Essay on Good Manners for Class 4

Good Manners are acquired by kids undeviatingly from adolescence. Parents try to teach good manners to their kids in a perfect way. Good manners make someone an improved person and are necessary for an individual to reside in society. We’ve compiled some extended, short, and ten lines essays on Good Manners.

We are providing two essay samples for class 4 on the topic ‘Good Manners’ for reference.

Short Essay on Good Manners of 100 Words

Good manners may be learned from everywhere and from everybody. Good manners can be defined as activities or habits that produce a person civilized, mature, sensible, and gentle. We meet hundreds of men and women in our daily lives, and it is vital to behave nicely with them.

A kid needs to understand how to behave with the people around him and behave facing them. In the task field, one must look after how he interacts because communication is the key to achieving milestones. Respecting others also falls underneath the group of good manners. Respect is the most thing you ought to aim for.

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Long Essay on Good Manners of 150 Words

We study good manners from our childhood, which is a stepping stone to reach success inside our lives. A young child first learns it from their parents and tries to copy their behaviour.

The parents need to behave appropriately before their kids and teach with good manners like brushing teeth twice, greeting people, maintain proper hygiene, and choosing the right way of speaking in front of the elders.

If the little one is taught from childhood comfort, it will be easier for him to process the behaviours as he grows up. They must follow what their teachers say and inquire further to do.

This may help them produce a good impression before others and enhance the connection between classmates. In the job field, one must respect their co-workers, and individuals ranked higher in their minds to keep up an easy workflow and avoid any negative feedback.

10 Lines on Good Manners in English

  1. How we must behave with others respectfully and politely is named good manners.
  2. It offers our gestures, behavior, way of talking with others, and thinking.
  3. It transforms a regular person right into a well-civilized person.
  4. Good manners are infused in the children at a very early age.
  5. When you’ve got made some mistake, they always need to say “Sorry” to apologize.
  6. Always stand and greet when someone visits your property and when they leave. Before entering into somebody’s room, be sure to knock on the door since it can significantly be.
  7. Always ask “May I” before taking something that belongs to somebody else and still share things owned by you with others; this project how caring you are.
  8. When someone offers something, one must say “Thank You” to respect his offer.
  9. When a couple is talking, and somebody else wants to talk in their mind, the individual should say “Excuse Me,” as it’s not just a good manner to interrupt two persons while they’re talking.
  10. Do not try and impose your opinion on others, respect other people’s views, and tune in to those as well.

Frequently Asked Questions on Good Manners

Question 1. Are good manners important for an individual?

Answer: To live in a community, it is very important to have good manners. People who behave correctly, make use of their fellow people, and politely talk in their minds are like a lot more than others.

Question 2. Exactly why is respecting others so important? 

Answer: We must bear in mind that we must first learn to respect others when we desire to be respected. Respect helps in building bonds of trust and safety.

Question 3. Are manners important? 

Answer: Having proper etiquette is essential in every facet of life if you want others to respect you.

Question 4: Can manners affect success in life? 

Answer: Using good manners in life can have a good influence on you. When people admire you because of your good behavior, they gift you high self-esteem and self-confidence, which are both key factors for a successful and hopeful life.

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