Essay on Trees for Class 4

Trees are our closest companions since they clean the air we relax. Moreover, they additionally clean the water and soil and eventually make the earth a superior spot. It is additionally a reality that individuals who live close to trees are more beneficial, fit, and more joyful than individuals who don’t.

Above all, we are not helping out to plants by sparing plants; however, to ourselves as it were. Since trees and plants, life doesn’t rely upon us, yet our lives rely upon them.

We are providing two essay samples for class 4 on the topic ‘Trees’ for reference.

Short Essay on Trees Of 100 Words

Trees are essential to us in a lot of ways. We cannot ignore their importance. They are essential because they give us food, wood, fresh air to breathe, and shelter from sunlight and rainfall. Besides this, many medicines in the market are made up of tree extracts. Apart from this, some plants and trees have medicinal and nourishment.

They bring calmness. Tress creates a relaxing environment. Also, trees help in reflecting the harmful rays of the sun and. Besides, they also help in maintaining a balanced temperature and water conservation and preventing soil erosion. They also manage the ecosystem, and from ancient times several varieties of plants are worshipped.

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Long Essay on Trees Of 150 Words

Trees are important for life on earth. Without trees, the earth will get dead and dry. There would be no water, no tempest, and no forests utilizing all methods. Trees give us Oxygen, disguise, sustenance’s created from the earliest starting point.

People and creatures need Oxygen to live. Even fishes need Oxygen in their gills. The trees make that Oxygen. These natural machines take in Carbon dioxide and give Oxygen. Two huge trees can make a year’s Oxygen for your family. Without trees, there would be no life.

Flying creatures have their homes on trees. It is the standard house they have. They besides get food from trees. People, besides, eat trademark things given by trees. Moreover, they sell it watching out for cash. Several trees give us the solution, oils, flexibility, etc. Trees hold the dirt during storms.

10 Lines on Trees In English

  1. Trees resemble the lungs of the earth. They are the resources that keep the mother earth sound.
  2. Trees assume a critical function in our reality. They burn-through carbon dioxide and give us new Oxygen to relax.
  3. To a great extent, individuals and herbivores rely on them as they are the wellspring of food, products of the soil.
  4. We get meds, lumber, wood, gum, fiber, elastic, latex, thus numerous different things from trees.
  5. They offer shadow and asylum not exclusively to people yet, besides offer living space to untamed life.
  6. They attempt to keep up ecological equilibrium. For example, when it gets too hot, the trees help in bringing precipitation. They battle serious atmosphere changes.
  7. Trees make the mother earth look lovely and unwinding. They feed different life structures from numerous points of view. Planting more trees will likewise add to the world’s characteristic excellence.
  8. Trees battle water contamination and forestall soil disintegration. They keep toxins from streaming into water sources.
  9. We can protect a worldwide temperature alteration and natural contamination by sparing and planting trees.
  10. Making a move towards sparing trees isn’t something we would only accomplish for sparing them to ensure our own lives. Spare trees, spare lives!

Frequently Asked Questions on Trees Essay

  1. What are Trees? 

Trees are the greatest plants with a prolonged stem or trunk, supporting branches and leaves in many species.

  1. How Trees are imperative to us? 

Trees are the natural machines that give us Oxygen, store carbon, balance out the dirt, and offer life to the world’s natural life.

  1. How do Trees help people? 

Trees give us Oxygen, offer life to the world’s untamed life. They furnish us with materials for sanctuary and devices.

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