Essay on National Flag for Class 3

India’s National flag is rectangular and is the pride of the nation. The National flag of India has three colours – white in the middle, saffron on the top and green on the bottom. It also has a blue chakra in the centre of the white colour. India’s National flag is referred to as the ‘triranga’ or the colour.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 3 on the topic ‘National Flag’ for reference.

Short Essay on National Flag of 100 Words

India’s national flag is tricolour. It is flown on all important historical places and government buildings. Our national flag shows what the nation stands for

Every year the national flag is hoisted on republic day, Independence day and many other festivals. We also sing the national anthem with it.

In school, all of us were asked to make national flags. We all made our national flags, and our teacher stuck them on the wall. I am very proud of the national flag that I made.

No one should be disrespecting their national flag. People should not even disrespect national flags of other countries. We all should love and honour our national flag.

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Long Essay on National Flag of 150 Words

Each country has a national flag. India also has its national flag. Our national flag is lovely. Our flag has three colours – white, saffron and blue. The Indian flag is called the tricolour or ‘triranga’.

The saffron colour is at the top, the while is in the middle, and the green is in the bottom. There is a navy blue chakra in the centre of the Indian national flag. It is called the ‘Ashoka Chakra’.

Saffron indicates the courage and sacrifice of the people. White is the symbol of truth and peace. Green is for fertility and growth of the land. The Ashoka Chakra is a symbol of progress and development. The Ashoka Chakra has twenty-four spokes.

These spokes represent the twenty-four qualities of a person. It has been taken from the Lion Pillar of King Ashoka. Ashoka Chakra is also known as dharma chakra. India’s national flag is every Indian’s pride.

10 Lines on National Flag in English

  1. Every country has its national flag that symbolises the country and its people.
  2. The Indian national flag is the pride of Indian citizens all over the world.
  3. The Indian national flag consists of three colours – saffron on the top, white in the middle and green on the bottom.
  4. There is a charka in the centre known as the ’Ashoka Chakra’.
  5. The Indian national flag is known as the tricolour or the ‘triranga’.
  6. The Ashoka Chakra represents ‘dharma’ resembling Gandhiji’s spinning wheel.
  7. The National flag is made out of the material known as khadi cotton or khadi silk.
  8. Pingali Venkayya designed the Indian national flag as the ‘Swaraj Flag’.
  9. Everybody should respect the national flag.
  10. If someone insults the Indian national flag in any way, it is a punishable offence by the law.

Frequently Asked Questions on National Flag

Question: When was the Indian National flag adopted?

Answer: The Indian national flag was adopted on the 22nd of July, 1947. It was adopted after India became independent from the rule of Great Britain.

Question: What are the colours on the National flag of India?

Answer: The colours on the Indian national flag are saffron on the top, white in the middle and green on the bottom. There is also a navy blue coloured Ashoka chakra in the centre on the white colour.

Question: How should we respect our national flag?

Answer: People should stand in attention position respecting the hoisting or lowering of the flag. The national anthem should be followed by the salutation given by the individuals in uniform.

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