Bus Rhymes


We have provided number of rhymes on bus for the kids of nursery, LKG and UKG. All the rhymes are written using very simple and meaningful words in order to expand their general knowledge. Here are bunch of bus rhymes for the kids to easily interact them towards study.

Tips for Moms:

You can make bus rhymes learning more interesting and easy for your kids by using nice facial expression, smile, action, body movement, and variety of bus toys. Choose any nice rhyme given below according to your need and decide the best way to your kids for easy learning.

Bus goes pom pom

Bus goes pom pom,

It makes noisy horn,

It passes through the lawn,

And makes round of town.


School bus

Mamma stays with me,

Until I get school bus,

I sit with my best friend,

And enjoy happy end.


Bus bus school bus,

Here and there goes around,

Wheel of bus make round and round,

By loading many pound.


I go to school by bus daily,

It passes through the deep valley,

Where I see nice hilly regions,

But soon it comes smooth land.


Buses go all around

Buses go all around,

And make round of town,

Sometimes open sometimes shut,

But always run on the ground.


Bus makes up and down

Bus goes very smooth,

When runs on even road,

It makes up and down,

When runs on uneven road.


Bus goes very smooth,

On the even land,

But it goes up and down,

On the very zigzag road.


All Size Buses

Buses may be small,

Buses may be long,

Buses may be narrow,

Buses may be broad,

But all have same features,

Like wheels and engines.


Long drive by bus

I like long drive by bus,

Me and my family enjoy tourist bus,

It stays in between at the stop,

Otherwise it goes nonstop.


We all like and love bus

Bus picks up my papa to his office,

But my mamma to the market,

And me to the school then everyone to home,

We all like and love using bus.


Bus is my favourite transport

Bus is my favourite transport,

It never require any passport,

We can go through it Agra red fort,

Where we enjoy taking nice snapshot.


Bus driver takes care of the handle

Bus driver takes care of the handle,

We friends only enjoy a lot in bundle,

Mamma takes care of her bangle,

But give us a lot to eat in ample.

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