My School Essay for Class 6

The establishments where children come together, and their learning begins and continues are called schools. Education is essential for every human being, and it is our schools where we acquire it best. Other than making the students literate, schools also teach students basic manners and etiquette.

We are providing students of class 6 with two essay samples on the topic ‘My School’ for reference in English.

Short Essay on My School for Class 6 of 100 Words in English

My school is very old and has a rich heritage. Our school maintains the perfect balance between giving modern education and grass-root level values. The architecture of our school building has a vintage charm that never fails to mesmerize me.

Our school also has well-equipped labs with contemporary gadgets. And the school library also has a great collection of books. We have a playground and a basketball court as well, where physical education and sports activities take place.

Other than focusing on our studies, our school encourages us to take part in extra-curricular activities as well. I am very proud of the institution in which I belong.

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Long Essay on My School for Class 6 of 150 Words in English

It can be said that the foundation of one’s learning is laid by their school. I am a student of (name of your school). My school has not only educated me, but the environment there has also moulded my personality and character greatly.

My school has also instilled a sense of responsibility and basic human values in us. My school has always inspired me to become a better version of myself and taught me to achieve success through honesty and hard work. We are taught several subjects in our school, and our teachers are very proficient and cooperative.

Teachers in our school have always taught us to be morally responsible for our actions. Through the exams, activities, and lessons taught, our school aims only towards helping us learn and grow. I have many memories revolving my school and my friends. I shall always remember what I learned from this institution and proudly continue its legacy.

10 Lines on My School in English

  1. Schools have several assets which make students feel proud of their institution.
  2. It is also in school where children get to make a lot of memories with friends.
  3. My school is one of the most reputable and popular institutions in our city.
  4. I like playing with my friends in the big playground at my school.
  5. My school teachers are very kind and attentive to every student.
  6. I like going to school every day because I get to learn something new and meet my friends.
  7. My school encourages us to exercise because it keeps both our body and mind healthy.
  8. I love the library in our school, which has many books that I can borrow and read.
  9. I love participating in the events and competitions held in school.
  10. My school has six different houses (groups), and I belong to the orange house.

Frequently Asked Questions on My School Essay

Question: Mention the importance of school in everyone’s lives. 

Answer: The environment of a school plays an essential part in one’s life, and the lessons taught there is hard to achieve anywhere else. The experience of school life is one of a kind, and a child should not be denied an opportunity of attaining the right education.

Question: Which is the right age for a child to enroll in a school?

Answer: Children at an average should start school by the age of five years and continue the education at least till they graduate.

Question: What is one nickname that almost everyone calls their schools?

Answer: School is like our ‘Second Home’.

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