My Dream House Essay for Class 1

A home is a dream for many as it is one of the few things that provide both happiness and comforts to anyone. A dream home can be in the form of any design that varies from person to person, and this had lead to the creation of many beautiful dream homes.

We are providing top essay samples for students of class 1 on the topic ‘my dream house’ for reference.

Essay1: Short essay on ‘my dream house ‘of 100 words

I have a dream of everything, a house of my dreams that has been made according to my needs as I am very much artistic. I want a separate room for myself that has all the colors of life in it. I want a room that has all the equipment that is needed for creating beautiful art.

My room house comprises of a personal balcony in it where I can stand and wave at my friends and can feel the rain coming into my room. In my opinion, a dream house should also have a beautiful personal bathroom in it where I can take a shower in a beautiful ceramic bathtub.

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Essay2: Long essay on ‘my dream house ‘of 150 words

The house that I live in is also my dream house as I am very interested in playing. My father and mother have helped in getting a beautiful room that has many playable items in it.

As I am a fan of cricket, my room has many posters of many cricketers’ in it. My house has a three-bed room and one beautiful balcony on the first floor. Our kitchen is one of the beautiful house kitchens with modular fittings in it.

Here my mother makes very delicious food in my house there is a very beautiful dining room where we have decorated with many flower pots that helps it look very beautiful.

Having a dream house is a dream for many people, and any person who has a dream house is very lucky. Your house defines you without even saying a word. Your design is very defining of your characteristics. You should design your house the way you like as it adds a personal touch to your life.

10 lines on ‘my dream house ‘in English

  1. My room home is a place where I can live with my family.
  2. The beauty of the house is a must.
  3. It should have a very beautiful personal balcony.
  4. It should have a beautiful garden where I can plant trees and play in the shade of it.
  5. The dream house should have all the comforts of the world.
  6. My room house should have big windows where I can enjoy the air and rain.
  7. It should have a corner where my pets can live peacefully.
  8. My dream house should have beautiful interiors.
  9. My room should be designed with a sports theme as I am a sports lover.
  10. My house should have many plants so that my house should look very beautiful.

Frequently asked questions on My Dream House Essay

Question1:  What is a dream house?

Answer: A dream house is a house of my dream which would make all my dreams come true. It should have all the necessary things that a house should have along with my favorite room.

Question2: Which is your favorite room in your dream house?

Answer: My favorite room in my dream house is my kitchen. I go to my fridge and eat my favorite chocolates and ice-cream.  My mother also cooks very delicious food items in the kitchen, which I love it.

Question3: When will you make your dream house?

Answer: I will make my dream house when I grow up and make a lot of money. I will have a swimming pool and a games room where I will play games every day.

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