Grandfather Rhymes


We have provided various unique and meaningful rhymes on the grandfather for the kids of class nursery. Grandfather rhymes are written using very simple and easy rhyming words especially for the kids learning purpose. Grandfather rhymes can be recited by the kids in their school, family function and birthday of grandfather.

Tips for Moms:

Grandfather rhymes can be made more interesting by using grandfather costume, eye glass, stick in hand, appropriate facial expressions, body movements, etc according to the rhyme lyrics. All such activities may help your kids to easily learn rhymes. So, go ahead and select any nice rhyme given below according to your kids interest.

My grandfather likes jogging

My grandfather likes jogging,

But he always refuses logging,

He always opposes plants cutting,

And really praises new plants putting.


My grandfather looks very good

My grandfather looks very good,

He always becomes in happy mood,

He likes to eat healthy food,

And suggests making neighbourhood.


My grandfather is Robin hood

My grandfather is Robin hood,

He was very smart in his childhood,

He has nice fatherhood,

And made my father very good.


My grandfather likes to read book

My grandfather likes to read book,

My grandmother likes to cook,

They really like my good look,

But I like to hang all the crook.


My grandfather likes to shave in the morning

My grandfather likes to shave in the morning,

He likes to say grandmother my darling,

Both tells me story of their beginning,

Most probably in the evening.


My grandfather penned rhymes

Cobbler mend shoes,

Postmen send letters,

I tend very naughty,

And my grandfather penned rhymes.


My grandfather is very stylish

My grandfather is very stylish,

But I am still really childish,

He likes the beauty of nature,

But wants me to get mature.


My grandfather is very fat

My grandfather is very fat,

He calls me a little cat,

He likes to sit on the mat,

But never goes outside without hat.


My grandfather has a long stick

My grandfather has a long stick,

And a clock going tick-tick-tick,

He also has a small computer,

And tells me about Jupiter.


My grandfather likes dancing peacock

My grandfather likes dancing peacock,

But he never likes sounding cock,

He always becomes very shock,

When anyone makes him mock.

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