Essay on How I Spent Winter Vacation for Class 6

Winter vacation is my favourite holiday of the whole year. I love winters because of its cold and pleasant weather. On every winter vacation, I usually go on a trip with my family to the hill stations. I always look forward to this vacation every year with a lot of excitement.

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Short Essay on ‘How I Spent Winter Vacation’ of 100 Words

Every year we go out on a trip during winter vacation, but this year I was at home. My uncle had taken my cousins and me to an orphanage on Christmas. We distributed clothes and food to the children. We also played with them. It was a special day.

I read a new book, helped my mother tidy the house, and also watched a few movies in the holidays. I enjoyed the cold and comfortable weather and got to wear my new jackets. I spent the vacation at home with my family by doing little things that brought us happiness.

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Long Essay on ‘How I Spent Winter Vacation’ of 150 Words

I was waiting for the winter vacation since the beginning of the year as we get a long winter holiday from school. My family had planned for a trip to the hill stations this year. After Christmas, we had set out for our trip to Sikkim.

We travelled to Sikkim by train, after which the entire journey was by car. We went by the hilly routes to our hotel which was in the lap of the mountains. The scenic beauty at the place was overwhelming. There was a lot of greenery everywhere and waterfalls with a heavy flow from the top of the mountains.

I enjoyed the trip a lot. My favourite part was watching the sunrise from behind the mountains. I got to know about the lifestyle of the people living in the hills. It was freezing and windy there, but this winter vacation was unique and memorable to me.

10 Lines On How I Spent My Winter Vacation In English

  1. Winter vacations are my favourite holidays in the entire year.
  2. Our school declares holidays from mid of December to mid-January, which is a long span of a month.
  3. I enjoy winter because of the cold, pleasant weather.
  4. I love to wear winter clothes like sweaters and jackets.
  5. My favourite festival Christmas falls during the winter vacations, and I am always looking forward to it.
  6. Sometimes we plan for trips to places or small outdoor picnics during the winter vacations.
  7. We can make our winter vacations more meaningful by distributing blankets and warm clothes to the poor.
  8. I also like to play badminton and other outdoor games during winter vacations as the weather is very comfortable.
  9. I do my studies and homework during the break, as well.
  10. I like to make greeting cards for the New Year during the winter vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions on How I Spent Winter Vacation Essay

Question: What do we do during winter vacation?

Answer: During winter vacations, we get a long holiday from school. We can do our pending homework, celebrate festivals like Christmas and New Year’s. We wear our winter clothes during this time and go for outdoor picnics with our family or for a long trip to celebrate the holidays.

Question: When is the time for winter vacation?

Answer: We usually get our winter vacation for a month from mid of December to the mid of January. It is at a time when the weather is very cold and windy.

Question: What is a winter vacation essay?

Answer: A winter vacation essay should consist of how we spent our holidays during winter. We can describe the different activities that we do during this holiday or the trips that we make during this time. We can also add what makes this holiday special for us.

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