Grade 5 Topsy-Turvy Land Worksheets

A. Answer the following questions:

1. When do children go to school in Topsy-turvy Land?
2. In the poem, if buses travel on the sea, then where do the boats travel? How should it rightly be?
3. The Topsy-turvy land is very different from our land. Let’s draw a comparison by filling in sentences wherever needed:

CBSE Class 5 English Topsy - turvy Land Worksheets 1

B. Tick (✓) the correct answer (Multiple Choice Questions):

1. In Topsy-turvy Land the sea is made of ………………. .
(a) sand
(b) cement
(c) concrete
(d) none of these
2. In Topsy-turvy Land you wear your hat upon your ……………….. .
(a) hand
(b) head
(c) feet
(d) leg

C. State True or False:

1. The boats travel on roads.
2. The sea is made of sand and ketchup.
3. The front-door is located at the back of the houses.

D. Write five things that you do at home to make your home look neat and clean:

1. ………………..
2. ……………….
3. ………………
4. ……………..
5. ……………..

E. Let’s imagine a topsy-turvy scene and describe it in the lines below:

F. Two stories got mixed up. Sort them out and write them in the appropriate boxes:

  • We thought the lion had eaten someone.
  • Suddenly the kite lifted him off the ground and took him over the treetops.
  • He saw a shoe in the lion’s cage.
  • Finally, the kite brought him back to the park.
  • Our class had gone to the zoo.
  • Puran was flying the brand new kite in the park.
  • Some children stood and screamed, and some ran to the Director of the zoo.
  • Puran was frightened and excited.
  • The lion had not eaten anyone, because the shoe was one off the lion’s toys.

1. The Magic Kite:
CBSE Class 5 English Topsy - turvy Land Worksheets 2
2. Who Did the Lion Eat?
CBSE Class 5 English Topsy - turvy Land Worksheets 3

G. The words in the given sentences are jumbled. Rearrange them to make meaningful sentences. Words that begin with a capital letter are the first word of the sentence:

1. Renu naughty is a girl.
2. untidy room Her always is.
3. mother Her advises her clean to it.
4. never listens She her mother to.
5. kind of What child a you are?

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