words on Letter R. And also kids will easily recognize the sound of R with these word families worksheets.

As fine motor skills are very important in your child’s life, word families will help to improve them. Teach your child how to blend sounds to speak a word with our R letter Word Families for kids.

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R Family Words With Pictures Worksheet For Kids – Beginning Sounds of Letter R Worksheets

If your children are at the early age of learning to read, write, and spell then introduce your child to the sounds or phonics of each letter. Presently, in this article, you can see the Word family Worksheets on the Letter R, where you can teach your kid about the phonics of the Letter R.

Print these phonics worksheets for teaching the r-family of beginning blends. Our main aim of creating these worksheets is to engage your kids or students in reading or learning phonics easily.

r family words with pictures

r family words worksheet

r family words list

r family words for kindergarten

r word family worksheets pdf

Short R Letter Printable Worksheets

Teach your child effortlessly with our Short R Letter Printable Worksheets for Kids to learn the rhyming sounds and patterns of the letter R. It is an interesting way to learn about letter r as we provide words along with colorful pictures.

r word family worksheets free

As it is very easy to take the printout by downloading, just take the print and use it in your classes for kindergarten students if you are a teacher or use them at home for your kids to reduce screen time.

r family words with pictures worksheets

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Final Words

Our Phonemic & Phonic awareness worksheets concentrate on the Letter R in words. We hope these Curated Short ‘a’ Word family Worksheets and Long ‘a’ Word family Worksheets pdf with pictures helped many preschool kids.

If you are also one of them, do comment below on how you feel after using these worksheets. Bookmark our Site for other similar Letter Word Family worksheets.