Essay on Forest for Class 4

Forests are rightly called the lungs of the earth. They’re the most crucial section of our ecosystem and are pivotal in maintaining the balance in the foodstuff cycle and the natural equilibrium on the planet. They are a habitat for wildlife and trees and some of the rarest of rare animals and plants on earth.

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Short Essay on Forest of 100 Words

Forests are rightly called while the lungs of the earth. They are the most crucial section of our ecosystem and are pivotal in maintaining the foodstuff cycle’s total amount and the natural equilibrium on the planet. Forests cover almost 31% of the top of the earth.

They are a habitat for not just wildlife and trees but and for a number of the rarest of rare animals and plants on earth. Man has been utilizing the resources of forests for tens of thousands of years. Around the forest has provided man with his livelihood, man hasn’t given back to the forest as much as he should have.

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Long Essay on Forest of 150 Words

Let’s understand just why the forest is necessary. Forests are home to numerous wild animals like elephants, tiger, lion, cheetah, rhinoceros, wolves, etc., which will otherwise become extinct when made to live without forests. And these animals are of utmost importance for a healthier food cycle.

Whether carnivorous or herbivores or omnivorous, each animal needs to play its part in maintaining this food cycle, any disturbance in the cycle will result in a ripple effect that will affect the meals chain, ultimately resulting in the extinction of animals and human beings.

Secondly, forests provide resources like wood, nutrients, rare timber, food, fuel, and a great deal more to people because of their survival. But as man evolved and his mental horizon expanded, he started benefiting from some other resources that forests provided us with, including cutting down forest land for agriculture purposes.

10 Lines on Essay on Forest In English

  1. Forests will be the lungs of nature that offer oxygen for people to breathe, survive, and maintain a healthy ecosystem.
  2. Forests have been a source of livelihood for an incredible number of plants and animals in the world.
  3. Forests provide food, fuel, and raw materials for human beings to utilize and prosper.
  4. Forests provide us with medicinal herbs and plants that may cure deadly diseases against viruses and pathogens, otherwise eliminating the animal species.
  5. Forests help in preventing soil erosion and maintains and enhances the fertility of the soil.
  6. Forests assist in ecological balance and maintain a healthy food cycle in the system.
  7. Many tribes around the globe think about the forest as god and have a religious belief. This can help them save and utilize the resources of the forest judiciously.
  8. Deforestation will lead to climate change and growth in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
  9. Removal of forest cover will cause floods and famine for a reason that region.
  10. Man must learn how to utilize the resources of forest and at the same time raise the forest cover on the planet to save the character to ensure that future generations can savor the blessings that forests provide us with.

FAQs on Essay on Forest

Question 1. What will appear in the forests are damaged completely? 

Answer: You will see pandemics, floods, an upsurge in temperature, and other such bad effects on nature that will ultimately wipe out living things from the facial skin of the planet.

Question 2. Who should protect forests? 

Answer: It’s every individual’s responsibility to protect forests and not just governments or business houses.

Question 3. That will be the greatest forest in the world?

Answer: Amazon forest, located in South America and Europe, is the greatest forest on earth.

Question 4. How various kinds of forests are there?

Answer: You will find 3 kinds of forests on the planet: tropical forests, boreal forests, and temperate forests.

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