Lion Rhymes


We have provided here different types of quality rhymes on the lion for the kids of nursery class. All the lion rhymes are written using very simple and easy words for the easy learning purpose of the nursery class kids. You can teach your kids any lion rhyme to get participated in the rhymes recitation program in the school.

Tips for Moms:

Lion rhymes can be more interesting if you use following tips given by us. You can use lion costume, toys of lion, necessary facial expressions and body movements according to the rhyme so that your kid give his/her full attention in learning rhymes.

Lion roars very loudly

Lion roars very loudly,

He lives in forest very proudly,

He is called as king of forest,

And he takes little rest.


Lion is the king of jungle

Lion is the king of jungle,

He eat other animals by mangle,

He is always ready to eat in bundle,

And try to be always frontal.


Mouse saved lion’s life

Once a mouse saved lion’s life,

By cutting net with his teeth like knife,

Lion was very thankful,

As mouse was very careful.


Lion never eat food fried

Lion never eat food fried,

He makes his jaws open wide,

He eats animal’s flesh very tight,

On the spot very right.


Lion can run a long distance

Lion can run a long distance,

Without getting tired,

He does not want any disturbance,

While eating animals wired.


Lion never feel helpless

Lion never feel helpless,

He never become careless,

He does not eat animals fleshless,

And always lives fearless.


Lion makes his jaws wide

Lion makes his jaws wide,

When see animals being hide,

He never gives anyone side,

When goes on long ride.


Lion is very powerful

Lion is very powerful,

He makes us really fearful,

He never looks cheerful,

But we can say he is skilful.


Lion chases everyone

Lion chases everyone,

When he becomes angry,

He holds anyone,

When gets hungry.

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