My School Bag Essay for Class 2

School bags are very important to all students. They carry their books, tiffin and other necessary items to schools and colleges in the school bag every day. My school bag was a gift to me by my mother on my birthday. I use it every day, and I am very thankful for it.

We are providing two essay samples for class 2 on the topic ‘My School Bag’ for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay on My School Bag Of 100 Words

My schoolbag is a very important part of my life. My bag was gifted to me by my mother on my 6th birthday. It is a big red bag with four chambers and two small pockets.

I bring my bag to school every day.

I carry my books, tiffin and pencil case in it. My schoolbag is like a friend to me. It is always by my side throughout the day. I take care of my school bag. I do not let it get dirty or torn. I am thankful to my mother for buying this bag for me.

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Essay 2: Long Essay on My School Bag Of 150 Words

My father bought my school bag. I am happy to take it to school every day. It is waterproof and easy to carry on my back. My friends also like my school bag. My schoolbag is red. It is big and has a lot of space inside it. It has two chambers.

There is a picture of Mickey Mouse on it. I carry my books on it every day. I also carry my tiffin and water bottle in it. It keeps my books safe all the time. I like to pack my school bag every night.

I try not to get it very dirty at school. My mother washes it to keep it clean. I am lucky to have a school bag. I take care of it. I want to use this bag for a long time. It is an important item that everyone needs when they go to school.

10 Lines On My School Bag In English

  1. School bags are an important item for students.
  2. We carry our books, tiffin and a water bottle in our school bag.
  3. School bags protect our books and other items.
  4. I like the colour and size of my bag, and I also like to pack my school bag by myself.
  5. My parents had bought the school bag for me and I am thankful for it.
  6. We should take care of our school bag, and we should try to keep it clean and safe.
  7. We should organize our school bags properly.
  8. My school bag always accompanies me to school as sometimes it is heavy and difficult to carry.
  9. My mother helps me carry my school bag when it is heavy.
  10. I carry my bag most of the times, and I hang it on my shoulders to carry it around.

Frequently Asked Questions on My School Bag

Question: Why is school bag essential?

Answer: School bags help us carry our books, tiffin and water bottle to school. It also protects the items inside and keeps them safe. It is easy to carry on the shoulder. School bags are necessary for all students. It is our companion throughout school life.

Question: How to take care of school bags?

Answer: We should keep our bags clean. We should organize and pack our school bags ourselves. We have to handle our school bags with care. As our school bags help us, we should also look after it properly. Our school bags are special to us.

Question: What should ‘My School Bag’ Essay consist?

Answer: ‘My School Bag’ essay should have the importance of our school bag. We should write what we like about our school bag and how it helps us. We can also include how we take care of our school bags.

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