Essay on Television for Class 3

Television is one of the most significant sources of entertainment in today’s world. The sources of entertainment before television was invented were plays, opera, movies, live comedy shows, sports matches, circus, and the radio was used to a great extent. However, after television came into the markets, it wasn’t long before it gained popularity. At present, you would rarely find any house without a TV set.

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Short Essay on Television of 100 Words in English

Almost everyone in life requires some entertainment. A scientist named John Logie Baird created a device called Television or Tele or TV for short. I like watching cartoons on TV, but my parents enjoy watching movies and the news. My parents tell me to watch informative things on TV.

Since not much informative things were shown on TV earlier, that is why the device got the infamous nickname of ‘Idiot Box’. But now you can also learn a lot of things by watching television. Some kids programs shown on TV are also interactive. There is nothing better like watching TV after a hard day of work.

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Long Essay on Television of 150 Words in English

One of the most brilliant innovations of all time is the discovery of Television or as we call it TV for short. There is an old TV set in the attic, and my father tells me it belonged to my grandparents. That TV set is very different from the one we own now.

The older models of television showed only black and white videos, but now all televisions are coloured. You needed to switch on and change the channels of the old TV sets by turning knobs. Nowadays, TV sets are controlled using remotes.

My grandparents’ TV set looks more like a square box, whereas our TV looks like a big slim rectangle. There weren’t many options for channels or shows back in the time when TV sets were made. But now we have a lot of options for being entertained while watching TV. I have learned a lot by comparing both TV sets.

10 Lines on Television in English

  1. A marvelous invention in the field of science and technology is that of the creation of television.
  2. TV was first invented by a Scottish scientist named John Baird.
  3. You can see and hear recorded and live things on TV which are aired.
  4. Nowadays, people buy either LCD or LED TV sets for more clarity in the picture.
  5. Just like TV and its programs entertain us, it can also be educational.
  6. Too much of anything is bad, just like TV addiction.
  7. Watching television together as a family can increase the familial bond.
  8. Television can also be a cause of distraction for many.
  9. The rays emitted by TV are harmful to your eyes, and hence you should watch it from a distance.
  10. Spending too much time watching the TV will dull your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions on TV Essay

Question: How did old TV models can channels?

Answer: The old TV sets had antennas which were used to catch radio waves and this is how people got channels on the device.

Question: Describe the evolution of television sets. 

Answer: The first TV designed by Baird was soon replaced by electronic television model that came with a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) and antennas. The black and white TV was quickly replaced in the market by colour TV after the invention of the first RCA colour TV set called CT-100. At present almost every TV set is either LCD or LED type.

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