My School Essay For Class 2

A school is a place where people go to learn about different topics. People learn how to read, write and count numbers. Children go to school for a certain number of years. There is the teacher that teaches the children about numbers, alphabet, and then about different subjects of the world.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 2 in English on the topic “My School” for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay on My School Of 100 Words

The name of my school is (name of school). It has a huge garden with many flowers of different colours. My school has two big buildings. One building is in front of the garden and the second building is near the main gate.

My school also has a playground with two swings and a slide. I spend time on the playground every day during recess. My school has wide and airy classrooms.

The teachers at my school are very caring and affectionate. They treat us like their own children. All my classmates are very helpful. The watchman is a very jolly person. My school is one of the most precious gifts that I have received.

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Essay 2: Long Essay on My School Of 150 Words

I study in (name of school). My school has two sections that are divided into two buildings. One is for the junior section, and one is for the senior section. My school celebrates all national events with great enthusiasm.

Every year my school hosts an annual program in which all students perform in front of their parents. My school is a convent school. Every morning we have to attend the assembly. We are all divided into different houses. The names of the houses are red, green, blue and yellow.

My school organizes, debates, quizzes and even extempore speech competitions. Our teachers are very loving. They not only teach us with books but they also use other interesting objects to make us learn.

The watchman at the gate greets us every morning as well as bids us goodbye every time school gets over. I love my school, and I love to go to school every day to learn about the new things that our teachers have to teach us.

10 Lines On My School In English

  1. A school is a place that provides education to children.
  2. My school teaches us to be disciplined and punctual.
  3. My school has a huge campus with a very green environment.
  4. My school has three ponds near the garden.
  5. Singing, dancing and art classes are conducted in my school.
  6. Some teachers are strict in my school.
  7. My school uniform is a white dress with a blue tie.
  8. Apart from English, two other languages are taught in my school.
  9. My school conducts an annual picnic in December.
  10. My school has a clean and positive atmosphere that inspires us to study and be present in school every day.

Frequently Asked Questions on My School

Question: When does the school year start?

Answer: Each school has a different session from which they tend to begin. It is best to visit the website of the respective school in which you are planning to admit your child. All information is available on the website.

Question: Is the pool car a safe option?

Answer: If the school authorizes the pool car, then it is a safe option. Pool cars make travelling easy as well, but you need to find out its authority or certification from the respective school.

Question: How many students do each class consists?

Answer: In the junior sections, the number of students is usually large. The teachers have assistants to take care of the entire class. As the grade increases, the number of students also reduces, and they do not have one particular teacher. Different teachers on different subjects teach them.

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