Grade 5 Ice-Cream Man Worksheets

A. Answer the following questions:

1. In which season is ice-cream popular?
2. Who feels joyful on seeing the Ice-cream Man?
3. Name the different flavours of ice-cream the Ice-cream Man has in his cart.
4. What are the two things that the Ice-cream Man is selling?
5. What is the ice-cream cart compared to in the poem?
6. In what way do the childern cluster around the ice-cream man?

B. Tick (✓) the correct answer (Multiple Choice Questions):

1. On a hot summer day who goes trundling down the street with his little cart?
(a) The Ice-cream Man
(b) The Beggar
(c) The Policeman
(d) None of these
2. What is the colour of bottles full of frosty-fizz?
(a) Green
(b) Orange
(c) White or Pink
(d) All of these
3. The way the children cluster round is as thick as:
(a) honeybees
(b) files
(c) honeycomb
(d) none of these

C. State True or False:

1. The ice-cream man comes at a lightning speed.
2. There is an umbrella above the cart.
3. The sight around the ice-cream cart is sad.

D. Having an ice-cream on a hot summer day is exciting and enjoyable.

1. Write about some of the exciting and enjoyable things that one can do in the winter season:
2. List as many summer activities as you can:
CBSE Class 5 English Ice-Cream Man Worksheets 1
3. Now group these activities into indoor and outdoor activities:

E. In groups of four, write a report on different brands of ice-creams available in your area. You may use the following clues:

  • Start with a short introduction which contains the topic.
  • Then list the ice-cream brands available in your area.
  • Next, say which are the common flavours of ice cream in each of the brands.
  • Under each brand, find out which flavours are being sold the most. Also find out their prices.
  • Finally, write which do you think is the most popular ice-cream.

F. 1. Colour the boxes that have rhyming words:

CBSE Class 5 English Ice-Cream Man Worksheets 2
2. What do the following words describe in the poem?
joyful …………………
little …………………..
round ………………..
What are the describing words used in the poem for the following?
………………… mounds
………………… flavour
……………….. cluster

G. Circle the words where you get a zzzzz sound. One is done for you.

CBSE Class 5 English Ice-Cream Man Worksheets 3

H. 1. Listen and tell the sounds that these words in the poem produce:
(i) cart ……………..
(ii) drinks ……………..
Can you make these sounds?
2. What are some of the different sounds you hear when the Ice-cream Man comes?

I. 1. Colour the boxes with the colours of the flavours mentioned in each:
CBSE Class 5 English Ice-Cream Man Worksheets 4
2. Draw and colour your dream ice-cream.
Describe it using interesting describing words – the colurs, the flavours, the size, how it looks, tastes, feels, etc.
CBSE Class 5 English Ice-Cream Man Worksheets 5
3. Have you ever eaten kulfi, the ice-cream from North India?
The following sentences describe how it is served but they are not in the correct order. Write the correct number before each sentence:
CBSE Class 5 English Ice-Cream Man Worksheets 6

Worksheets for Class 5 English

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