Discipline Essay For Class 3

Discipline is a training given to people since young days. It is a practice of being able to behave or act in a certain controlled way. Discipline involves obeying rules, regulations and standards and in disciplinary acts include punishments. The conduct of behaviour is influenced by how disciplined a person is. Discipline helps in self-control.

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Short Essay On Discipline Of 100 Words In English

Discipline is an integral part of life. Discipline means following a restricted set of orders, customs, rules and regulations. From eating habits, behaviours at school and work, playing games to everything that a person does in his/her life involves a certain amount of discipline.

We are taught various disciplines since our childhood at school and home. Teachers, parents, elders and friends teach us how to behave correctly. They help us learn and follow specific rules. Disciplines must be followed in schools, home and everywhere else. These allow us to grow and make us well-mannered. Discipline is the key to success.

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Long Essay on Discipline Of 150 Words In English

Discipline is an attribute that includes specific rules, parameters, and behavioural patterns. These help in social and personal behaviour. Discipline starts at a very early age from home and at schools also. Adults, too, must lead a disciplined life.

Being disciplined in life is very necessary. Discipline involves an overall training and grooming of an individual. This helps to build the character of a person. Disciplines motivate a person and help them to progress in life. Self-discipline help to overcome bad habits and often lead to the success of an individual.

Discipline shows the direction to the right path. It helps in self-motivation. Discipline makes a person acceptable in society. The training and education of a person in terms of discipline help them respond to various situations and act accordingly. Obeying the rules and regulations, respecting elders, having proper sleep and eating habits, studying routine, etc., are disciplines that help a person get more focus in life.

10 Lines On Discipline In English

  1. Discipline consists of a set of rules and behaviours, which are to be followedeverywhere.
  2. It helps to develop self-confidence and self-control.
  3. Discipline forms the base of a smooth system in life.
  4. Disciplines allow us to follow the right principles.
  5. It builds a strong character by improving our manners and habits.
  6. It helps us to be efficient in our work and helps us focus.
  7. Punctuality is a sign of discipline.
  8. Parents, elders, teachers help us to learn disciplines and make us follow them.
  9. Self-discipline leads to self-control which helps in success.
  10. Moreover, disciplines shape a person’s character.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the importance of discipline in a person’s life?

Answer: Discipline helps to bring stability and a balance in a person’s life. Discipline shapes a person’s character by improving their behaviour. It also helps a person to get focus in life.

Question: What is the meaning of discipline?

Answer: Discipline is a quality to behave and work in a controlled and restricted way. This includes obeying and following a set of specific rules and regulations.

Question: What is meant by self-discipline?

Answer: Self-discipline is the practice of self-control of one’s activities and the way they behave. Self-discipline makes a person better by developing healthy habits and overall development of the person. It helps them to stay focused and ensures better performance, whether in education or at the workplace.

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Self discipline worksheets for students

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