Essay on Myself For Class 1

Kids generally enjoy writing essays as it gives them creative freedom. Essay On Myself is a good topic that allows young minds to write about themselves and their hobbies and interest that reflects their personal experience.

We are providing two essay samples for Class 1 on the topic “Myself” for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay on Myself Of 100 Words

My name is Disha Chakraborty. My grandfather gave me this name. I love my name as it means “direction.” I am 7 years old. I have an elder sister who is three years older than me. Her name is Atrayee Chakraborty. My sister and I live in Kolkata with our parents and grandparents.

I study at Modern High School. My sister also reads in the same school. I am in Class 1 A. My birthday is on the 25th of August. My hobbies include painting and gardening. I also love playing indoor games with my sister and friends. I often go to the children’s park with my grandfather. I love to listen to him sing for me.

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Essay 2: Long Essay on Myself Of 150 Words

I am the youngest of everyone in the family. I am dear to everyone. I am very sincere in my studies. I never miss school unless I am sick. I am also punctual at school. I am very friendly with my classmates. I love to share my tiffin with my classmates.

We have a pet dog at our home, and he is called Leo. He is a very compassionate dog, and I love playing with him. I love spending time with my grandparents. They often tell me bedtime stories. I also like to help my mother with her household chores. Apart from studying, I also love to participate in extracurricular activities and school events. I also love to do the recitation of poems. I do yoga regularly.

I love eating chocolates and ice-creams. My mother bakes cakes for us during Christmas and birthdays, which I love. But, she always insists on having a healthy diet. I often go to visit temples and markets with my grandmother. I love to eat fruits like mango and cucumber. My parents taught me to respect and teachers. I love my family and always listen to my elders.

10 Lines On The Essay On Myself In English

  1. My name is (write your name).
  2. I am six years old.
  3. I am in Class 1 A.
  4. I live with my parents, grandparents and my sister.
  5. I have an elder sister. She is very sweet.
  6. I enjoy painting and reading storybooks.
  7. My father is a businessman while my mother is in service.
  8. I am very obedient and sincere.
  9. I am always punctual to my school.
  10. I love watching cartoons and playing computer games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What can we write in an essay about “Myself?”

Answer: In an essay about “Myself,” you can write about your hobbies, talent, education, and dream career. There can be many other things that we can write in the essay.

Question: Who can you write about in an essay about “Myself?”

Answer: In an essay about “Myself,” you can write about your family as the family makes you the person you are. You can also write about your passions and talents. You can express yourself in many ways and showcase your uniqueness.

Question: How can you express yourself better in an essay about yourself?

Answer: The best way to express yourself in an essay is to share the experiences uniquely. To give an unbiased opinion about oneself and be true to oneself.

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