Essay on Save Electricity for Class 6

Electricity plays a significant role in our daily lives, and we cannot imagine our life without electricity. However, electricity is often being used up unnecessarily to a great extent without keeping in mind its conservation and future use. It is vital to start saving electricity so that future generations can use it as well.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 3 on the topic ‘Save Electricity’ for reference.

Short Essay on Save Electricity of 100 Words

Electricity is one of the best gifts of science to humankind. Electricity has made our lives easier to such an extent that at this point life without electricity is impossible even to imagine. Electricity is the source of heat, light, and various other comforts.

However, people seem to take this blessing for granted and tend to misuse electricity. Often electric applications are kept switched on even when not in use—switching them off when not in use will help in saving thousands of watts.

Saving electricity is very important. We should conserve electricity for our future generations so that they can use it as well.

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Long Essay on Save Electricity of 150 Words

Electricity is necessary in almost every sphere of life in today’s world. Electricity has supplied all types of energies to the man in order to improve not only his everyday life but also social amenities and scientific inventions.

Saving electricity needs people to become more cautious about their use of this resource.

Electricity can be saved by using alternative sources of energy, such as natural light during the day instead of using blubs and tube lights.

Old appliances usually consume more watt than required, hence replacing old appliances with new ones helps in staying energy efficient. Children must be encouraged not to spend much time watching tv instead go outside and play.

Many people often use solar panels in their houses which also help in saving a lot of electricity, reducing the large electricity bills gradually. Saving electricity is the only way left to conserve it, and it requires the combined efforts of all human beings.

10 Lines on Save Electricity in English

  1. Electricity is needed in every aspect of life, and it is impossible for modern without electricity.
  2. Electricity serves as the backbone of modern society.
  3. Our lives without electricity will go back to the primitive age.
  4. Saving electricity is necessary to be able to survive on this planet efficiently.
  5. Switch off electrical appliances when they are not in use.
  6. During the day time, using natural light is better than preferably using tube lights or lamps to light up the room.
  7. Alternative sources of electricity must be explored to meet the gap between its demand and supply.
  8. People can choose to shift from desktops to laptops as laptops consume less energy than a desktop.
  9. When the weather is pleasant, people should keep the window open and enjoy the breeze by switching off the fan.
  10. Everyone should take every step that they can to conserve electricity sources for the future generation.

Frequently Asked Questions on Save Electricity Essay

Question: Why is electricity essential?

Answer: Electricity is vital because it is widely used in every aspect of life. Electricity facilitates various technological advancements supporting a wide range of products and services. It enhances our quality of life and stimulates economic productivity.

Question: Why is saving electricity necessary?

Answer: Saving electricity is necessary because it is primarily produced from non-renewable sources like water and coal. We need to save the resources for future generations to use it.

Question: What resources are used for generating electricity?

Answer: Coal and waiter are used mainly for generating electricity. It is also produced from various other sources like solar and nuclear energy but in small quantities.

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