Essay on Computer for Class 3

Computer is an essential device in today’s world. It is an electronic device. Computers were invented to help humans carry out significant mathematical calculations. But now computers have become very crucial in our lives. Humans depend on computers for almost every work. Computers are quicker. They are mostly accurate and save a lot of time.

Short Essay on Computer of 100 Words In English

Computers are electronic devices created by Humans. The Computer was invented to help people do large mathematical problems. Nowadays the Computer is used for almost everything. The device can be found in houses, schools, colleges, offices, shops, and malls. There are various sizes in which computers are available. We can also call each other from all over the world.

Computers are very quick and make very few mistakes. It does not get tired because it is a device and not a human. All the works can be done in less time. It is also a source of entertainment. In today’s world, we are heavily dependent on computers and similar devices.

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Long Essay on Computer of 150 Words In English

Man has always invented new things to simplify living on this planet. The invention of the Computer was also done to solve mathematical problems. This electronic device was first invented by a Professor from Harvard University called Professor Eikenes.

He made the first Computer with some of his colleagues in the year 1944.

Computers are no more just used for mathematics. They are used for scientific research and also everyday work. We can now use it for calling each other from different parts of the world and even shopping. Computers are used in schools, colleges, offices, and shops as well.

Artificial Intelligence has helped us to do things quickly. Computers are very swift and do not take much time to work. So, they can be used for lengthy works that humans cannot do. Computers also make fewer mistakes.

In today’s world, humans are completely dependent on computers for every work. Mobiles, Laptops, and tablets have also been made to make life easy for us.

10 Lines on Computer in English

  1. The device is an electronic one.
  2. The Computer was first invented by Professor Eikenes. He was a professor at Harvard University.
  3. Professor Eikenes made the first Computer with some of his colleagues.
  4. Computers were invented to solve big mathematical problems and equations.
  5. Later Artificial Intelligence was more developed to carry better tasks.
  6. AI helped Computers to become more useful.
  7. Nowadays we need computers for even the simplest of works like calling each other and setting alarms for work.
  8. Mobiles, laptops, tablets are all different types of computers.
  9. Computers can also be used for shopping, playing games, and other sources of entertainment.
  10. Humans are practically helpless without the Computer and the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions on Computers

Question: Can we live without Computers?

Answer: It is not impossible to stay or work without computers but nowadays it is very difficult. Previously computers were only used for calculations. But now it is used for various works. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, students all use computers. Students get their education; doctors diagnose diseases, and several other works are done. So, in the present day, it is impossible to live without Computer.

Question: Why do students use Computer?

Answer: Students use Computer for educational purposes. Nowadays, online classes take place through computers. Students also can read books and watch lectures with the help of this device. Computers can also be used for gaming and other entertainment reasons.

Question: What is the Internet?

Answer: The Internet is a network created to connect computers throughout the world. It helps to transfer information from one part of the world to another. It is a source of information, as well.

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