My School Essay for Class 6


The establishments where children come together, and their learning begins and continues are called schools. Education is essential for every human being, and it is our schools where we acquire it best. Other than making the students literate, schools also teach students basic manners and etiquette.

We are providing students of class 6 with two essay samples on the topic ‘My School’ for reference in English.

Short Essay on My School for Class 6 of 100 Words in English

My school is very old and has a rich heritage. Our school maintains the perfect balance between giving modern education and grass-root level values. The architecture of our school building has a vintage charm that never fails to mesmerize me.

Our school also has well-equipped labs with contemporary gadgets. And the school library also has a great collection of books. We have a playground and a basketball court as well, where physical education and sports activities take place.

Other than focusing on our studies, our school encourages us to take part in extra-curricular activities as well. I am very proud of the institution in which I belong.

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Long Essay on My School for Class 6 of 150 Words in English

It can be said that the foundation of one’s learning is laid by their school. I am a student of (name of your school). My school has not only educated me, but the environment there has also moulded my personality and character greatly.

My school has also instilled a sense of responsibility and basic human values in us. My school has always inspired me to become a better version of myself and taught me to achieve success through honesty and hard work. We are taught several subjects in our school, and our teachers are very proficient and cooperative.

Teachers in our school have always taught us to be morally responsible for our actions. Through the exams, activities, and lessons taught, our school aims only towards helping us learn and grow. I have many memories revolving my school and my friends. I shall always remember what I learned from this institution and proudly continue its legacy.

10 Lines on My School in English

  1. Schools have several assets which make students feel proud of their institution.
  2. It is also in school where children get to make a lot of memories with friends.
  3. My school is one of the most reputable and popular institutions in our city.
  4. I like playing with my friends in the big playground at my school.
  5. My school teachers are very kind and attentive to every student.
  6. I like going to school every day because I get to learn something new and meet my friends.
  7. My school encourages us to exercise because it keeps both our body and mind healthy.
  8. I love the library in our school, which has many books that I can borrow and read.
  9. I love participating in the events and competitions held in school.
  10. My school has six different houses (groups), and I belong to the orange house.

Frequently Asked Questions on My School Essay

Question: Mention the importance of school in everyone’s lives. 

Answer: The environment of a school plays an essential part in one’s life, and the lessons taught there is hard to achieve anywhere else. The experience of school life is one of a kind, and a child should not be denied an opportunity of attaining the right education.

Question: Which is the right age for a child to enroll in a school?

Answer: Children at an average should start school by the age of five years and continue the education at least till they graduate.

Question: What is one nickname that almost everyone calls their schools?

Answer: School is like our ‘Second Home’.

Essay on Global Warming for Class 6


A rapid hike in the average global temperature on earth is termed as global warming. Global warming is a reason for worry as it can damage ecosystems and might result in the disruption of the environment.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 6 on the topic ‘Global Warming’ for reference.

Short Essay on Global Warming of 100 Words

The increasing rise in average global temperatures on earth measured over a long period is termed as Global Warming. The rise in the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is one of the leading cause, to a cumulative increase in temperature. Due to mass deforestation activities by humans has accelerated global warming.

Plants to prepare their food uses carbon dioxide and as a by-product releases oxygen. As, plants has the ability absorb the excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which eventually can decrease the rate of global warming to some extent. Planting more trees can reduce the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and will result in a decrease in global warming.

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 Short Essay on Global Warming of 150 Words

A rapid hike in the average global temperature on earth is termed as global warming. The release of toxic fumes and burning of excess fossil fuel into the atmosphere is one of the major cause behind global warming.

It can have disastrous effects on our planet and living organisms. The impacts of global warming are unspecific and widespread. Some areas witness a sudden fall in it while others experience a sudden rise in the temperature.

The primary reason causing global warming is the burning of fuel from fossils for energy. Global warming is a reason for worry as it can damage ecosystems and might result in the disruption of the environment.

If people starts taking concrete steps towards restoring the lost vegetation in our forests, global warming can be reduce and put a check. We can also use clean energy sources like solar energy,tidal energy and wind energy to check the rise in global warming.

10 Lines on Global Warming in English

  1. The heating up of our planet due to human activities is referred to as global warming.
  2. The Ozone layer protects from harmful rays called UV ray.
  3. The Ozone layer, mostly by humans, is depleting by the day, because of toxic gases and fumes produced on Earth.
  4. The greenhouse effect is the primary cause of global warming,creating more heat day by day.
  5. Causes of greenhouse gases include burning of fossil fuels (such as to power engine vehicles), CFCs, factory fume emissions, agriculture (methane produced by farm animals), etc.
  6. There have been several effects such as cyclones, forest fires, natural disasters, etc., due to global warming.
  7. The planet is getting hotter due to which the sea levels are rising by the day because it has submerged many lands which is dangerous.
  8. It is imperative to stop climate change and global warming or try our best to curb the effects.
  9. A simple alternative to trying out to help curb global warming is through using public transport instead of private vehicles per person.
  10. It is essential to spread awareness about climate change and global warming.

Frequently Asked Questions on Global Warming Essay

Question: What are global warming and climate change, and what are the consequences of it?

Answer: Global warming has several consequences, which leads to rising sea levels, such as the melting of glaciers.

Question: What one can do on their part to curb global warming?

Answer:  Changing your mode of transport from personal vehicles to public transport is one can do to curb global warming.

Question: What are the main causes of green house gases?

Answer: The main causes are of greenhouse gases include burning of fossil fuels, CFCs, factory fume emissions, agriculture, etc.

Punctuality Essay For Class 6


Punctuality is the practice of complete discipline and commitment towards work and schedule. It means doing all the tasks according to a precise timetable with no fallbacks. Our parents and educators always train us to be regular in our studies and work. Moreover, it is a great habit which undoubtedly results in success.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 6 on the topic “Punctuality” for reference.

Short Essay on Punctuality of 100 Words

It is essential to instil self-discipline and punctuality as these are the determining factors of our future. If we are careless and never do anything on time, we will indeed lag and will end up in distress and loss. Therefore, it is essential to be punctual to acquire success in the future.

Punctuality is something that makes us disciplined and also makes us recognize our work place in society. Regularity is rightly based on time management. If a person can manage time and prioritize duties according to its importance, he or she can become punctual and execute tasks in an effective way.

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Long Essay on Punctuality of 150 Words

Punctuality is an integral element of everyone’s character. To be punctual, a person needs to have the attitude of doing tasks regularly on time and not occasionally. That is the only way in which one can be punctual. It does not require any extra effort as there is no training required.

It is all about proper time control so you can meet your deadlines. Deadlines are what rules our world today. These days, there is a lot of pressure on students. They are expected to be masters in all fields. The only way they can overcome this cut-throat competition is by organizing their work efficiently.

In conclusion, hard work and punctuality are essential for a happy and successful life. They help in meeting the desired target of one’s life. It plays a vital role in the lives of not just children, but also adults. One must practice punctuality and hard work in order to achieve his or her goals and be successful.

10 Lines on Punctuality in English

  1. Punctuality, in easy words, refers to the completion of tasks within a particular time frame.
  2. Being punctual brings contentment and happiness in life as we feel relieved when all our works are completed on time.
  3. Lack of punctuality may bring lethargy and laziness, which may harm us in the long run.
  4. Punctuality helps us prioritizing the work not only in our daily routine but also in a professional career.
  5. Being punctual presents you as a trustable and responsible person to others.
  6. People working in navies and armies are given severe training so that they become disciplined and punctual.
  7. Punctuality drives a person to achieve success at a faster pace than others.
  8. Punctuality is the stepping stone towards discipline and being sincere for students.
  9. Punctuality requires patience, consistency, discipline, and a positive attitude.
  10. One can develop the habit of punctuality by setting a reminder for important tasks or by following an organized routine daily.

Frequently Asked Questions on Punctuality Essay

Question: What is the importance of punctuality in our lives?

Answer: Punctuality is of great importance which is truly underestimated, and must be given the utmost attention. When a person becomes punctual, everything else falls into place. You get discipline in life and also earn everyone’s respect.

Question: How is punctuality the door to success in one’s life?

Answer: It is evident that punctuality is one of the critical aspects to attain success in life. One who understands and values time can quickly become a punctual individual. Becoming a successful person implies achieving goals in time with proper planning by utilizing time.

Question: Why do students need to be punctual?

Answer: It is punctuality which makes students more disciplined and responsible. A sense of responsibility is attained through punctuality. Being punctual, a student can always be at the right time whether it be in school, in laboratories, in class, at home, in the examination hall or even at the playground.

My Favourite Book Essay for Class 6


Books are what feed the human mind with great knowledge. Reading is one of the most beneficial skills that one can pick up. Books are also said to be our best friends because they keep us entertained and give us company at times when no one else would. One can always rely on books for stimulation of the mind to imagine and create.

We are providing students of class 6 with two essay samples on the topic ‘My Favourite Book’ in English for reference.

Short Essay on My Favourite Book of 100 Words In English

Reading good books will mould one’s mind and show them the right direction. The right books will guide a person with information and philosophies. I am very enthusiastic about reading books and like to explore many genres. However, it is very hard for me to choose one book to be my favourite.

My favourite book series is Harry Potter, which is written by an eminent author of this era, J.K Rowling. The books of the Harry Potter series are extraordinarily magical and kept me up all night reading for it is very interesting. I suggested my friends read Harry Potter and they liked it too.

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Long Essay on My Favourite Book of 150 Words in English

I love reading books. I probably grew the habit of reading at a very young age. I think so because I cannot remember the name of my first read book. I spend most of my free time reading books. Even though fiction is my favourite genre, but I like reading some other genres of the book as well, like fantasy and horror.

I have a few books that I love reading often. My favourite book is ‘Little Women’ written by an American author named Louisa May Alcott in 1968. The story of Little Women revolves around the lives of the four March sisters. Through the story, we get to witness their transition from childhood to womanhood.

This novel is said to perfectly express the situations of the era that the story was set in through the elegant writing style of the author. To me, Little Women is and always will be a very inspirational and powerful book.

10 Lines on My Favourite Book of 100 Words in English

  1. I like reading short stories, and my favourite book is the Collection of Short Stories by O.Henry.
  2. Reading books can help giving people hope.
  3. We learn from books that there is always a light at the end of a dark tunnel.
  4. There are several movies that are made adapted from books.
  5. I feel that one can get the true essence of a story only from a book.
  6. A book contains extensive details and inclusive insights that barely any other source can provide.
  7. An author can be a great storyteller that can unravel a mystery using just a few words.
  8. One will find books in almost every language known to humans.
  9. I like reading books written in my native tongue.
  10. My favourite book has also influenced my character and personality.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Favourite Book Essay

Question: Name some of the most popular classic books that a middle school student should read. 

Answer: Some books that middle school students should read are-

  • Oliver Twist
  • Heidi
  • The Secret Garden
  • David Copperfield
  • Pride And Prejudice
  • The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn
  • The Chronicles Of Narnia
  • Macbeth
  • The Hound Of The Baskervilles
  • The Jungle Book
  • Murder On The Orient Express

Question: Name some sub-genres of fiction books. 

Answer: Fantasy, crime, science fiction, western, historical fiction, horror, and inspirational.

Question: Which is the most sold book of all time?

Answer: The Bible.

Essay on Unity in Diversity for Class 6


The phrase ‘Unity in Diversity’ means the unity among people who have different or diverse cultures, beliefs, backgrounds, way of lifestyle, and outlook. India being a democratic country, has unity in diversity among its people from different parts of the nation. The concept of ‘Unity In Diversity’ binds humankind together.

We are providing two essay samples for class 6 on the topic ‘Unity In Diversity’ for reference.

Short Essay on Unity In Diversity of 100 Words

India is a country that has unity in diversity among its people. The presence of unity among diverse people makes a better environment to work and increases productivity. Unity in diversity helps in giving birth to new and innovative ideas.

We get to learn about different cultures and religions and get to be part of a more incredible World. Unity boosts our morals, and we get to be a progressive generation. Unity in diversity binds people together during tough times.

It is a privilege to be united with people from other cultures, religions and more to understand the real meaning of life.

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Long Essay on Unity In Diversity of 150 Words

The oneness among people from different caste, creed, sex, religion, culture, lifestyle, and beliefs refers to the phrase ‘Unity In Diversity.’ In India, there exists a unity in diversity among citizens. The faith in brotherhood bonds the people living in India.

Unity in diversity is one of the most outstanding characteristics of the nation. Diverse religions like Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and others co-exist in the country with their ultimate faith in the divine power.

Indians take part in all festivals, even if they do not belong to that particular religion. People get to experience various flavors of life from this unity. In India, people from different caste, creed, sex, and culture receive education and work together, for better productivity. Unity in diversity ensures equal opportunities to all.

India strongly believes that living together with love and harmony provides the real essence of life and thus celebrates ‘Unity In Diversity.’

10 lines on Unity in Diversity in English

  1. Unity in diversity refers to the oneness among people who have different culture and beliefs and are from different caste, creed, and social status.
  2. India is a democratic country and thus walks in the path of unity in diversity.
  3. India has been preserving its unity in diversity since ancient times.
  4. India has a rich cultural heritage due to the practice of various cultures in the nation.
  5. Unity in diversity helps in better communication and understanding among people.
  6. Unity in diversity teaches us that we are all united for the betterment of our country.
  7. The presence of cultural diversity attracts people from outside, who come to see this diversity.
  8. Unity in diversity creates better coordination among people.
  9. Unity in diversity provides an opportunity for the development of new ideas.
  10. To live in unity while being diverse and unique helps us live life to the fullest.

Frequently Asked Questions on Unity in Diversity

Question: What is meant by the term ‘Unity In Diversity’?

Answer: ‘Unity In Diversity’ refers to the oneness among people who may be different by caste, creed, sex, religion, culture, ethnicity, and beliefs or might be separated by geographical as well as social barriers.

Question: What is the importance of unity in diversity?

Answer: Unity in diversity helps people to experience the real essence of life. It helps in better communication and productivity. Unity in diversity strengthens the bond between people and thus makes the society much stronger. It helps in removing baseless discrimination among people and provides everyone with equal opportunities.

Question: What is an example of unity in diversity?

Answer: The struggle for independence of India is an excellent example of unity in diversity. During the fight for freedom, people from different backgrounds had come together to free their motherland from the British rule, which was a success.

Essay on Save Electricity for Class 6


Electricity plays a significant role in our daily lives, and we cannot imagine our life without electricity. However, electricity is often being used up unnecessarily to a great extent without keeping in mind its conservation and future use. It is vital to start saving electricity so that future generations can use it as well.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 3 on the topic ‘Save Electricity’ for reference.

Short Essay on Save Electricity of 100 Words

Electricity is one of the best gifts of science to humankind. Electricity has made our lives easier to such an extent that at this point life without electricity is impossible even to imagine. Electricity is the source of heat, light, and various other comforts.

However, people seem to take this blessing for granted and tend to misuse electricity. Often electric applications are kept switched on even when not in use—switching them off when not in use will help in saving thousands of watts.

Saving electricity is very important. We should conserve electricity for our future generations so that they can use it as well.

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Long Essay on Save Electricity of 150 Words

Electricity is necessary in almost every sphere of life in today’s world. Electricity has supplied all types of energies to the man in order to improve not only his everyday life but also social amenities and scientific inventions.

Saving electricity needs people to become more cautious about their use of this resource.

Electricity can be saved by using alternative sources of energy, such as natural light during the day instead of using blubs and tube lights.

Old appliances usually consume more watt than required, hence replacing old appliances with new ones helps in staying energy efficient. Children must be encouraged not to spend much time watching tv instead go outside and play.

Many people often use solar panels in their houses which also help in saving a lot of electricity, reducing the large electricity bills gradually. Saving electricity is the only way left to conserve it, and it requires the combined efforts of all human beings.

10 Lines on Save Electricity in English

  1. Electricity is needed in every aspect of life, and it is impossible for modern without electricity.
  2. Electricity serves as the backbone of modern society.
  3. Our lives without electricity will go back to the primitive age.
  4. Saving electricity is necessary to be able to survive on this planet efficiently.
  5. Switch off electrical appliances when they are not in use.
  6. During the day time, using natural light is better than preferably using tube lights or lamps to light up the room.
  7. Alternative sources of electricity must be explored to meet the gap between its demand and supply.
  8. People can choose to shift from desktops to laptops as laptops consume less energy than a desktop.
  9. When the weather is pleasant, people should keep the window open and enjoy the breeze by switching off the fan.
  10. Everyone should take every step that they can to conserve electricity sources for the future generation.

Frequently Asked Questions on Save Electricity Essay

Question: Why is electricity essential?

Answer: Electricity is vital because it is widely used in every aspect of life. Electricity facilitates various technological advancements supporting a wide range of products and services. It enhances our quality of life and stimulates economic productivity.

Question: Why is saving electricity necessary?

Answer: Saving electricity is necessary because it is primarily produced from non-renewable sources like water and coal. We need to save the resources for future generations to use it.

Question: What resources are used for generating electricity?

Answer: Coal and waiter are used mainly for generating electricity. It is also produced from various other sources like solar and nuclear energy but in small quantities.

Essay on Library for Class 6


A place that stores informative materials and many various books for public use is called a library. People can visit a library and read books or can borrow books for some time from the library. Libraries are administered and managed by the government, schools and colleges/universities.  

We are providing students of class 6 with two essay samples on the topic ‘Library’ in English for reference.

Short Essay on Library of 100 Words in English

My school has a big library, and in it, there are millions of books of various types. Till Class 4, we were only allowed to borrow books from the junior library section. However, since last year I started borrowing from the senior section books of the library.

Having a library in school has encouraged students to grow the interest and habit of reading. Every time we issue or borrow a book from our school library, our school librarian keeps a record of it. Everyone is given a due date of a week while borrowing a library. However, the time of returning a book can be extended by renewal.

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Long Essay on Library of 150 Words in English

Libraries are some of the greatest possessions of the community and society. Libraries have a vital role in our life by providing people with reliable content. Libraries encourage people to read and enhance the process of grasping knowledge or learning.

People who like reading are often found sitting in the library very often and are given the nickname of book-worms. It is incredible to see the wide-ranging, a variety of informative materials, especially books, which a library contains.

Libraries are very important for students because it is from where students can refer or borrow educational materials which are rare and expensive. Library also teaches us to respect others by keeping quiet, and since the ambience in libraries is silent; hence it helps readers concentrate better.

Not every individual has enough money to buy books always, but it doesn’t mean that they should be denied knowledge or information. Hence libraries are beneficial for the overall development of the society by providing knowledge to every individual.

10 Lines on Library in English

  1. To borrow books from a public library one should issue a library membership card.
  2. Recently many libraries are becoming digital, and people can access the books for free using the internet.
  3. Anyone can borrow physical books present in the library by issuing.
  4. Almost every library has a limit on the number of books that a person can borrow at a time.
  5. When the returning date of the book is not met, and one is late, they might have to pay a late fee to the library.
  6. Since many libraries are very old, hence their architecture must be preserved by proper maintenance.
  7. One can find books, journals, newspaper, etc., from all over the world in a reputed big library.
  8. Grown-ups should always check the presence of an active library before admitting their ward to a school.
  9. A library is the only place that can quench a real reader’s thirst for knowledge.
  10. The number of readers in the libraries has reduced with the introduction and popularity of the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions on Library Essay

Question: What kind of books should a library contain?

Answer: A library should have a vast range of book collection and which should be of several genres like fiction, non-fiction, adventure, mystery, poetry, plays, comedies, tragedy, etc.

Question: Name the biggest library in the world.

Answer: The Library of Congress located in Washington, D.C, USA.

Question: Name the oldest library known. 

Answer: The Library of Ashurbanipal, located in modern-day Iraq.

Essay on Indian Festivals for Class 6


Festivals bring colour and happiness in our lives and are breaks to our everyday monotonous lives. India is a land of various religions. Every religion has a different culture and festivals. India is one of the largest countries to have so many festivals, and these can be religious, national and seasonal.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 6 on the topic ‘Indian Festivals’ for reference.

Short Essay on Indian Festivals of 100 Words

India loves to celebrate various festivals with their dear ones, and these festivals are significant to them. People in big cities and villages celebrate these festivals with great enthusiasm. They get excited about the preparations and celebrations. These festivals bring unity among people and are an essential part of our heritage.

The religious festivals are Durga Puja, Diwali, Holi, Christmas, Ganesh Chaturthi, Pongal, Eid-ul-Fitr, and Guru Nanak Jayanti. Important national festivals are Independence Day, Republic Day, and Gandhi Jayanti. Seasonal festivals are celebrated in particular areas, like, Bihu in Assam, Pongal in Tamil Nadu, and Vasant Panchami in Bengal and North India.

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Long Essay on Indian Festivals of 150 Words

Indian festivals strengthen the bond between Indians and bring cultural harmony. Being a land of various cultures, India has many festivals that are celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. Indians look forward to these festivals. These bring spark and a break from our monotonous lives.

During these festivals, the streets are decked up with lights, colourful flags, and banners. People decorate their homes and often give gifts to friends and families. They wear new clothes and spend time with their family. These festivals bring people of all cultures together.

Important festivals are Diwali, Holi, Durga Puja, Dussehra, Christmas, Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid. Various fairs and cultural events are organized at places. Besides, various seasonal festivals like Vasant Panchami, Pongal, and Bihu are also celebrated in certain regions. National festivals are a symbol of unity, progress, and remind us of the patriotic Indian leaders. All these festivals are an essential part of Indian heritage and culture.

10 Lines on Indian Festivals in English

  1. India is a land o diversity with many festivals.
  2. These festivals are an essential part of religious and cultural diversities.
  3. Indians wait for these festivals throughout and celebrate these with great enthusiasm.
  4. During these festivals, the ambience is filled with excitement and happiness.
  5. Whether in big cities or villages, these festivals are celebrated everywhere.
  6. Indian festivals may be divided as religious, national and seasonal festivals.
  7. Religious festivals include Durga Puja, Diwali, Christmas, Eid, etc.
  8. Seasonal festivals are Bihu, Pongal and Vasant Panchami.
  9. National festivals like Independence Day, Republic Day, etc. are celebrated in remembrance to the great national heroes.
  10. All these festivals bring cultural harmony and are an essential part of Indian heritage.

Frequently Asked Questions on Indian Festivals

Question: Why is India called the ‘land of festivals’?

Answer: India exhibits a diversity of many cultures with various festivals. These festivals are celebrated throughout the year and in all seasons. India is one of the largest countries where so many festivals are celebrated annually.

Question: What is the importance of Indian festivals?

Answer: Indian festivals are significant for preserving the rich Indian heritage and cultures. These festivals are celebrated by people of all communities irrespective of their cultural and religious differences. These festivals bring unity and harmony among the Indians.

Question: What are the important Indian festivals?

Answer: Important religious festivals in India include Durga Puja, Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas, Eid, Guru Nanak Jayanti and Holi. Other seasonal festivals include Bihu, Pongal and Baisakhi.

Essay on Child Labour for Class 6


Children are the light of everyone’s life. According to the International Labour Organization, the legal age of a child to join any work is fifteen. India is a country where child labour is a normal incident. Daily children do work against their will in India. These incidents are ruining the future of our nation.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 6 on the topic ‘Child Labour’ for reference.

Short Essay on Child Labour of 100 Words

Children are the future of our nation. A child who is less than 15 years old cannot be forcibly worked. This is a law in India. Yet many children work hard due to the financial crisis. Mainly lack of education is the cause behind this.

There are many places in India with a financial crisis. Here, parents cannot afford a living for their children. As a result, children have to work on their own. These children do not go to school. Many of them are also abused at work.

Child labour is a serious issue in our country. The government must stop this.

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Long Essay on Child Labour of 150 Words

Child labour is a rising problem in the world. India is one of the nations with this problem. Many children cannot go the school because of poverty. Poverty makes people do all kind of things. In 2006, seventy-six million children did not attend school.

Ignorance of our government is also a cause behind this. Children suffer from health problems because of this. Child labour is a crime. Despite that, this is happening regularly. Limited rights for children security is causing this.

If we observe, we can see a working child too. Children serving tea, children selling books, children working in factories are the prime examples. A child should enjoy his childhood, not working in factories.

Awareness is the key thing for preventing child labour. We, as the citizen of India, have to keep our eyes open. If we see an incident of child-labour, we have to report it to the police.

10 Lines in Child Labour in English

  1. Child labour is an offensive crime all around the world.
  2. Creating more unions may prevent child labour.
  3. The government should look into this matter of child labour.
  4. Every family should earn their minimum income to avoid child work culture.
  5. Child labour is not only unethical but also a failure of every citizen of India.
  6. Children between the age of eight to thirteen are working as child workers.
  7. Many households keep children as their servent, which is also a matter of child labour.
  8. Children should be sent to school instead of factories.
  9. Because of the financial problem, small children go to work.
  10. The government should provide more jobs to stop child labour.

Frequently Asked Questions on Child Labour Essay

Question: What is child labour?

Answer: Child labour is a crime where a child goes to work. Usually, children younger than 15 years are involved in this. Children go to work to support their family. This crime ruins the future of children.

Question: How to prevent this crime?

Answer: Creating awareness is the first step to prevent this. Our government should enforce strict laws for this crime. Every child’s age should be verified. Every child should attend school for free. This way, we can prevent this crime.

Question: What is causing this crime?

Answer: Many things are causing child labour. Lack of money is the main thing causing this. Unavailability of free education is also a cause behind this.

Trees our Best Friend Essay for Class 6


Trees are the most visible part of mother nature. Trees are mostly green in colour. We can see trees outside our houses, on the road, in our school and every place outdoor. Trees are living things and very useful for the survival of other living beings. Trees consist of barks, leaves, branches, fruits and flowers. Trees are enormous.

We are providing students of class 6 with two essay samples on the topic ‘Trees Our Best Friend’ in English for reference.

Short Essay on Trees our Best Friend of 100 Words

As the superior living creatures, trees are our best friend. Trees are abundant with qualities that make our lives easier. Trees give us food, water, air and shelter. Trees charge us nothing in exchange for all the products it provides us with. We must be grateful to get trees as our best friend.

As trees make our lives so easier, it is our responsibility to conserve them and respect them. Trees are our best friend that helps us out in life and caters to our needs. Trees make the world look beautiful. Trees have become our best friend, and we must respect them.

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Long Essay on Trees our Best Friend of 150 Words

Trees are one of the important parts of survival. Trees are living things, just like human beings. Trees provide us with air, food, water and shelter. Trees directly or indirectly cater to most of our living needs. Thus, we call trees, our best friend.

Without trees, the world will be devoid of important components necessary for living like food, water and air. Trees, like a best friend, stay by our side and never goes away. Trees help us in living with numerous useful ways, just like a best friend does.

Trees are beautiful creatures that make the world a better place. Trees are a gift of God that must be respected by us. Trees never fail to establish their duty as our best friend. Thus, it is our responsibility always to support trees and never let them fall down. All friends will come and go, but trees will forever stand by our side.

10 Lines on Trees our Best Friend in English

  1. Trees are our best friend in the whole world.
  2. Trees provide us with useful components of survival.
  3. Trees give us food, water, air and shelter.
  4. Trees never ask anything in exchange from us humans for the favours it blesses us with.
  5. Trees are the primary source of oxygen that we breathe.
  6. Trees are important for rainfall and various other climatic phenomena.
  7. Trees stay by our side as a best friend would without any demands and complains.
  8. Trees make the world look beautiful and bring about the essence of nature.
  9. Trees must be everyone’s official best friend for the favours it does upon us.
  10. Trees must be respected and conserved, just like a best friend should.

Frequently Asked Questions on Trees our Best Friend Essay

Question: Why are trees, our best friend?

Answer: A real friend is someone loyal, respectful, and sincere to us just like trees are. Trees always help us by catering to our needs in direct and indirect ways. Trees stay beside us in good times as well as bad times just like best friends do.

Question: How do trees help us as a best friend?

Answer: trees give us shelter, food, water, and air. Trees emit oxygen, and human beings and animals inhale it. Trees make it rain. Trees directly and indirectly always stand next to us just like a best friend.

Question: what should a tree our best friend essay consist of?

Answer: An essay for tree our best friend must consist of all the qualities that trees provide us with. The essay must be slightly emotional that helps the students not only to gain factual knowledge but also moral values.