Grade 5 Mallu Bhalu Worksheets

A. Answer the following questions:

1. Where did the polar bear live with her family?
2. What did Malu learn to do from her parents?
3. Where did Malu want to travel?
4.What was it that Malu’s parents wanted her to learn?
5. Was Malu scared to swim? Did she learn it easily?
6. Read the last two stanzas of the poem. Whom does ‘she’ stand for in both?
7. See the picture shown below and talk about it:
CBSE Class 5 English Malu Bhalu Worksheets 1

B. Tick (✓) the correct answer (Multiple Choice Questions):

1. What was the name of the polar bear?
(a) MaluBhalu
(b) KaluBhalu
(c) LaluBhalu
(d) NiluBhalu
2. HowwasMalu?
(a) A stupid girl
(b) A clever girl
(c) A happy girl
(d) All of these
3. How did Malu swim?
(a) With all her might
(b) With some of her might
(c) She did not try
(d) All of these

C. Complete the following lines of the poem:

1. Very soon our …………………. parents knew. Fish to catch, ……………. a clever girl.
2. Brave mother’s brave …………………. left behind her. Malu swam with ……………… wrong or right.
CBSE Class 5 English Malu Bhalu Worksheets 2

D. Malu lived with Malu’s parents in the North Pole. Malu had great fun with Malu’s seagull friends.

One day, Malu’s father told Malu that the hunters had come to trap Malu and dalu’s family. Malu knew how to hide very well. Malu shut lalu’s eyes and curled up like a ball of snow.
CBSE Class 5 English Malu Bhalu Worksheets 3
The hunters searched for Main and Malu’s family vain. We can avoid repeating the names by using certain other words in their place. Study the table below:
CBSE Class 5 English Malu Bhalu Worksheets 4
Now rewrite the paragraph using words from the table!

E. Now write a detailed character sketch of Malu Bhalu:

CBSE Class 5 English Malu Bhalu Worksheets 5

F. Read the following passage carefully:

One day Meena plucks a mango and brings it home. Her grandmother gives the larger piece to Raju because he is a boy. Meena protests. After all, she brought the mango and she is the elder of the two. She insists she has a greater right over her share. Her father comes to her help and divides the mango equally.

Now answer the questions:
1. Who brought the mango home?
2. Why did Meena’s grandmother give a larger piece to Raju?
3. Who do you think should have get the larger piece?

G. Using the following clues write about yourself in the space below:

CBSE Class 5 English Malu Bhalu Worksheets 6

H. What are the things your mother asks you to do?

Things you like to do Things you do not like to do

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